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    Thank you, Marian Hossa. You are a class act and world class player. Always.
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    I stopped reading your posts a long time ago, how can anyone take you seriously when you can't speak proper English or spell Keiths name right.
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    Regardless, Crawford got the job done in his 3 games this year and, in the past 2 games he played, carried the D. That's what's best for the team moving forward: a reliable presence in net that has proven time and time again that they can get the job done and give the team a fighting chance to win irrespective of a softie now and again...*which happens to every goalie*.
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    The Blackhawks have released the following statement on Hossa: "Today is another example of the leadership Marian has displayed as a member of the Chicago Blackhawks organization. When we approached him to discuss the idea of him waiving his no-move clause to allow us to make this move, it became clear this was a difficult thing for him to consider. After the success he has had in a Blackhawks jersey, the friends he has made throughout the organization and the fact his heart will always be in Chicago, the thought of disassociating in any way from the team he has come to love was not something he really wanted to give any thought to at all. But, as the consummate team player, he did what he has always done. He did what the team needed him to do in order to succeed. Marian's long-term contributions to the club will never be forgotten. His performance as a player was always appreciated, but, it is his special qualities as a teammate, a leader and a person, that will more than anything leave its mark on all of us who have come to love and respect the very humble way he goes about everything he does. He has shown us all the impact we can have on others if we conduct ourselves with character, integrity and utmost respect for all we come in contact with. We have had the pleasure of watching him hoist three Stanley Cups with our team and he will forever be connected to the Blackhawks. On behalf of the entire organization, we would like to thank Marian-a world-class player-for all he has done for the Chicago Blackhawks."
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    The best usage of Kempny in Chicago would have been on the ice to win games, because that is the point of professional sports.But Q has a history of misusing players here in Chicago over the last few seasons. Hinostroza should have never been demoted in the first place. And I beg to differ about his defensive play. His CF% was sixth on the team and his FF% was fifth. He was quite literally helping the team when he was on the ice more than he hurt it. Why no DeBrincat with Kane? Too small? Q's blended together some of the dumbest lines I have ever seen, including leaving Carbomb in the top six for an extended period, yet the obvious like "put the team's best pure goal scorer with the two best setup players" just somehow eludes him literally all season. Size has nothing to do with it, and if in his head it does then it shows both his failure to again utilize the roster the best way possible and coach for success in the modern NHL. Sharp should have been the 13th forward or on the 4th line and nothing more. Let Hayden babysit DeBrincat, who I am not convinced needs it to begin with. But to give him ice time with Toews and Kane? There is no way to defend that or pin that on Stan. Stan didn't get Sharp so Q could overuse him. That's Q being stupid and misusing players on the roster. Just like he did with Roszival, Handzus, Daley, Richards for half the season, Vermette and even Campbell when he returned. How can you have players like Kane, Toews, Saad, DeBrincat, Schmaltz, Seabrook, Anisimov, even the aforementioned washed-up Sharp and have a power play at the bottom of the league? Are the inmates running the asylum or what? I get that you have a narrative to push here against the GM and that's fine if that's how you want to look at it. But Q does not walk on water and he has earned a very, very large portion of the blame for last year.
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    Duclair and Jurco should not be re-signed at all -- and if Bowman gives Jurco 1,250,000 especially, he should have the taste slapped out of his mouth.
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    Kruger is a defensive specialist, not a Hart Trophy candidate. He's not here to put up points. He's going to spend 3/4 of his ice time starting in the defensive zone and flipping the ice. If he puts up 15 points while doing that, I'm happy with it. He's going to take the tough matchups and minutes that honestly AA, Schmaltz and Kampf aren't really suited to or capable of handling yet. The only other center that can is JT and I'd rather him play more in the offensive zone instead of as a shutdown C. That will pay dividends.
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    Unless Schmaltz becomes a bona fide, by-anyone's definition, two-way player, I'd go berserk if he gets $7 million per.
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    What the hell has he done to show remorse? He fled to another country to avoid prosecution so he could play hockey. He deserves a chance to rehabilitate himself. He does NOT deserve a chance to rehabilitate himself and draw a multi-million dollar salary. There are lines....And beating women should be one of them.
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    If the Blackhawks sign a piece of sht like Voynov, I would show up at the UC opening night and burn every jersey I own. He beat a woman and you people think he deserves another chance? WTF??
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    I liked car bomb, but he did a lot of drugs and drank quite a bit. When your brain is injured from drinking and drugging, it’s not a good idea to injure it further with fighting and running at guys full tilt. I believe ( cuz I’ve been through it) most concussions come due to a result of the head snapping back or being forced forward with an elbow to the head or massive contact to a player when they’re defenceless. I think the nhl needs to clean the game up, what Marchand does and a few others is just ridiculous. Get rid of that and the game will be fine!!!
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    Good practice for him...since that's about the extent of the 'hawks D coverage (I see the cameraman is replicating Keith's defensive positioning)
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    This season will end in disappointment and anger. So frustrating to watch the Hawks fall short so easily in the playoffs against the Preds and to follow it up with this...season of hockey. HOWEVER, it ain't all bad. To be fair, these guys just look tired and worn out. I think the 2015 Cup run took something out of the guys who were there. It was a brutal duel with the Ducks to get to the final and since the 2010 Cup every team is gunning to beat, even embarrass, the Hawks as often as possible, That would obviously include the physical aspect of the game. Maybe there is a bad chemistry between players because of contracts or whatever else. I dunno, but I do believe they will get better and that they will win another cup in the next 3 to 4 seasons (probably not with Seabrook...sorry but that just slipped out). On that note, remember what this team used to look like in the playoffs? Bolland, Vermette, Niemi, Seabrooks o.t. goals and so on. Ya know what, it is only entertainment after all and sometimes you go back and watch these memories still so fresh on the mind. Do you have something better to do? I hope all of you enjoy this as much as I did. LET'S GO HAWKS!
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    Tremendous accomplishment for a tremendous player. Hard to believe he will be hitting the 1000 regular season game mark tonight. I know his game isn't what it was, and his cap hit is making things difficult for the team right now, but I am hoping we can remember what he has done for this franchise in his career so far. The 2010, 2015, and especially 2013 Stanley Cups don't happen without him. When the team drafted him in a loaded 2003 draft - even with all the talent there, I think they would be happy to know how things turned out. Major part of 3 cups in 6 years. Contributor to a Gold Medal for Canada in 2010. Leadership in spades. When I was in College I went to Red Deer. At the time Dion Phaneuf was playing for the rebels and would show up to our college parties on occasion. Everyone hated him. It was a special pleasure when Seabrook came to town and beat him up. They seemed to have a tremendous rivalry in junior. Today, when I was reading about the 1000th game, of course, one of the biggest memories was of 2013 - the Detroit series. The iconic moment of going to the penalty box to help Toews screw his head on straight. Then the Overtime series winner. That was a very important win for me personally. I had won 2 tickets (and flights) to Game 1 of the stanley cup finals, not knowing where it would be. The comeback (and subsequent victory over LA) meant that the free trip I won would be to Chicago to see the Hawks. That has still been my only trip to the city so far and may be the only chance I had to see the Hawks at the United Centre. With the lost season I hope we can push aside the contract for a night and appreciate how important this player was to the team - to turning the Hawks from a joke to a contender and then a champion 3 times. To my wife's favorite player. Congratulations on 1000 games.
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    I love Foley, I think he’s one of a kind and one of the best. Say what you will about him, if you listen to Bwastan or Florida etc, you’ll appreciate Foley even more. I love the Irishman, one of the all time greats!!!
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    I think I'm gonna be high more the rest of the year! GO HAWKS!!!!!
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    I'm gonna admit something to myself and to you all. I have been a Blackhawks fan since the mid 60s. Since about 2009 or so I have been spoiled by the success they have had. It is extremely difficult to get used to the recent team struggles. I only hope it doesn't last too long, because the winning years were so much more fun to watch them controlling the play, cycling the puck and seemingly doing anything they wanted to do. I waited many years for that to happen and I think I was fooling myself thinking it would go on forever.
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    People say - it is time to blow the team up. Bowman Jr. already has blown the team up (several times). He made several unnecessary moves over the past couple of off-seasons which have not worked out. He fired Quenneville's loyal assistant without the coach's input. He traded the coach's most reliable defender. He traded his top sniper. Bowman Jr.'s recklessness is the real problem here. When you break a team down, it takes years to fix it. Players and coaches need to build relationships with each other. They need to know each other's tendencies and habits, both on the ice and off. Teammates are not interchangeable trading cards. They are people. They develop friendships and they rely each other. Sadly, there are only a few core guys now left. Everyone else is gone. The stars are still trying to figure out what they are dealing with. They can't possibly cover up for the entire team. The goaltending is beyond terrible. Seabrook and Keith are almost constantly playing with AHL-calibre partners. The rest of the defence is pathetic. Toews is playing with a rotating parade of borderline pro talent. Kane is easily shadowed and controlled because he is the only scoring threat on the team. There is no secondary scoring. Every team in the league would welcome the Hawks' present core. They are good players with proud histories. You need some kind of foundation to build on. Moving forward, there needs to be fewer changes, not more of them. The only big change I want to see is at the top. Bowman Jr. needs to go before he does even more damage.
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    hawks are 24-21-8 when keith doesn't score this season.
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    One more comment for what it’s worth. I know it doesn’t explain the significant offensive problems we have had this year, and we will see lots more changes the rest of this year and in the off-season, but we miss Hossa a lot. Hossa was one of the smartest, most skilled offensive players with and without the puck I’ve ever seen, and a really good defensive forward too. Sad we had to lose him.
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    Watch other hockey, that’s my advice. Goudreau was invisible the last couple of games, McDavid has been invisible in a lot of games, every player disappears, every one of them. Kane is a generational talent and we are very lucky to have him. By far the best player from his draft year!!!
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    I know I'm in the minority and it is what it is, but I think again that Marian Hossa's absence is proving how truly great he was.
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    Hey y'all, I'm back!!! It's been crazy busy for me this past little while, I'm in my senior year at Rockford University and preparing to start student teaching in January so I haven't had much time to come in and post. I have however been keeping up with the boys here, and I gotta say the team looks good so far, although the Kyle Baun trade has me completely heartbroken. I still don't understand why we would make a minor league deal to get a slightly older, lower production guy, I think we could've gotten a better return or we should've kept KB, after all he was on the final year of his contract - it makes no sense to me. I've got serious sour grapes over this one, he was my absolute favorite, and an amazingly hard worker. I had him pegged for the "C" in Rockford this year, up until the trade, he was just an all-around great guy. Alas, I digress... A few things, Jeff Glass's wife just had a baby, so that's why they've been carrying an extra goalie. Vinnie Hinostroza does not belong in Rockford at all, he is playing on an entirely different level than the rest of them, he's an NHLer through and through. I get that he's getting a LOT more playing time out here, but it's ridiculous to see him skating circles around everybody. I'm happy to have him, and he's not the type to have a stink about it, but he deserves a spot in the NHL. The new guy that has really impressed me so far is Alexandre Fortin - strong skater, good instincts, I like this one. In the future, I may give a few updates, but probably not with any regularity. If you guys want me to look out for anyone specific, just let me know. Princess
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    Old Man Crow is having a pretty good start Pat said 3 goals on 104 shots. Too bad he is in decline!
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    Amen Creatch What are we really talking about? 1. Marion Hossa is tired of playing hockey. He actually wants to retire? 2. Great news! Cap space is available, all that needs to happen is...Hoss agrees to go along with a made up bogus skin condition. Seems far-fetched but... it's just crazy enough to work. 3. Now we have 5 million to put us over the top....never mind we had a guy who earned every penny of those dollars with his production....we're going to find a Hall of Fame player who's the best winger to never win a Selke.....we need that 5 million to sign a guy that's just waiting to come here, because he's out there, despite the fact that every NHL roster is set. Chicago is going to gain cap relief by asking a player that makes them a better team to lie about his health. Makes just so much sense.
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    My hopes, thoughts and prayers are with you Eddie. I have been critical of you as a fan, but that part of me is insane. The part of me that counts is the one that dearly wants you to be better. I remember meeting you when your brother Ricky was graduating from Incarnation Catholic School in Palos Heights (8th Grade) with my sister in 1984. You had just been selected third overall by the Blackhawks. While our conversation was short, you seemed to me to be a very down-to-earth, humble guy. I wish you all the best.
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    crow's got a new mask. i like it. i like it a lot. big fan of the matte black.
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    If Panik had 22 and 44 skatin' on Kane's line all year that'd be one thing but he had that year with a sub-par Toews and who knows who on the other side. The guy answers an important question for the team in my opinion. He's also the most physical player in the top six.........even with Saad's return. GO HAWKS!!!!!
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    Still don't know what I'm doing when inserting images (thumbnails?) but I was extremely fortunate to have been a guest in the sponsorship green room before the opening ceremony last night. While most attendees rushed to surround Kane and Sharp (Toews and Saad stayed outside the room in a back corridor), many ignored groupings of the young guys and prospects. As I was able to recognize most, I approached many to first take pictures with my nephew and then engage in some small talk and wish them luck in camp and the upcoming season. Most asked if I wanted a pic as well which was a nice bonus. As you can tell, I got a little silly at the end, especially with John Scott.....I had to lose my jersey as I was sweating like crazy but probably didn't need to show my ink. I do need some help with some of the names as there are a couple I'm unsure of. From left to right I believe I met Kero and Louis, Dauphin and two I'm unsure of (Hinostroza?), Connor Murphy (skinnier than I expected), Dcat(as small as I expected), Knott, and Baun, Forsling and Forsberg(?), and of course, Soupy and Scott.....all great guys and seemingly happy to talk with any brave enough to approach!
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    Stop it, those of us who want more size on the Hawks aren't talking about goofs like Reeves, we're wanting a top6 powerforward like E Kane and top4 dman like Hedman, big skilled guys to play with the many little guys. 3 of the final 4 teams were big hard hitting teams, Tampa is small up front but their D are big, despite what Stan thinks teams do need some big players.
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    I know I'm late to the party here, but Boqist, to me, was a horrific pick. Utterly effing horrific. Kid is years away and not only that, he already has concussion issues, having suffered 2 that shelved him (and he's not even in the NHL yet). I know it's not all Stan, but people need to be fired for this garbage -- be it the scouts or Stan himself. What a joke. Why in the hell wouldn't you pick Wahlstrom? Best shot in the draft according to some, huge body, who has a much better chance of offering immediate help to your team compared to Boqvist. I just don't get it. If you're not rebuilding, why would you make this pick?
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    I'm not worried about Saad, everything was off with the Hawks this season. His shooting percentage was 4% off of his average of 11 plus his assists were down, strange considering he had a career high in shots, you'd think he would've had more assists from rebounds or deflections, but that would mean guys going to the dirty areas. Saad is only 25, that's when most powerforwards hit their prime and I can't see him having back to back bad seasons.
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    Yup, he's playing great; it's awesome to see. I think it speaks volumes how he's playing while other guys are taking vacations; gotta respect that.
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    That has to do with the fact that Crosby, Malkin and Kessel are playing the way leaders are suppose to play, they didn’t suddenly fall of the earth and come up with a magnitude of excuses and expect the kids to lead the charge. Instead, they practice what they preach and players like Guetzel and Rust grabbed the bull by its horns and ran it. When the kids see the vets playing like they don’t care, that attitude will trail right down the line, and that’s exactly what has happened. When your core of the team are playing at an AHL level you can’t expect much.
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    I can appreciate your philosophy and I respect your opinion but I don't believe you could ever get Montreal to buy into that deal. Nor as a Hawk fan would I want to make that deal. Let me share a little philosophy of my own for what it's worth (again, not saying I'm right and you're wrong - just how I believe the league is shifting): Sports in a salary cap era is changing the way teams manage their rosters. Most are slow to adapt but the ones that trade a player a year too soon will be better off than those that wait a year too late. Teams and fans need to get used to the fact that the days of a player spending his entire career on one team are a thing of the past. As a result, many mistakes have and will be made. For instance, giving a 32 year old Seabrook an 8 year deal at $6.875M/yr was a mistake. I know, I know, 20/20 vision and all that crap but my point is the Hawks would have been better suited to trade Seabrook and invest that money elsewhere (you said yourself, sell high). Likewise, giving Weber a 14 year deal at $7.8M/yr was also a mistake in a salary cap world. Nashville realized that and effectively got out from under it by passing their mistake on to another team. So my thought here is, why take on someone else's mistake (not just Weber but any crappy contract). It's one thing to take on the last year of a bad contract but not 8 years! I'd rather it take 2 or 3 years to get back on track than to perpetuate the misery we saw this year by saddling the team with more money being spent on players well past their prime. The NHL has shifted to a younger, faster game and aging players making huge money for lots of years should not be part of the plan. You are suggesting spending $31.2M dollars over 8 years on a 33 old player and I am simply saying that I'd rather invest that money elsewhere. I don't want to watch this team in 2 or 3 years wondering why there is $10.7M dollars tied up in two guys that struggle to keep up with the pace of the game. Of the top 16 teams in terms of cap spending, only 7 of them actually made the playoffs this year. That to me reeks of bad decisions and poorly spent money. As the man said, "The times they are a changin'" and we need to change with them. Thanks for listening (or reading as it were).
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    Having listened to many, and remembering the time when he was not with the team because he spoke the truth about the way they were flailing about, I will take him over any other broadcaster in the league. He is not a homer, he calls it as it lays, he is loyal as hell, a good Chicago boy, and he bleeds for and with the team...I hope he stays until he decides it is time to step down. And then there was this...
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    Pokka wasn't going to be any kind of season-changing gamebreaker for so him being traded has zero effect on things. Leddy was traded because he was coming up on a pay day we couldn't afford him, not because Q wouldn't play him or all that other nonsense. A lot of revisionist history going on here.
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    What a deplorable effort today, downright embarrassing. This team is nothing but a draft lottery pick. How can a team be so nonchalant when there season hangs by the coattails. I am fully aware it’s only 45 games in, but nothing in there gameplay exemplifies a team that is a playoff contender.
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    kind've cool i thought.
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    D-cat's slap-pass over to AA was SWEEEEET!!!!! Price or Crawford and 4.5M of cap space.........let me think for a minute....I don't need a minute! CRAWDADDY BABY! GO HAWKS!!!!!
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    Sorry man, you want to call the guy out as overpaid and over the hill, then then own it and take the heat when he makes your assessment of him look foolish.
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    My wife treated me to a fine dinner and a hockey game for my B-day. The hockey game? Ha...it was the defending champion Seattle Thunderbirds vs. the Portland Winterhawks. Some may recall that Marian Hossa once played for a team that prior to Hossa was a Hawk farm team, had no money for uni's and the Hawks gave them theirs. They've had the Hawk uniforms ever since. Anyway, there's a guy on Portland by the name of Henri Jokiharju. You know, first round pick by the beloved. He showed himself quite well in this event. My wife? Her first hockey game period. We sat next to the glass. First it was the checks right in front of us. It seemed like every shift. Then, there were two really huge fights right in front of us. Let's put it this way. The highlight for her? It was the wiener dog race between the first and second periods. The game? 10-5 Portland. Success has its cost apparently even in the WHL. Now, I'm watching the recorded Hawk game and it looks pretty darned good to me.
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    Never realized how different they look without their hockey garb on...
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    I thought it was a great gesture on the Hawks part to include Bickell and Niemi in one last shift tonight!
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    There is not one NHL team that would have refused to sign Hossa to this very contract which makes them no better or worse than the Blackhawks. To make a deal with the league is admitting wrong doing and the Hawks followed the existing rules to the letter hammering out a deal approved by the league. This is nothing but sour grapes. I for one am glad that the league finally is looking at LTIR’s. Hossa has a legitimate condition. A fellow sufferer, a former goaltender reportedly said that he would not wish “the rash” on his worst enemy. It is good that the league is seeking an unbiased second medical opinion taking emotion out of the equation.