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  1. 3/06 Hawks vs Avs

    Gus was very good tonight and I don't say this just because he scored a flukey goal. Berube was outstanding as well.
  2. Ryan Hartman

    I've been harping on this for some time now. None of the Hawks larger players, except for Bouma and the recently departed Wingels, will ever be accused of playing "hard". The most contact they get is when it is initiated by the other team. Haydon has the potential and played hard, but for some unknown reason, he's stuck in Rockford. At the end of every game the hits be both teams are tallied. The Hawks are routinely outhit by more than two to one, and often much worse. This is one of the reasons they are one of the least penalized teams in the league, but what good does it do them. Even when the other teams take penalties, there is no worry as the Hawks PP sucks.
  3. Ryan Hartman

    Really like this as well. Nashville has done an excellent job of identifying Euros. Just look at their lineup. They just can't eff up the first round pick. If only they can move AA.
  4. Okay Our Defence?

    Plain and simple, the Hawks defense either can't, or won't, clear the front of the net. Last night was a perfect example of what has been going on for far too long. All three LA goals were scored on screen shots or deflections. LA players were allowed to set up shop right in front of Forsberg and there was no effort to either remove them or tie up the stick. Not one of the d-men last night were willing (maybe they can't) to make the Kings pay a price for standing there. Ask Toews, Anisimov or Hartman what happens most of the time when they try to set up shop in front of the opponents net. Seabrook used to play semi-physical but no more-he may as well be in a non-contact league. Keith, Osterle, Gus are too small --they try to play goalie instead of defense. Murphy has the tools but no toolbox and the newest addition, Dalstrom plays like the typical Euro--no meaningful contact. Bowman made a huge error when he traded Johns to Dallas without even giving him a shot. Go get Manson from Anaheim
  5. Ryan Hartman

    He will be an RFA this summer and he does not play centre. Since you asked, in my fantasy world, here's what I would do. First they have to get rid of Seabrook's contract and might I even suggest Keith. Second, they have to get some mobile bruisers on defense. Similar to the Blues Pareyko and Edmundson. Third, they have to get Haydon back up and playing top nine minutes- I'd like to see him given a shot with Kane and Schmaultz. Hartman has regressed a bit this year but he still has value so they should spread the word that he's available. Arty should also be shopped. Fire all the special teams coaches, although the penalty kill is much improved. If none of this makes a difference, perhaps Q has to go. I doubt this will give anyone much hope, but it's time to change some of the old guard. JT is my favourite player but he is being asked to do too much. I guess when you are paid like he is, it is expected, but therein lies a big part of the Hawks problems. They are paying too many guys big money for what they did yesterday, not for what they can do today and tomorrow. This falls directly on management.
  6. Ryan Hartman

    On one hand you seem to be complaining about a "tiny" roster but you pencil in Sykura and Soderlund. Do you realize these guys are both "tiny". Another thing, Ottawa is not trading Stone and he's not a centre.
  7. Will the Hawks make the playoffs?

    Hate to be a Debbie downer, but, they were lucky against the Preds. They played well until the 3rd. How much iron did the Preds hit? But, the Preds goalie also played very well keeping the Preds in it in the 1st and 2nd. If the Hawks could have scored a few, maybe the Preds don't come out so hard in the 3rd. But back to your question, if Q keeps the lines together and they can very well make the playoffs. I can't say enough about Hino. He plays with Toews and Saad and sparks them. Then, for some unimaginable reason Q takes him off Toew's line. All he's done since is make whoever he is playing with perform better. Kinda reminds me of Lou Angotti in the 70's.
  8. 1/24 Hawks vs Leafs

    Hino, again, was one of the best Hawks out there. No one has yet to explain why he was taken off the Toews line.
  9. Joel Quenneville

    Agreed, they don't need an enforcer. If memory serves me right, Secord scored more than 200 goals over 7 or 8 seasons-so he was hardly a typical enforcer. But he was a guy that protected his linemates and made others think twice about manhandling them. The Hawks routinely get outhit by a wide margin which should result in more powerplays but as we all know, the Hawk's powerplay sucks so the opposition has no fear of taking penalties.
  10. Joel Quenneville

    I agree with you 100% on the Hino issue. As I have expressed before, he actually lit a fire under Toews and Saad. So why take him out of that spot? As for the defense, I gave up long ago. No one knows who's playing with who from game to game. Keith needs a bruiser to play alongside him. Seabs used to be that guy but no more. Duclair did look good with the Cat and Kampf, but all of a sudden the line is busted up. One last thing. It was bad enough getting pumped by the Isle on home ice, but when Hartman gets rag dolled by Johnston and there's no response, it's unforgiveable. I know Hartman's a tough hombre, but the size mismatch and resulting beating should have at least resulted in a third man in to stop the carnage. I know Schmaultz and Kane were on the ice, but, there-in lies the problem. Savy and Larmer had Secord riding shotgun for them. There's no fear playing the Blackhawks anymore. You only have to go back to 2010 when a bunch of kids took on all comers. Included in that bunch were Big Buff, Eager, Burish, Fraser, Dowell, Brouwer, Bickell and Boynton. Not exactly a highly skilled bunch but, any of these guys would have responded to Hartman getting pounded. The new age Hawks have no young guys like this. Wingels and Bauma try, but they play together, get limited ice time and neither is a spring chicken anymore.
  11. Hinostroza

    Hino has lit a fire under Toews and Saad. Every time they're out there, something is happening. Too bad none of them got an assist on Osterle's goal last nite. They all deserved one. Schmaltz, Kane and Hartsy have rekindled the chemistry they had before Schmaltz got injured. Kampf has been a real good addition to the third line as well with Sharpy and AD. For the life of me I can't understand why Panik got in against Vegas while Hartman sat. Wingels, Bauma continue their crash and bang style and Hayden is learning every game. I like the lines as they are, except for Panik. He has lost all confidence and is more a hindrance than help when he's in.
  12. 12/02 Hawks vs Stars

    Agree 100%. Hayden belongs on the powerplay. Schmaultz spends the whole shift making sure he doesn't get hit. That's not a recipe for success.
  13. 11/12 Hawks vs Devils

    There is definitely something wrong. I'll give you my thoughts. They can't play defense. Unless Wingels was hurt, not dressing him was a mistake by Q. He has been one of most consistent, hard working guys on the team. He's not there to score goals but his line with Bouma and whomever spend a lot of time in the offensive zone. And he plays the body as does Bouma. Dressing seven defensemen is another mistake. They can't even defend properly with six d-men. Osterle couldn't play in Edmonton on one of the worst defenses in the league, yet he can play for the Hawks???? Seabs never was the fastest guy on the team, but he has taken it down another notch. On any other team he would be a bottom six pairing, or not on the ice at all. Even Keith seems to have lost it. I'm happy with Rutta as a rookie, Kempney is a 4th at best, Forsling is learning and to me, Murphy is a bust. The only memorable thing I can remember from him is a couple of big hits. They signed Franson due to his big shot but he rarely gets to use it and next to Seabs, he's the slowest of the rest. A bottom six guy, at best. Some of the forwards are totally unaccountable in the d-zone. If Kane doesn't do a fly by on his point man and blow the zone, one goal could have been prevented. They fire the defensive coach from last year and bring in a new one, but the players either don't listen or the coaches don't know what they're doing. Any team that scores five goals should win, especially when they're up 4-1. Maybe they could learn a few thing from Boucher in Ottawa. Now there's a team that has a system (3 regulation losses) and the players either play it or they sit. As newcomer Duchene said after the two games in Sweden (both wins), " I knew they were good, but I didn't know they were that good." The only bona fida superstar on the team is Karlsson so there's no swelled heads or egos.
  14. Are You Worried Yet?

    Oct. 30 update. Lots of insightful comments but, they are now on the outside looking in and to be blunt, I'm not optimistic. We keep hearing the coaches and the players talking about, "not getting the bounces, bad luck, hot goaltenders, getting to the net, getting some dirty goals", etc, etc, but night after night, it's the same thing. Many of the players have convinced themselves that they are working hard and smart enough and because of their star status and history, the coaches are all too forgiving. As many have mentioned, maybe it's time for some new head direction behind the bench. I can't see the assistants being bold enough to bench any of the vets for lacklustre play. Everyone makes mistakes, but playing without heart and desire is unforgiveable in my eyes.
  15. Are You Worried Yet?

    If you take out the Hawks two first games, in which they looked very good, they have performed very mediocre, at best. In almost every game they are outshot, outhustled and generally outplayed. If not for the goalies (despite Crow's gaff against Edmonton, the goalies have played very well, as Crow's save percentage would indicate), the record would likely be worse.. I can't point to anything specific yet, other than the useless power play, but if they keep playing like they are, they'll soon be chasing a playoff spot instead of solidifying one.