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  1. Is Panik under contract for next season?
  2. I don't trust Quenneville to fix special teams and I sure as hell don't trust his lineup decisions. The Blackhawks should have had a shot at a 3-peat
  3. He's not but he's not an idiot. The Blackhawks cannot afford a 3 million dollar backup.
  4. Campbell and Rozsival on the ice at the same time is the stuff of nightmares
  5. We're still going to pretend that the HHOF coach is going to figure out the putrid PK by April? #dreamon
  6. Darling looked awful on a chance to bail out his defenseman
  7. How much ice time with TVR's brain-dead play cost Kempny?
  8. Of course that happened.
  9. It would only hurt for a little while, as the Hawks would be first round casualties.
  10. Hjalmarsson spent the last half of the first period in the locker room and didn't skate this morning. That likely answers the Rozsival question.
  11. The Blackhawks defense blows. It's not "just one of those games." It sucked last year, too.
  12. HOF coach won't give up his Rozsival chew toy.
  13. Mike Smith sucks ass.
  14. I wasn't actually referring to any specific mistakes that TVR made or makes. I was referencing a discussion about which player(s) should be sacrificed in the expansion draft. If Vegas could chose between Kruger, Hartman, or TVR the choice for them is simple.
  15. TVR is just fine but will never be a top four defender. I would never give up on a kid like Ryan Hartman for a bottom pairing defenseman.