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  1. ^ saw this "rumor" at Ek the other day, nowhere else. so i dont think its legit the only way id like CC traded is AFTER the PO and AFTER they announce a Panarin re-signing, and maybe if Vasilevskiy comes with the rights to Bishop (pending UFA)
  2. just want to see him attack the net more when he has the puck. hows his shooting total so far?
  3. Emerson Etem on waivers, could be a good pick-up. former 1st rounder, speedy and big. did good in Vancouver after TDL last yr (because of more icetime), but just couldn't get it together this yr (so far). could be motivated being a regular 4th liner here?
  4. i read somewhere that the "creator" or whatever of GeneralFanager got a job as an analytics consultant with the Coyotes
  5. try this one for english http://nhl.nbcsports.com/2016/10/17/kovalchuk-datsyuk-top-list-of-khl-base-salaries/
  6. state tax. I think federal is the same in all states. same logic with stamkos, when he was signed, there were reports that he will "pocketing" even more than Toews or Kane contract, net-wise. same with Benn in Dallas, texas has no state tax
  7. im guessing the no-tax in tampa helps does 4.76m translate to 6m with tax? if so, you look at this with Kucherov signing for the same amount as money as someone making 6mil but only for 3 yrs where he can get more after
  8. yea it is quite funny, what im seeing is Panik is in the 1LW because based on pre-season, there is no one better suited than Panik. but im getting ahead of myself, its only October. im sure the 1LW will be a revolving door of try-outs all season long. hopefully the top 2 lines get settled by these rookies stepping up, otherwise a 1st rounder is most likely to be surrendered for a suited 1LW by TDL
  9. yes, that's what we all meant
  10. thats one way of looking at it and i am hoping, along with you, that it works if the defense pairing are any indication, Q is experimenting all over the line-up, as he should be. Each vet is paired with a "new" player. (except for hammer/rozsi, hammer is suspended and rozsi probably sit)
  11. that forward line-up doesn't make me feel confident about a cup, yikes, 4 rookies and panik in the 1st line. thank god its only october
  12. I like Yak, hes been stuck in an awful team and I think hes been misused. he had a good rookie season, that's probably why I would give him a chance. But next year he will be 3x more expensive that any of the prospects currently in the system. that's my issue. even worse if his new contract does not allow Panarin to get re-sign
  13. retains a salary for this season. what about next year? is this a one year thing? id hate the Hawks not to re-sign Panarin and then re-sign Yak.
  14. saw somewhere that Mcneill might be the starting piece - also, 2.5caphit for Yak and a pending RFA, how would they fit him with Panarin's pending contract? Kruger this year, then a core contract out next year? I doubt this happens, the numbers just don't add up