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    ^ whoever wrote that should never write again, to say a dman who's 24 and 23 has reached their peak and won't improve is the dumbest thing I've ever read. Dmen don't hit their prime till they're 26-27. Keith was playing on a bad knee last year but the guy is a freak physically and should be able to play into his 40's. Seabs didn't have his best year but to say he was horrendous is BS, I'm sure he'll have a bounce back year next season. No way he's done at 32. And to say Forsling lit up the AHL proves this guy is clueless.
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    The guy has to go down as one of the very best Hawks ever! Best free agent signing that I ever recall also and I can't imagine Hawk's nation without Big Hoss the last eight seasons. Lotta emotions and speculation as expected and for now I just want to thank the player for more than I ever expected when he was signed back in the summer of '09' and wish him the very best! GO HAWKS!!!!!
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    Regardless, Crawford got the job done in his 3 games this year and, in the past 2 games he played, carried the D. That's what's best for the team moving forward: a reliable presence in net that has proven time and time again that they can get the job done and give the team a fighting chance to win irrespective of a softie now and again...*which happens to every goalie*.
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    Sorry to see Kruger go ... I understand it ... just sad another piece of our Cup winning teams leaves. Kruger was the epitome of a good soldier. First and foremost he played his unheralded role well. He took a discounted 1-year contract to stay with the Hawks when there wasn't cap space to give him what he had earned. He gave up his #16 when Ladd was acquired at the TDL. And now, he graciously allows Stan to usher him out of town when he could have made VGK one of his limited NTC teams. A class act. Thanks and good luck.
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    more games with the hawks than any team. reg. season games with chicago...534. with ottawa 467. he was born to be a hawk. it was always in the cards.
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    just sign everyone to 1 year contracts from now on.....and the only bonuses are playoff performance driven. perennial winner guaranteed.
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    one of the shorter fights you will see. i see what you are saying....it*s fun to watch with my morning nescafe and generic low cost irish cream.
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    Speaking of Kesler.........my son gave me a "heads up" about a video of Kesler getting into a "fight" with young Domi of the Coyotes. I looked up a video on uTube and it was a pleasure to watch, at least from my stand point. Kesler may have thought he was going to intimidate the young Domi, but when they dropped their gloves, Domi's upper cut clocked that weasel of a Kesler and he dropped like the final curtain at the opera. As Kesler was being helped from the ice by teammates (esp. Bieska), it looked like Bieska was asking Kesler if he knew what planet he was presently on, and smiled at the answer. I could watch that video over and over, just to see Kesler get his "money's worth."
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    Pretty sure they can all lift 35 pounds
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    Gotta love when JT was asked why his game has turned around......and he deferred and instead praised the way the 3rd and 4th line have picked the team up. That's the Captain being the Captain
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    I wrote the following as a portion to a post on another thread, but decided it needed to be here as well: If an epitaph is what needs to be written even insofar as the Blackhawks are concerned, here's mine: I shall forever miss the Marian Hossa trademarks: Hossa is the single-greatest keeper of the puck I've ever seen. He could have three guys draped over him and likely still come away with the puck. Hossa is one of the greatest board battlers I've ever seen. C-above. Hossa was a master at play anticipation which included consistently taking the perfect Point A to Point B angle in order to make a defensive play. Hossa is the greatest "skate 3/4 the length of the ice to strip the puck from a completely surprised player who was likely creating a scoring opportunity" I've ever seen. Then, he likely creates a scoring opportunity out of that strip.
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    It had to happen, of course, but so long to Krugs, who at the very least, was a pretty tough SOB who did his job competently and without complaint.
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    Can't help but think that TVR benefitted from being on a good team all year, while Murphy was on an abysmal team.
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    I'm gonna respectfully and totally disagree with you Jack. I don't think the team is as bad as you're making it out to be. There's guys like Jagr, Cullen, Hossa, even Selane were all good until their careers either ended or still going. Toews and Kane 29/28, I cannot buy into the idea that they're washed up and are on the downside of their careers. They'll be great for a few more years. Keith will play till he's 40, so he's a young 32 in my eyes. I don't think you're giving enough credit to the NHL, it's very tough to win, I think maybe you took it for granted and now have the notion that it's over. Crosby and Malkin have been absent since 2009. They couldn't get out of the 2nd round until last year. So I think it's very premature to write off the Hawks. They still won the West, and yes got trounced in 4 games, but with a ton of rookies and a few soft players, I don't think they're that far off, it's still achievable, anything can happen, but we do need everyone from the top on down to be on board!!!
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    Darling also received a limited no-trade package along with the big money. I do think it is time to stop blaming Bowman for taking on these no-trade packages. They are becoming the standard for most UFAs. If you are going to re-sign your players, this is what they want. If Darling gets one with his resume, certainly all the core players remaining would expect one as well.
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    For those who remember me, I came out of retirement for this rant... There have been many places to look for blame when it comes to this pathetic first round bust, but there are 3 main reasons the Blackhawks weren't ready for a deep run this season: 1. Bowman never addressed the 1st line LW situation 2. The disappearance of Jonathan Toews 3. There's something wrong...really wrong with Duncan Keith We knew all season that the never-ending revolving door on the first line was a problem. Most of us were too quick to conclude that it had been fixed as Toews and Panik got hot towards the end of the season, but we'd be prematurely doing so as it was the demise of our offense. Jonathan Toews disappeared again in the last 3 weeks of the season. We were all fooled by that short stint where he sat up like the Manchurian candidate and did an about-face, but there was a deeper concern for most of the season that we conveniently forgot about. There have been whispers about Duncan Keith's knee possibly needing surgery at the end of the season. The way he's played during the playoffs, I wouldn't doubt it. He doesn't have the jump, and he hasn't been able to make clean passes out of the zone. He's also put himself and the team in some bad spots when he's turned the puck over in low or no pressure situations because it seems his body is unable to do what his mind has set out to do. With all that said, here's how to fix the Blackhawks this offseason: 1. Trade Cory Crawford and re-sign Darling to a cap-friendly deal: I love Crow, and he deserves no blame for this - but the Bowmans don't covet the goaltending position. That $6 million could be spent much more wisely. 2. Fire the assistant coach(es) that were responsible for our anemic power play and horrifying PK...I don't think I really need to explain this one. 3. After trading Crawford, let expiring contracts of aging players go (i.e. Brian Campbell, Michael Roszival). They both sucked this year anyhow. Use the cap savings from Crow trade and expiring contracts to bring in a legit top 6 LW that can play with Toews. 4. Start drafting for the D-men of the future. The Hawks have a very lean talent pool in upcoming quality D-men. They are sorely lacking studs on the back end that can contribute offensively. It's time to start looking for the future Duncan Keiths and Brent Seabrooks as those guys are rapidly aging and can't last forever. 5. For God's sake: Bring in some professional help for our centers that aren't named Toews to learn how to win some draws. Where's Perrault at now? What would it take to lure him in for a assistant coaching position? I'm confident that if these things are done, the Blackhawks will compete for at least another 2 cups before the reign of Kane and Toews is over.
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    Yeah Rosi is such an easy target, The thing is, any team that has injuries on D has to ice a goat like Rosi. Bottom line he was no worse than Seabs or DK tonight....who was on the ice when the Preds scored?
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    12 minutes ago More Underrated aspect of this deal: Johnny Oduya's playoff beard is always magnificent. #Blackhawks 13 replies86 retweets233 likes Reply 13 Retweet 86 Like 233
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    the boards are in complete disarray after the captains flukey 4 point night.
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    My guess is it would have worked out a lot better if he didn't contract MS. GO HAWKS!!!!!
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    I know I'm in the minority and it is what it is, but I think again that Marian Hossa's absence is proving how truly great he was.
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    Hey y'all, I'm back!!! It's been crazy busy for me this past little while, I'm in my senior year at Rockford University and preparing to start student teaching in January so I haven't had much time to come in and post. I have however been keeping up with the boys here, and I gotta say the team looks good so far, although the Kyle Baun trade has me completely heartbroken. I still don't understand why we would make a minor league deal to get a slightly older, lower production guy, I think we could've gotten a better return or we should've kept KB, after all he was on the final year of his contract - it makes no sense to me. I've got serious sour grapes over this one, he was my absolute favorite, and an amazingly hard worker. I had him pegged for the "C" in Rockford this year, up until the trade, he was just an all-around great guy. Alas, I digress... A few things, Jeff Glass's wife just had a baby, so that's why they've been carrying an extra goalie. Vinnie Hinostroza does not belong in Rockford at all, he is playing on an entirely different level than the rest of them, he's an NHLer through and through. I get that he's getting a LOT more playing time out here, but it's ridiculous to see him skating circles around everybody. I'm happy to have him, and he's not the type to have a stink about it, but he deserves a spot in the NHL. The new guy that has really impressed me so far is Alexandre Fortin - strong skater, good instincts, I like this one. In the future, I may give a few updates, but probably not with any regularity. If you guys want me to look out for anyone specific, just let me know. Princess
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    Old Man Crow is having a pretty good start Pat said 3 goals on 104 shots. Too bad he is in decline!
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    My hopes, thoughts and prayers are with you Eddie. I have been critical of you as a fan, but that part of me is insane. The part of me that counts is the one that dearly wants you to be better. I remember meeting you when your brother Ricky was graduating from Incarnation Catholic School in Palos Heights (8th Grade) with my sister in 1984. You had just been selected third overall by the Blackhawks. While our conversation was short, you seemed to me to be a very down-to-earth, humble guy. I wish you all the best.
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    crow's got a new mask. i like it. i like it a lot. big fan of the matte black.
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    Still don't know what I'm doing when inserting images (thumbnails?) but I was extremely fortunate to have been a guest in the sponsorship green room before the opening ceremony last night. While most attendees rushed to surround Kane and Sharp (Toews and Saad stayed outside the room in a back corridor), many ignored groupings of the young guys and prospects. As I was able to recognize most, I approached many to first take pictures with my nephew and then engage in some small talk and wish them luck in camp and the upcoming season. Most asked if I wanted a pic as well which was a nice bonus. As you can tell, I got a little silly at the end, especially with John Scott.....I had to lose my jersey as I was sweating like crazy but probably didn't need to show my ink. I do need some help with some of the names as there are a couple I'm unsure of. From left to right I believe I met Kero and Louis, Dauphin and two I'm unsure of (Hinostroza?), Connor Murphy (skinnier than I expected), Dcat(as small as I expected), Knott, and Baun, Forsling and Forsberg(?), and of course, Soupy and Scott.....all great guys and seemingly happy to talk with any brave enough to approach!
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    nice to see The Hockey News had chicago as one of 3 teams that were winners in the draft this year. http://www.thehockeynews.com/news/article/winners-and-losers-of-the-2017-nhl-draft As hosts, they had fun with the proceedings, but they also made some astute picks. Defensemen Henri Jokiharju and Ian Mitchell both bring a modern puckmoving game to the table, which will help replenish the Hawks once the Duncan Keith era comes to a close. In Tim Soderlund, they got a very skilled forward with a fourth-round pick.
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    people from other fan bases will never be aware of what nik hj meant to this team. this sort of thing is the bad part of cheering for any sports team. i will look what we got back soon enough i guess....but for now.....this just sucks.
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    Hawks rep would not let me use Hossa jersey on stage for official photo as it was a Reebok jersey and they were only allowing the professional photographer to take pics of people holding the new adidas ones.
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    I genuinely feel a love for the man. To me, he is the very definition of a hockey player and a very good, humble person. May God richly bless you Marian Hossa.
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    we*ve all seen it 1OO times. might as well make it 1O1. better days against the preds.
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    Hats off to Nashville for taking out the trash. Now if only the Sens can claw back and do the same.
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    Debrincat might not be ready. But he is certainly closer than any other prospect, and he should adapt fairly quickly. I would take the chance and park him on Kane's left side starting next year. My guess is that the team would not lose that much offence. Bowman could then trade Panarin for a hulking defenceman on a rookie contract with first pairing upside. The team is loaded with small skilled forwards. I can't see a future top six with Debrincat, Kane, Panarin and Schmaltz. One will need to go. The smart move is to trade Panarin right now.
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    Younger and cheaper, yes. Better? Well, that's just, like, your opinion, man.... I know many here wanted Crow to be the one to go, but I can't say I'm surprised that they kept the guy that's won two cups, the guy that should've been the Conn Smythe winner in 2013, the guy that probably finished second for it again in 2015, and the guy that was far and away their best player this past post season (not that that means a ton). Bowman just got a 3rd rounder for a guy that he signed as an undrafted free agent. A guy that put in work and was ready to take the next step and it likely wasn't gonna be in Chicago. I liked him and am sad to see him go, but it was a good move, imo.
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    Hmmmmm, how donthe Hawks get cap compliant? With all the bonus money, Panera, Campbell, Schmaltz etc. We need 5 million, not including Panera's raise. I have to think Panera skated his last time for the Hawks. The numbers just don't add up, at all. Something's gotta give, I want the best for The Darling. But I fear he's gonna be the real deal, and we missed out!!!
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    Congrats Hawks. This is your playoff video.
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    Plus the Hawks haven't lost this year when Tootoo scores, so there's that.
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    Ok here is the game day thread and it's the best I can do. If you wanted more or some razzle dazzle get a hold of some LSD.
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    At the start of the year, a full quarter of the roster had never played in the NHL. Several others had one year or less experience. The roster was filled with question marks, and many were writing the team off. This was supposed to be a "rebuilding year." Obviously, things have changed quickly. There have been many significant injuries, and yet the team has not missed a beat. It is again peaking at just the right time. With the addition of Johnny Oduya and the emergence of both Schmaltz and Panik, I see a genuine Stanley Cup Contender, a team with more depth now than at any time since 2013. I often question certain roster decisions made by this coach. I still worry about who he might dress on a given night in the playoffs. But I never doubt his overall value to the organization. He is the best teacher in the game. Quenneville deserves Coach of the Year without question. In all seriousness, who has done a better job this year?
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    This seems like something I would write. 1) Yes I feel this way almost every game. Even when they were winning to work their way into first place in the conference. It wasn't good hockey. 2) My piece of advice and something I've tried to do this year (yes, I know, I still go off the deep end sometimes though I think far less than I used to) is to lower expectations. My honest expectations was they'd miss the playoffs altogether. My goal/hope was they'd sneak in to keep the streak going. It looks like that will happen so even though I'd like a high seed I'll be happy if they get in and have a shot at the Cup. Because we know teams can get hot and win a Cup who may not be the absolute best for the 82-game season. And consider this: If they can get past the Wild, who in the west really scares you? Blues are down this year, Ducks/Sharks are OK but I don't get the sense they'd easily exterminate the Hawks. The east is really good... Columbus, Pittsburgh, Montreal, Rangers, Capitals but the Hawks only need to beat 1 if they make the Cup Final somehow. 3) "The end" is likely too strong. Because to me it implies a full rebuild like the Cubs did and White Sox are doing. I don't think they are there yet. I do, however, think Stan and company need to start making some tough choices and turning a core piece (or 2) into gold before he has to deal them for nothing due to cap issues. For instance, no waiting so long on Sharp and winding up with a pile of feces in return. This is sports and all players eventually reach a stage where they decline. We love these guys cause they're our heroes but if we care more about the logo on the front of the sweater than the name on the back, we need to be realistic (and so does Stan) and start to figure out who they can lose and who can bring back a nice haul of picks/prospects to help our remaining core make another run or 2. I am with you, Toews has been my favorite Hawk ever. But he needs to be better this seaosn and in future seasons for them to win again. I'd be very depressed/upset if Seabrook is dealt he's been a personal favorite and is the author of some of the most clutch goals we've ever seen but he might have to. We all need to accept that whether it's this summer or summer 2019 or summer after that, some of our heroes will be moving on.
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    How many times have the Hawks been tied after regulation, down 2 games to one, or tied 2 games to 2...etc.... And that big goal comes from big #7, either from a big slapper or a great pinch? We've all seen that many times. Big time players earn big time contracts,
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    Great game for kempney tonight.....put the puck on net and good things happens......still a fan......
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    Most positive Jimbo post ever!!!
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    This kid could have held anyone up for big money, any GM could have been staring at a nightmare. It 'aint about Stan this time. AP wants to play here . Good enough for me!