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    I think the reason Pat Foley isn't as focused is because he no longer is simulcast on radio. He knew he had to describe the action to those who either could not watch the game, or during many of his years when the home games weren't televised, had no other option but radio. I felt like when he came back he wasn't quite as focused, and I agree with others that he and Eddie together get too caught up in side talk that gets downright annoying at times. But I remember horrible announcers between Lloyd Pettit and Pat Foley. I've also heard other announcers around the league. We are very fortunate as Hawk fans to have a hall of fame announcer that has given us 30+ years of exciting play by play over the years. I for one hope he broadcasts Hawks games for as long as he chooses. As for another comment about Steve Konroyd, I agree. Pat gushes over Olczyk way too much and he also jumps on Steve when he doesn't agree with something he says, which he would never consider doing to Olczyk. I'm not big on Konroyd in the broadcast booth, he's much better suited in the studio. But Pat does need to show him some respect and remember Konroyd had a very nice career in the game and has knowledge that Pat should value.
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    he made a horrible play late there obviously. he might lose a lot of board battles but he doesn't give the puck away more than he steals it. his 78 takeaways is 3rd best in the league, and with 26 giveaways....there are still 8 players on this team with more.
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    Complaining about losses at this point is like the guy on the gallows who says hang me with an old rope.......the new one’s too itchy! GO HAWKS!!!!!
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    Claude Giroux is a 30yro center coming off a 14 goal,82 game season last year......he'll double that this year. Kopitar's also a 30yro center coming off a 12 goal,76 game season last year......he'll reach 30 this year. These are two of the game's best centers who have regained their form after seasons Toews would have been crucified for! Plenty of hockey left in our boys too! CLEAN HOUSE! GO HAWKS!!!!!
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    This is exactly right -- especially the last paragraph. If the right moves are made by the GM (and that's a big "if" at this point), then there really is no better coach behind the bench than Quenneville as far as available replacements go. Bowman's first real test as a GM (in terms of actually building a team; not keeping one/a core in tact), in my view, was last off-season -- and he failed miserably. The vets he brought in (with maybe the exception of Wingels) were worse than the vets he jettisoned and he relied too heavily on kids to round out the lineup again. And for all "play the kids" crowd who always complained that Q didn't play the kids enough over the years, this is what you get when you play the kids, just for future reference. That said, people act like it has to be one (Q) or the other (Bowman) as far as blame goes. I don't subscribe to that notion, necessarily. It's a failure from the top all way down to the players. For me, if change has to occur anywhere, it's with the players (personnel/depth) themselves. You can't have all these kids/inexperience NHL'ers (Rutta, Kampf) in the lineup and expect to ice a competitive team. You need depth in order to alleviate the pressure off of your rapidly aging core, and if the GM can't provide that (as he couldn't last year), he has to go.
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    i haven't read many posts in this thread this year but just want to weigh in with some thoughts. I don't want Q gone, I want Stan gone. A coach can only play the players he is given. He was given a roster lacking talent both offensively and defensively. A roster where the older, core players got real old real fast and their play diminished. A roster where the younger players were too young, inexperienced and small to contribute enough. A roster minus Marian Hossa, a future HOFer whose replacement Saad (brought in by Stan at the expense of the 2nd best offensive player on the team) struggled all season. A roster that lost its starting goalie 1/3 of the way through the season and didn't have a legitimate NHL backup. It is not Q's fault that all these factors occurred. He cannot take the ice for these guys and play for them or find some magical fountain of youth. Lots of speculation about him "losing the locker room" and the older guys "not listening anymore"... but we don't know this... we aren't in the locker room. Others say this team needs a "Fresh voice" and "new message" but from who? Who would be a replacement that makes sense? The only way I am OK parting with Q is if the direction is "total rebuild" and due to the contracts of the core I don't think that is possible. If the direction is to spend big in free agency, make a couple of impactful trades and try making another run or 2 over the next few years than I want Q behind the bench.
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    The nerve of this Martinsen kid flying around and hitting anything that moves... that breaks Blackhawks protocol and will obviously really piss off Stan Bowman
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    1) The draft consists of more than one round. 2) Bowman's draft team has been provided with many picks because of players traded away. The overall record is spotty. 3) Not one NHL calibre defenceman picked this decade. 4) No goalies. 5) No power forwards with the exception of Hayden.
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    Eff off with that light, I just had a seizure!!!
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    One thing Schmaltz needs to do is go back to Novice and realize that if there’s no one behind you....... YOU DO NOT MAKE A MOVE. You are the last line of defense!!!
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    Wow, that was an extremely stupid play by Schmaltz.
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    seriously? i might be a bit out of touch with such matters but i'd think closer to half of that. i like nik and i think he's got a future here, but if stan gives him 7-8 i'll fly to chicago and turf him from his office myself.
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    I find it hard to believe that Q forgot how to coach. The players he has aren’t for him and what he wants and or needs. What’s worse is eliminate Q all you want. Stan will hire a new coach and keep the same team. He’s said repeatedly that he likes this roster. Not just GM talk, he kept the same roster up till and after the trade deadline. The players have quit, they’re clearly upset with a rebuild scenario, and I bet none of them would’ve re-signed here had they known this. This is why Stan Bowman needs to go!!!
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    yes, that's respect.And Sedins are different kind than Burrows.
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    Now that's a lineup to strike fear in the opponent.
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    Go Hawks!!!! Your guys cannot out-tank MY guys!!! Regards and condolences. N.
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    Nuckluck Nuckluck ...Nu ... nah to early in the day for that guy to magically appear lol
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    I've been watching as many interviews, reading as many blogs, and observing as many opinions on the Quenneville situation as I possibly could the last few weeks. There are a lot of people on very opposite sides of the argument, and there have been great debates and points made by each side. At the end of the day, I conclude that Quenneville has to go, and I'm saying that as one of his biggest fans. Here's why: The message has gone stagnant Quenneville hasn't been as engaged and has been upset by the organization over the last year or so (see his absence from the 2017 Draft) Quenneville won't want to be part of a rebuild as he wants to win now Quenneville's role and influence on this team has peaked Nashville's 4 game sweep and utter domination of this team was a testament that the rest of the league knows exactly how to anticipate this decade old system I love Q and will always think of him as the best coach to ever stand behind the bench of a Blackhawks team. With that said, every coach has an expiration date. I look at the Pens of a few years ago, and I raise an eyebrow at how similarly they had declined (or appeared to have declined). They thrived under a new coach that breathed new life into the core. Same could be said for the Bruins. The only question is, who the heck can fill these large shoes? I love the idea of Trotz, but I'm almost certain he won't be available. The decision has to be made very carefully. We only get one chance to get it right before this core expires.
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    1st off, If you or anyone thinks the goaltending was weak in 2013 then they need to get a new prescription. 2nd, the 'hawks don't even have *a* stud on D right now...much less 4. The only way 6M in cap buys you 3-4 stud defensemen is time traveling back to the 1970s.
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    Dead on and something to add to this: One of the things bandied around here is that Keith was bad this year because, "He's covering for the rookies." The numbers prove otherwise: Keith is -22. Osterle is -10, Murph is -3, Dahlstrom, Forsling, and Seabrook are all -2, and Franson is -1. Combined that's -20 for every D-man in the negative (only Gus is even). Not all of them play with Keith night-in/night out, and you'd think if Keith was really carrying them, the numbers would line up better. His main partners would be even more negative than they are. Couple that with Keith having 22 even strength points (and 0 shorthanded points) which would ordinarily bring up his +/-, and it's painfully obvious there are a ton of goals scored when he's on the ice. That's gotta change.
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    You mean the guy who has never gotten past the 2nd round of the playoffs and has zero Cups to his name?
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    Honestly I care less about the points that he isn't putting up and more about the points that he is giving up to the opposition. Last season Keith was +22. This year he is -22 and there's still a few games yet to go. He's only had one other season where he ended with a minus (-1, 2011). We can talk about Toews and Crawford all we want, but the possession game starts in our defensive zone and as Keith goes, so does the team.
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    I would be very curious to see how Trotz would do here, especially if he brings Mitch Korn along for the ride. This takes nothing away from the incredible job that both Stephane and Jimmy Waite have done here (that one guy in between was meh though).
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    Last time we lost 40 games was 2006-2007 so its been awhile since people have been able to bug me about being a Hawks fan.Well a least a saw them win a cup or three.
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    I think your memory is fuzzy because at the time every post I read had Kane as their target although some felt he needed time in the A. Kane was the consensus #1 pick on TSN and Sportsnet. as well as on numerous scouting reports. Johnathan Toews was on the team radar since he was fifteen and the Blackhawks were ecstatic when Toews dropped to #3. A dream come true. Toews and Kane were no brainers. Kessel was the Pillsbury doughboy with an allergy to offseason workouts. With Kessel we would not have even gotten a whiff of one let alone three cups.
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    the beauty (for me at least) of your team sucking after winning 3 cups is that it's just a lot easier to shrug and laugh after a goal. we'll be better. hopefully sooner than later.
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    The Hawks are in need of a little more this if they want another one of these...Shaw's face says it all.
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    You're kidding, right? And it's Bowman preference to scour the Euro leagues because the "talent" is cheaper there.
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    Good points...but at the time I believe the thought there was that there was still a legit chance to keep the window open to win some more cups. As I posted, IMO, he was the most expendable, smaller, weaker, perimeter player that it was going to take to move BB. We'd have Kane, Schmaltz, D-cat, Hino and TT in the top 9...along with others like Sharp, etc. (most likely). That's a lot of the same.
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    who the hell was it that wanted o/t in this game, anyways?? idiot.
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    I know he's not the future but i'd like to see Jeff Glass again . At least he's got fight in his game
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    Darn. Thought that a game link.
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    GO HAWKS GO! Don't know what were getting tonight but will keep on cheering.
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    So these are our odds for getting Dahlin or a top 3 pick. Could change. Edmonton's win tonight puts them just 1 point behind. We need to try harder. http://www.msn.com/en-ca/sports/nhl/nhl-draft-2018-tracking-each-teams-lottery-odds-in-race-for-rasmus-dahlin/ar-BBKlx3k?li=AA54y7&ocid=ientp
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    I know, but it's so funny to read.
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    we've got games in hand on every team.
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    Jurco is as Czech as Galaxytrash is American
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    The post you reference was from 2011. At the time, every one of the key building blocks for this team was already in place. Most of the pieces especially on the back end had been assembled by Mike Smith and Bob Pulford (with help from Rick Dudley and Marshall Johnson) Tallon's predecessors never got the credit they deserved for taking the heat and allowing the team to tank in order to build cash reserves and assets for the future. They had a smart plan in place, and they followed it through (while making some mistakes along the way). To his credit, Tallon drafted a couple of key pieces (Toews and Kane) and traded for Ladd and Versteeg. He also way overspent in the UFA market and squandered most of the excess cap space he had. Largely, Tallon like Bowman built his reputation by being in the right place at the right time (similar to a political leader who happens to be power during an economic boom). It takes an ocean freighter a long time to turn around. Looking back now in hindsight, I credit Tallon for bringing in some veteran help to create a winning atmosphere. The players certainly liked and respected him and effectively developed under his watch. The "mess" was largely the excessive Brian Campbell contract, which at the time forced out guys like Ladd and my personal favorite, Dustin Byfuglien. The one guy who really is not given much credit here but really should be is Trent Yawney, who coached most of the star players first in the minor pros and later in the NHL. Defence wins championships, and Yawney developed most of the key guys.
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    It’s not a physically debilitating injury. He’s dizzy, can’t perform under those conditions. I feel he’ll make it back, and I really don’t think his age or anyone else’s age on the Hawks is that big of a deal. Since when did 30 become so horrible? I could name many and I mean many hockey players that played better into their 30s!!!
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    He did neither well this year, when it mattered. His last 6 points have come in games that meant nothing. And the rift that's supposedly going on in this current locker room between young players siding with Bowman and veterans siding with Q, if true, says how far his "leadership" got you this year. Let him walk -- he's not the only veteran that will be available for cheap in the off-season. It's time for a new direction and for Bowman to prove he's actually capable of signing players who aren't retreads for cheap.
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    The Camel Clutch was the Iron Sheik. Either way let it rip...IMHO
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    Having listened to many, and remembering the time when he was not with the team because he spoke the truth about the way they were flailing about, I will take him over any other broadcaster in the league. He is not a homer, he calls it as it lays, he is loyal as hell, a good Chicago boy, and he bleeds for and with the team...I hope he stays until he decides it is time to step down. And then there was this...
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    If it were up to me, Joel and his assistants would have gotten the axe after last year's playoff debacle, and Stan would have been placed on notice to find a way to unload the Toews contract or else.