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  1. 12/02 Hawks vs Stars

    Agree 100%. Hayden belongs on the powerplay. Schmaultz spends the whole shift making sure he doesn't get hit. That's not a recipe for success.
  2. 11/12 Hawks vs Devils

    There is definitely something wrong. I'll give you my thoughts. They can't play defense. Unless Wingels was hurt, not dressing him was a mistake by Q. He has been one of most consistent, hard working guys on the team. He's not there to score goals but his line with Bouma and whomever spend a lot of time in the offensive zone. And he plays the body as does Bouma. Dressing seven defensemen is another mistake. They can't even defend properly with six d-men. Osterle couldn't play in Edmonton on one of the worst defenses in the league, yet he can play for the Hawks???? Seabs never was the fastest guy on the team, but he has taken it down another notch. On any other team he would be a bottom six pairing, or not on the ice at all. Even Keith seems to have lost it. I'm happy with Rutta as a rookie, Kempney is a 4th at best, Forsling is learning and to me, Murphy is a bust. The only memorable thing I can remember from him is a couple of big hits. They signed Franson due to his big shot but he rarely gets to use it and next to Seabs, he's the slowest of the rest. A bottom six guy, at best. Some of the forwards are totally unaccountable in the d-zone. If Kane doesn't do a fly by on his point man and blow the zone, one goal could have been prevented. They fire the defensive coach from last year and bring in a new one, but the players either don't listen or the coaches don't know what they're doing. Any team that scores five goals should win, especially when they're up 4-1. Maybe they could learn a few thing from Boucher in Ottawa. Now there's a team that has a system (3 regulation losses) and the players either play it or they sit. As newcomer Duchene said after the two games in Sweden (both wins), " I knew they were good, but I didn't know they were that good." The only bona fida superstar on the team is Karlsson so there's no swelled heads or egos.
  3. Are You Worried Yet?

    Oct. 30 update. Lots of insightful comments but, they are now on the outside looking in and to be blunt, I'm not optimistic. We keep hearing the coaches and the players talking about, "not getting the bounces, bad luck, hot goaltenders, getting to the net, getting some dirty goals", etc, etc, but night after night, it's the same thing. Many of the players have convinced themselves that they are working hard and smart enough and because of their star status and history, the coaches are all too forgiving. As many have mentioned, maybe it's time for some new head direction behind the bench. I can't see the assistants being bold enough to bench any of the vets for lacklustre play. Everyone makes mistakes, but playing without heart and desire is unforgiveable in my eyes.
  4. Are You Worried Yet?

    If you take out the Hawks two first games, in which they looked very good, they have performed very mediocre, at best. In almost every game they are outshot, outhustled and generally outplayed. If not for the goalies (despite Crow's gaff against Edmonton, the goalies have played very well, as Crow's save percentage would indicate), the record would likely be worse.. I can't point to anything specific yet, other than the useless power play, but if they keep playing like they are, they'll soon be chasing a playoff spot instead of solidifying one.
  5. How Does Hayden Affect Overall Roster Next Year

    Follow-up on Hayden's first game. I was at the game last night and paid particular attention to Hayden. My first impression is that he was nervous as hell. No sooner had he got on the ice, he was waving to the bench for a change. I seriously doubt he was tired. More likely, he did not want to get in a position where he would make a mistake. One thing that I noticed right away is that he has one hand on his stick way too often. On one face-off in the Hawks end he was the only one of the 10 players on the ice that did this. Obviously a teaching point to be made there. Overall, he acquitted himself quite well and he does have NHL skating ability. Certainly worth some more looks.
  6. How Does Hayden Affect Overall Roster Next Year

    I think Kero and Schmaultz have earned their position as regulars on this team. Motte did not stand out when he was given the chance, but he's still a good prospect. Every time Vinny plays something happens. If only he had more size to go with his energy. As for Hayden, it's easy to drool over college stats, but with his size, it's much easier to get your way in college. Whether he can adapt to the NHL has yet to be determined. I haven't even seen him skate so I can't assess him. Depending on what happens with Soupy and Oduya next year will dictate where Pokka plays. If there's no room for him in Chic, it may be best to move him, although the d is getting a little long in the tooth and they have to get some kids in there somehow.
  7. Hawk Trade Partner

    Since coming back up from Rockford, Schmaultz has looked like a different player. He's showing a lot more confidence and every once in a while he dazzles with his skill set. No way the Hawks part way with this guy. What is he, 20 years old. He's only going to get better.
  8. Hawk Trade Partner

    Don't even mention the name Wiercioch. I've seen him first hand for a number of seasons in Ottawa. There's many reasons why the Av's are in last place, and he's one of them, but he is tall, if that makes any difference
  9. Hawk Trade Partner

    You all make a strong case for keeping Seabs, but the fact remains, with Panarin's new deal kicking in next year, the Hawks are going to have to do something. Based on the individual's play right now, who is the most logical player to move? In my mind, unless Crawford goes (and it won't be because of his play) it has to be Seabrook.
  10. Hawk Trade Partner

    In a perfect world, I would agree with both of you, but, in this cap era, you almost have to take back an equal contract. While the Canes do have many young promising defensemen, there's no way they're taking back a 7 year $7 mil year contract for a guy on entry level, or even a second contract. I agree that Ryan is way overpaid for what he's producing, but, I would make the same statement about Seabs, and unless something happens soon with Seabs play (and I'm hopeful), it's not going to get any better. Ryan's got 5 years left and Seabs has 7, not to mention the age difference favouring Ryan. I'm not saying this is a perfect trade but at least it is realistic.
  11. 1/08 Hawks vs Preds

    Referee called it a goal so the only thing that a review could do would be overturn the goal. If they came back with "inconclusive" the goal would stand.
  12. Hawk Trade Partner

    The Senators sat Bobby Ryan the other night. No explanation other than a coaches decision. He make's similar money to Seabs but the term is slightly less going forward. The Sens are already living with Dion's albatross contract but right now, they could use a veteran defenseman with Seabs qualifications. That would then allow them to trade Methot for a quality forward to replace Ryan. As for the Hawks, they have been searching for a goal scoring winger to play with Toews since Sharp left. Ryan would fit the bill there. I seriously doubt that Seabs is looking for a change, but sometimes, a change is needed as the player becomes too comfortable. Even Webber got traded, so anything is possible. This is just me trying to stir up some talk. I do not hate Seabrook. On the contrary, he's always been on of my favourites (I just got his jersey) and if he came to Ottawa (my second team) I would be very pleased.
  13. Gustav Forsling

    Whatever the reason, Kempney has to play. Even Erik Karlson spent some time in the minors and the Sens where not a very good team when he turned pro. If Gus has his head screwed on properly, he will realize this is best for his development.
  14. Seabrook

    Agreed, and the way he played last year, he deserved the big pay day. He would have been a UFA and would easily have received the same on the open market. But, no one can deny, his play is less than stellar this year. He didn't become a bad player overnight so it must be something else, (comfort zone, motivation). He's already won three cups and maybe he's ready to play out the string (it has happened to others). I don't know, but he's not the same player he was. As someone else noted, he is the Hawks biggest d-man, but his physical play has disappeared. I want to see the guy that put Backes into la la land and took it upon himself to get Toew's head screwed on against Detroit a couple of years ago.
  15. Seabrook

    Is it just me, or, does anyone else see a big drop off in his defensive play. Last night's gaff on the first goal is inexcusable. How many times has he simply iced the puck when under pressure? He probably has a no-trade deal but if the Hawks are looking to move some money, this is where I'd start.