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    That's cute until the playoffs roll around. I think, even in today's NHL, you need a mix of skill and "grit," for lack of a better word. By "grit," I don't mean 4th liners who can check, but guys who can win battles and are willing to pay the price, be it in the crease, on the PK, etc.
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    I'll say it because a man should admit when he's wrong: I was ecstatic to get Saad back...I was disappointed in Panarin's playoff performance, and figured the Hawks couldn't afford to resign him anyway...I couldn't have been more wrong...I don't hate him, but it sure looks like he owes his career to Marian Hossa...he's a $600,000 player making $6,000,000.
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    Saad is possibly a scratch for Thursday's game. If things don't improve with him, this goes down as one of the top 10 worst trades in Blackhawks history.
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    I am aware of what we got in exchange for these players. My statement was each of these players, while they were a member of the Chicago Blackhawks, were better options than what Q chose to put on the ice. And who said anything about Hino or Arizona winning the cup? I sure didn't. Q doesn't ice the best players available to him and it's something he had demonstrated many times during his tenure here. In fact some times the lineup decisions are downright stupid. Remember when he almost cost us the playoffs because of his decision to bench Vermette and Teravainen so he could insert Nordstrom and Versteeg? Remember when he did the same the year before with Bollig? Hinostroza should have started last season here instead of in Rockford. He made an immediate impact when he came up as well. I am not saying he would have saved us from ourselves and I am not making him out to be our savior by any stretch of the imagination. He just happened to be a better option at forward than say Kampf, Bouma, Jurco, etc. So why send him to Rockford in the first place? Same with Kempny. He sat in the pressbox while Osterle was busy serving up turnovers with Keith, but he is much more 'serviceable' than Osterle and Franson (as evidenced by Washington playing him). In fact the rare times Seabrook looked didn't look like a dumpster fire last year was when Kempny was paired with him. So why sit him? Kempny referred to his trade out of Chicago as his salvation for good reason! Daley was better than what he got dealt here as well.
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    I saw that. Now Schmaltz won't want to go into that corner either.
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    I can't see Saad being dealt for anyone valuable at this point. Making too much for shrinking returns. I'd hoped the off-season would be a refreshing reboot for him but it sure doesn't look like it.
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    I honestly don't miss him at all. I'd make that trade 2 times over if it meant moving a bad contract like Bickell's. Some guys just need a change of scenery, and TT was one of them. His game never improved while he was here -- you can't just keep players that have stalled for years forever and you can't stack a lineup of lilliputian perimeter players, which was all TT was when he was here.
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    ya know, heres a crazy thought/observation i remember the first few games last season, Saad was on fire, had like 5 goals in the first week or something then i also remember he got lit up in front of the net a few times, may have even banged his head on the crossbar after a brutal cross check that of course was not called.. didnt seem to be the same player from there on out IMO. did he decide he wasnt going to get killed, or end up with a head injury, thinking of his future, etc.?? just a thought i had late last year, because he was a beast before that, seemed he was more timid, stopped going to the net as much after these events.... hmmmmmm
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    Wow, how time flies. I remember the uproar (at the time) was as bad as when the Hawks replaced Havlat with Hossa.....I'd say both moves worked out pretty damn well, to say the least.
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    I find it funny when people still talk about Teuvo. Guy was and still is nothing special ("the Next Kane" -- eye roll).
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    I'm good with a 165lb,tough little dude who scores in bunches,I'm good with an average sized winger that's fast as hell and I'm good with a 175lb rook holdin' his own on the top line too but there comes a point where I wonder just how many more small framed players the team can absorb. This has nothing to do with hitting and fighting,it has everything to do with winning board battles and holding a position in front vs adding another perimeter player. Dylan Sikura is a 23yro who's been a sub 160lb player his whole life,adding 8-10lbs at this point can have a negative effect on his speed and quickness without which he has zero chance. Patrick Kane is the 2nd biggest player on the #1 unit @177lbs which means JT has to win the FO,win the puck battles behind the net,score goals and now provide net-front presence too...…...how long does he last like that? The best net-front players the team had on the PP were all wingers(Buff,Bicks and Shaw) and the best in the league now are all wingers(JvR,Maroon and Williams) it's a dam shame that a guy like Sadd who has the body to go where he can get his game goin' again seems to see it as just something else he has little interest in...…..I don't get it! The Caps run the 1-3-1 too yet they often have TWO players in front.....I don't get that either unless the four perimeter players out there with JT aren't cut out for it. GO HAWKS!!!!!
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    His entry point is when he gives a rip about the present and starts playing like a $6M player. I think if you're Q, you bench him and send that message and evaluate how he handles it in practice. A disinterested and pouting Saad does not make this team any more difficult to play against. We know what kind of player Saad can be when motivated, and that player does make this team better. Too bad we didn't get him back from Columbus. Maybe Tortorella was on to something with him...
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    I'll back the coach here because the player's looked disinterested but more than a game to send a message makes little sense right now. A fourth line is better with Saad on it unless winning is no longer important to a 1st place team,you're payin' him.....let him toil on the fourth line. A prolonged benching hurts his trade value. You don't have eight better wingers. Raise your hand if you think a fourth with Luke Johnson gives the team a better chance at MUCH needed secondary scoring. GO HAWKS!!!!!
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    I'm with Bob on this one. I think Hayden is a lot better than Q is allowing him to be. Q has a history of doghousing decent players. Just ask Hinostroza, Kempny and Daley.
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    Ward either has to let Manning play that puck or ring it around,I think we all woulda settled for an icing there. Another nice game for the veteran though. Schmaltz had a few more nice passes,a few more TKA's and was better at the dot but he has to body the D-man just a bit there but goes he for the poke-check and slashes him and doesn't bother gettin' back on the delayed call. An ill advised pass through three defenders killed a real nice cycle and he still bails. He might have heard footsteps(is that possible on skates)on that breakaway too, AA's still a better alternative IMO! AA does a lotta good things out there and a PP goal was MUCH needed,Kunitz looked to have more pep in his step and Hayden worked hard to keep pucks alive and had a crossbar in his 9 minutes. Fortin certainly has the wheels and woulda broke his cherry if Allen didn't rob him a few times. I thought Kahun had a few of his most dominant shifts so far and an apple,I thought JT deserved one on Kane's goal too. Eight outta ten is eight outta ten,yeah there's some stuff to work on but screw playin' good and losin'! GO HAWKS!!!!!
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    He should sit for 3 games for not clearing the zone on the penalty kill on the Blues third goal.
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    I also have to say that Fortin's audition on Kane's line warrants another game. Didn't look overwhelmed at all. No problem going into the blue either. Kid wants to stay.
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    That was one of the reasons he fell to the 2nd round, he was inconsistent and lazy. He fooled us for a while till he got his millions.
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    WBBM radio(you know you're gettin' old when you listen to news radio!LOL) just reported he's in for Thursday. GO HAWKS!!!!!
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    If this is the case then Toews,Kane and D-Cat would be having great seasons in vain and that's a massive waste IMO. It'll be hard for theses three to carry the entire offense but if they can continue to do so and if 2&7 settle in after Murph returns and if CC comes back near 100% all to no avail,it'll indeed be a squandered year......maybe the one after that too. We'll have to see if the Sharks are misguided in gettin' Karlsson and if the Kings are the same for signing Kovalchuk this summer but do the Pens win their last two if they don't bring in Kessel to support their great forwards. Do the pens get those cups if they added four pure rookies instead of Phil? Nobody wants all the kids to work more than I do and nobody knows what the future holds but I do know what the past held before the arrival of the greatest group of Blackhawks ever. I was able to get game day tickets and move right down to the 1st row up in the 300lvl due to the sparseness of the crowd and that was eleven short years ago...….I don't want to sit in the front row again! It's great to see a few young forwards getting the opportunity of a lifetime and they better dam well take advantage of it! GO HAWKS!!!!!
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    Dcat scores with under a minute left in OT....HAWKS WIN
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    Talking about putting the puck in the net. If it weren't for the 5 Kane, 5 Toews, and 5 Debrincat goals the Hawks leading goal scorer would have 1 goal.
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