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  1. Jan Rutta

    Jason garrison, but that's more of a TDL acquisition and a short term PO help Leddy would be nice, but with Q as coach who prefers quality defensive players, highly unlikely. trade Pokka out, he is a bust. get something before the entire league figure it out
  2. You Be The Gm

    anyway we can keep Forsling and just send Pokka? I really like that Forsling guy. Also, wasn't there rumors that Sakic wants Hartman?
  3. You Be The Gm

    teams are starting to sign PTO players, any suggestions on who the Hawks should give one to? Someone who can actually earn a spot and not just the annual pre-season game roster filler
  4. replacing hoss and nik.

    so youre saying were stuck with the caphit for the duration of the contract? blech! at least it validate when I said its the worst contract SB has offered. i'll pray for two things, SB somehow trade his contract away or the cap goes up significantly enough
  5. The 'hawks and free agency

    agree with you here. I mean if it goes to LTIR, then no caphit. why trade out a prospect and pick if its already off the salary cap? I understand that "better" players might be available sooner than later, but I agree with you about it being silly. I say wait until some team who needs to get up the salary basement to come calling for Hossa's caphit. make it an asset.
  6. replacing hoss and nik.

    oh good. im not too aware of all the contract rules. thanks
  7. The 'hawks and free agency

    looking at the pending FA next offseason that could be traded for during TDL, Carlson (WAS) Johnson (CBJ) and Garrisson (VEG) would be great additions for a cup run.
  8. replacing hoss and nik.

    by the way, if Seabs retire before his contract expires, is there a recapture penalty? nothing like that, right?
  9. The 'hawks and free agency

    well yeah, 16 teams have a chance to win it. im not about to write them off from getting into the PO, they won the regular season West last year. i also mentioned in a previous post that another year for last year's "rookies" will do the team good, but the losses of Hammer and Hossa is vastly underestimated. (i think this is the wrong thread lol). Doan/Iginla is not going to replace what Hossa brought to this team. Who knows how Murphy, along with Kempny Forsling and Rutta, works out and maybe they add a solid D before the PO start. i dont think they will repeat last year (16-17) season's end result. Its more like their PO will end like the 15-16 season. they will get into the PO, put up a better fight, might even win a round, but unfortunately no cup. And yes, I'm aware, picking them not to win is a "safer" bet percentage-wise than betting they will win it. hopefully you get back to me next summer saying "I told you so"
  10. replacing hoss and nik.

    +1 not ripping on Seabs either. that 6.8 just stings, but if thats what he asked and was given to him, you cant blame him. (same with toews/kane). we just hope he continues to be that key asset you mention. but does anyone really expect him to keep playing the same level until 38? at 35? will he be better next year?
  11. replacing hoss and nik.

    hard to argue with opinions, i just fully disagree with what you initially said. Leddy the next Keith, Johns the next Seabs and Dahlbeck the next Hammer? youre basing this on having great mentors. While mentors can help, it requires talent, skill and potential more than mentors. who made Keith, Seabs and Hammer the way they are? Aucoin? Campbell? Sopel? they became the way they are because of their talents, not just because they have great mentors. Leddy, Johns and Dahlbeck doesnt compare at all, not everyone can be olympians just because they share the same locker room and practice hours.
  12. The 'hawks and free agency

    youre not seriously suggesting the roster as it stands right now, even with Doan and/or Iginla signed can win the cup?
  13. replacing hoss and nik.

    Seabrook's contract is by far the worst SB has signed. I do however am intrigue how he'll be able to trade him out. Its like a big challenge for him
  14. replacing hoss and nik.

    LOL upvoted you, just because this is the funniest thing ive seen in this board this summer
  15. Vegas Deal in the Works?

    would the teams know ahead of Wednesday's announcement what Vegas picked? I mean, between that night and Thursday morning, and Friday draft, not a lot of time to make deals. I guess that's what 500m can get you