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  1. Great win for Chicago, love their approach on the PP of late. Even if they just sit there cycling the puck for 2 minutes in the zone, they're at least wearing out half of the opp's best 4 D and a couple forwards.... as opposed to chasing blocked/cleared pucks the length of the ice & wearing themselves out. Based on what's come out after the game, looks like Hitchcock has lost the room; there's the Tarasenko fit, and Steen as much as said they were outcoached. Meanwhile, Hitchcock comes out and says a Game 7 at home is "...the best-case scenario."
  2. Stupid and dangerous by Coyle; if Keith didn't tuck his chin they're scraping his brain off the ice. At which time the Hawks would be hit with a 2-minute minor for delay of game or something.
  3. Here's hoping Crawford returns in time to be vilified and maligned by 'fans' during the playoffs!