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  1. Old_Hawk

    10/21 Hawks vs Bolts

    That was hard to watch. When the defensemen choose not to knock anyone down, this is what happens. Poor Ward, left completely unprotected. Tampa willing to bang away at semi loose pucks with impunity. Not even a dirty look. Disgusting.
  2. Old_Hawk

    Alex Fortin

    He sure has wheels. The Hawks could design a shoot in play with him the way they did with Stallberg. He'd definitely be first in on the puck. With Stallberg, Bick and Boland the Hawks had skill, power and speed which made them a successful line.
  3. Old_Hawk


    All I can say is, wow. That four way passing play against the Leaks was a thing of beauty. Once he gets acclimatized, I expect him to start lighting it up along with Debrincet and Toews. He reminds me of Arvidson on Nashville, and that's a pretty good endorsement. Now if only we could get Saad to get out of his funk, we'd have two top lines.
  4. Old_Hawk

    Henri J (can't spell it)

    I take back anything negative I've either expressed or implied about Joker. In the first three games, he has arguably been the best Hawk defenseman. At almost 20 minutes of ice per game, 5 assists, 10 shots and a +5 rating, what more could anyone expect. He is only going to get better.
  5. Old_Hawk

    10/04 Season Opener Hawks vs Sens

    Reported on radio here-broken finger.
  6. Old_Hawk

    Henri J (can't spell it)

    Joker really turned it around tonight. Even though it wasn't a stacked Columbus squad, it was still much better than a junior team. Don't know if he's ready to face the likes of Tavares, Matthews, Nylander and Marner, but he deserves credit for a very good game tonight.
  7. Old_Hawk

    Henri J (can't spell it)

    If what he demonstrated last night is what we can expect, he should be back in junior. He's not ready. Perfect example was the Duchene goal. Henri's going back for the puck with Dzingel in hot pursuit. What does he do? He bails because he thinks he's going to get plastered into the boards. He makes no effort to get possession of, or, protect the puck. This allowed Ryan to follow in, pick up the loose puck, center to Duchene and we saw what happened. If you are not willing to pay the price, you can't be trusted on the ice.
  8. Old_Hawk

    Seabrooks Contract

    Does anyone know how much he will be paid in real dollars for each season of his contract. I know the cap hit remains the same, but, like Hossa, if his actual salary is on a sliding scale, he might be a lot more attractive as trade bait towards the end of his deal. Lord knows, the Hawks crapped the bed on this one.
  9. Old_Hawk

    Brandon Saad

    I hope Saad is watching the finals, because every Washington player does what Saad needs to do. Sadd can skate, handle the puck, shoot and pass with any of them. His downfall is his refusal to be a dominant physical force. If he had half of Tom Wilson's energy and drive, he would be unstoppable. I'm not saying he has to fight or play dirty (like Wilson), but, he has to at least instill some fear in the opponent. Right now, most of the time he just goes through the motions.
  10. Old_Hawk

    If rough start, who is first to go?

    I agree that Q blew it with Kempny. I don't agree that he sucked. If I'm not mistaken, he was leading all Hawk defencemen, if not the whole team, in +/- when he was traded. He was traded because he was on an expiring contract and will be unrestricted. Hawks felt they couldn't offer him what he going to get on the market and with his play in the playoffs his value has done nothing but increase.
  11. Old_Hawk

    Blackhawks Eulogy

    Hopefully Saad will rebound. One thing I'd like to see out of him is to be a lot more assertive on the forecheck. One thing he cannot be accused of is delivering many meaningful hits. He uses his body to defend the puck. What he needs to do is become more physical when he's trying to get it. He's fast enough and big enough to play like a power forward but you'd never know it by the way he plays. Maybe he could take some pointers from Martinson, or, watch some film of T. Ruutu during his days in Chicago.
  12. Old_Hawk


    Why hasn't this guy been in Chicago all year? Is he playing over his head right now trying to impress for next year? Maybe, but he has shown more jam in the few games he's played than the rest of the forwards combined. The way he laid out Paryka last nite was priceless. It seem he gets at least one huge hit per game and he's no slouch at handling the puck either. Again, I ask, why wasn't he called up long before now?
  13. Old_Hawk

    3/06 Hawks vs Avs

    Gus was very good tonight and I don't say this just because he scored a flukey goal. Berube was outstanding as well.
  14. Old_Hawk

    Ryan Hartman

    I've been harping on this for some time now. None of the Hawks larger players, except for Bouma and the recently departed Wingels, will ever be accused of playing "hard". The most contact they get is when it is initiated by the other team. Haydon has the potential and played hard, but for some unknown reason, he's stuck in Rockford. At the end of every game the hits be both teams are tallied. The Hawks are routinely outhit by more than two to one, and often much worse. This is one of the reasons they are one of the least penalized teams in the league, but what good does it do them. Even when the other teams take penalties, there is no worry as the Hawks PP sucks.
  15. Old_Hawk

    Ryan Hartman

    Really like this as well. Nashville has done an excellent job of identifying Euros. Just look at their lineup. They just can't eff up the first round pick. If only they can move AA.