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  1. Okay Our Defence?

  2. Okay Our Defence?

    Where was I giving up on Murphy? My anger over this debacle is directly at Stan Bowman.
  3. Okay Our Defence?

    It should. There is zero reason for the trade if a walk-on is just as good as the piece received for Hammer. It's irresponsible cap management by SB. The $3.5M could be used in other places than the press box.
  4. Okay Our Defence?

    SB traded for his salary, believing his talent and salary were equal. And if the thinking was that this coaching staff could magically make a player better, that's also on SB, as this coaching staff got eliminated in the first round in consecutive years.
  5. Okay Our Defence?

    Well based on his salary, he wasn't supposed to be "unproven." This is poor scouting by the Blackhawks if Murphy continues to be a healthy scratch.
  6. Okay Our Defence?

    In my lifetime, here the better defensemen: Wilson, Chelios, Keith, Seabrook It’s not a huge team photo
  7. Okay Our Defence?

    They got Chelios for Savard
  8. Okay Our Defence?

    There aren’t that many better in team history. Hammer is in the team photo. And if there wasn’t a better deal out there...DON’T MAKE THE DEAL!!!
  9. Okay Our Defence?

    They didn’t need to sign Hammer to another deal. His next deal is irrelevant. They have a championship window that is rapidly closing They need his defensive skill and they could have had it for two more years. And no they didn’t get a good young center.
  10. Okay Our Defence?

    No one is saying to “give up” on Murphy. But Bowman traded one of the best defenseman in Blackhawks history for a guy that has already been a healthy scratch twice. And gained nothing. And yes, Dauphin falls in the category of “nothing.”
  11. Okay Our Defence?

    The Blackhawks received negligible cap space from this trade.
  12. Okay Our Defence?

    Don’t blame Quenneville for Murphy. If he sucks the only question that should be asked is why the hell Bowman and his scouting staff made that putrid trade.
  13. '17/18 hawks outlook

    Those are dumb people.
  14. 10/14 Hawks vs Preds

    As in a huge housecleaning. Bowman indefensibly weakened the defense. Quenneville is blameless on that front.
  15. 10/14 Hawks vs Preds

    Toews negating power plays better not become a thing. Twice already this year.