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  1. Because Bowman just signed him and players that offer sweetheart bridge deals tend not to get traded before the contract starts.
  2. He 100% did not do this.
  3. Correct. Panarin is not going to be traded. I doubt he's even being shopped.
  4. And if this doesn't change you can count on the exact same result.
  5. I was making an "Antoine Vermette/Teuvo Teravainen/Idiot Coach Sat These Two For Kris Versteeg And Joakim Nordstrom" reference.
  6. http://www.chicagotribune.com/sports/hockey/blackhawks/ct-blackhawks-fire-mike-kitchen-20170424-story.html
  7. I believe this hire will be telling. If it's just another retread or someone that Quenneville decants wine with, then we'll know that it's business as usual. If it's a outside hire, as I suspect it will be, then it'll be a not subtle message to Quenneville that he is on notice.
  8. Not only that but I look at it as a message that NO ONE is untouchable, including coaches.
  9. Wish it were longer. This heartless collection of babies deserved a more epic Ginsuing.
  10. Nothing wrong with the Blackhawks coaching staff that a few #freshlegs couldn't fix.
  11. And the HHOF coach.
  12. The Blackhawks will NEVER trade Hossa because of the salary cap recapture penalty possibilities. His retirement would be equally disastrous.
  13. Could not agree more. And Tootoo is signed already for next year.
  14. Joel Quenneville ruined any chance of getting Vermette back with the #freshlegs nonsense in 2015.
  15. Silver lining: Won't have to watch Oduya in the Indianhead anymore.