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  1. UnhappyGilmore

    Winter Classic Jersey Unveiling

    Nice Jersey. But I'm for a little more playing and a lot less unveiling.
  2. UnhappyGilmore

    Stan As Gm

    I'm wondering what they have brewin'. I can't imagine that they're done. I didn't expect them to target an over paid big name, but I'm kind of the mindset that they're not done.
  3. "Hi I'm a Hockey Player playing golf today"

  4. UnhappyGilmore

    Cam Ward

    I wouldn't say it was overpayment. This seems to be about the going rate for a legit backup. I know there's a lot of time left but so far the FA signings are kind of underwhelming.
  5. UnhappyGilmore

    Joel Quenneville

    This team's success was always based on their depth. Remember that? They always had 3 or more lines that the opposing team had to worry about. Now they have 1 - 1 1/2 depending on the night and how you see it. They're an average NHL team right now. And they're an average team that likes to play on the perimeter. Don't forget about that part.
  6. UnhappyGilmore

    Stan As Gm

    Stan will follow his normal pattern. He'll do nothing or a really minor deal for some sort of depth. Hossa and Sharpe will return and they'll promote it like they aquired 2 all-stars. And they'll be a 1st/2nd round playoff exit because this is basically the same team as last year that can't play against big teams that trap. Or against teams that are just really patient and play a tough defensive game.
  7. UnhappyGilmore

    Stan As Gm

    Dear Stan, How are you? I will make this short. I know that the organization is already painfully aware of this fact. That you won a cup with Dale's team and that you've struggled to make the playoff's for what appears will be 2 years in a row now with YOUR formula. The interesting thing is that the fans are all well aware of that fact too. PS Can't wait for the next One Goal commercial! They're almost as entertaining as the product on the ice this year. Regards, Hawk Fan of 40 years
  8. UnhappyGilmore

    Stan As Gm

    Stan as GM? He's not a Hockey GM. He's a cap manager. He dissasemled the cup team that Dale Talon built and replaced the character players with toilet paper. The Cup was Dale's doing. I personnally won't forget that.