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    Thank you, Marian Hossa. You are a class act and world class player. Always.
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    The Blackhawks have released the following statement on Hossa: "Today is another example of the leadership Marian has displayed as a member of the Chicago Blackhawks organization. When we approached him to discuss the idea of him waiving his no-move clause to allow us to make this move, it became clear this was a difficult thing for him to consider. After the success he has had in a Blackhawks jersey, the friends he has made throughout the organization and the fact his heart will always be in Chicago, the thought of disassociating in any way from the team he has come to love was not something he really wanted to give any thought to at all. But, as the consummate team player, he did what he has always done. He did what the team needed him to do in order to succeed. Marian's long-term contributions to the club will never be forgotten. His performance as a player was always appreciated, but, it is his special qualities as a teammate, a leader and a person, that will more than anything leave its mark on all of us who have come to love and respect the very humble way he goes about everything he does. He has shown us all the impact we can have on others if we conduct ourselves with character, integrity and utmost respect for all we come in contact with. We have had the pleasure of watching him hoist three Stanley Cups with our team and he will forever be connected to the Blackhawks. On behalf of the entire organization, we would like to thank Marian-a world-class player-for all he has done for the Chicago Blackhawks."
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    Kruger is a defensive specialist, not a Hart Trophy candidate. He's not here to put up points. He's going to spend 3/4 of his ice time starting in the defensive zone and flipping the ice. If he puts up 15 points while doing that, I'm happy with it. He's going to take the tough matchups and minutes that honestly AA, Schmaltz and Kampf aren't really suited to or capable of handling yet. The only other center that can is JT and I'd rather him play more in the offensive zone instead of as a shutdown C. That will pay dividends.
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    Unless Schmaltz becomes a bona fide, by-anyone's definition, two-way player, I'd go berserk if he gets $7 million per.
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    dude.... Kruger will be, at best, our 4th line center. for one season (unless he does well and takes a cheap deal to stay in Chicago). Hinny and Oesterle were redundant. and neither was some great player either. but the main thing we got from this trade was cap space and the ability to add players to help us compete this coming season. that is what we traded for, not Kruger or the prospects.
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    Go back and read some posts, we make some valid reasons why this trade was a good one, step down from the ledge 😂
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    oesterle's stock has sure risen the last day or so.
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    Hossa memories for me were his first game in San Jose scoring 2 goals, including I believe a shorty, his game five 1st round playoff game vs Nashville, first getting the 5 minute major that appeared to give Nashville the win, until the perfect centering pass from Martin Erat, who rather then wrap it around the boards puts it out in front and the Hawks were off to the races and tied the game with 13 seconds left in the 3rd. Then the 4 minutes of shorthanded play before Hossa could step back on the ice, Brent Sopel circling the Nashville zone and centering the puck to the oncoming Hossa, who scores the game winner in one of the greatest comeback games I've ever seen.Then watching Toews search him out to hand him the cup first after failing to achieve the ultimate goal with Pittsburgh or Detroit. And after that season, as a member of the Standby club, I win an autographed Hossa jersey that I have only worn once, the game after Phoenix goon Torres knocked Hossa out of the playoffs and I wore Hossa's jersey in honor of what he had accomplished to that point with the Hawks. Had a chance to talk with him at one of the STH parties and was such a genuinely nice man. He was sorely missed last year, and will be missed for quite some time. Not sure the NHL will see the likes of a Marian Hossa again, he was something special and we as Hawks fans had the fortune to see him perform his magic game in and game out from 2009 thru 2017. His number should immediately be raised to the rafters, no one should ever wear #81 again!
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    here here! looking forward to the day (in about 3 years) when we can give Hoss a proper send off at the UC....
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    This is one of Bowman's best moves as general manager. Hinostroza is a spare part here, more than adequately replaced by Dylan Sikura. Oesterle is not an NHL player. The return is a quality prospect and cap space. If Kruger if healthy and can fill in as a checker, this trade looks even better. I did not believe it would be possible to move out the Hossa contract this summer. Congratulations to the general manager for doing the right thing here.
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    This statement is spot on. Hossa is and was a class act. He's done everything this organization has asked him to do, and that includes going along with the "gunk" injury. Very few players actually put "team" before themselves, but Hossa was the exception.
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    to say an undrafted european could be a 3rd line center in his 2nd year in north america isn't exactly selling him short imho.
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    Yeah, that's my night job. Nice over-reaction HIM. Simply was answering the guy's question. How about we calm down a bit.
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    People talk about Kruger like he hasn’t been around here before. He is a solid 4th line centermen that takes the pressure of our first line centermen. Kruger was a huge part of 2 championships in Chicago and played his arse of, he is trustworthy on the PK, he can take some crucial draws and he is sound defensively and with Kunitz in the mix our bottom six already looks better and more dependable than years past.
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    I know right? Now we're in the twilight zone, without size to complain about what ever will we do? Hinstroza was never going to be a player that put us over the top, especially with Q coaching. And Osterle was a dime-a-dozen defenseman in today's NHL and was also never going to be a game breaker for us. If they were casualties for Hossa's contract then so be it. We needed the cap flexibility more than those two, and honestly I think we needed a defensive center more than Hino. I'm sure this goes against all logic here anyways, but I think having a center other than Toews that can take difficult matchups and flip the ice is going to have a much greater impact than Hino as a bumslayer.
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    If the Hawks got back decent compensation for Buff, Bolland, Sharp, Versteeg, Saad, Shaw etc, we wouldn’t be having this conversation. Draft picks were wasted and everything you described happened for these reasons. Inexperience has wrestled this team to the mat. I sure hope he learned from this, cuz wasting the last 4-5 decent years of the core guys is not realistic at this point!!!
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    The main reason the core is beaten down is due to being heavily relied on during the playoffs. I know many overblow the acquisition of Vermette as this amazing deal. We gave up a lot for a guy that easily could a been done by someone else and probably better. We won due to the core group, mainly Keith that year. Take him out and we lose 100 times out of 100, the acquisition of Timonen actually hurt the teams chances. When also old Roszival went down, we were forced to play him, and who gives up a 2nd and 3rd round pick for a 39 year old that didn’t play all year due to blood clots? Moves like this have over exerted the core and they are burnt out. They’re bodies have faced the slayer and hopefully they can rebound. In 2013 I’ll give him Oduya, that’s his best trade to date, isn’t that kinda sad considering the talent he’s sent packing? Ladd, Buff, Versteeg, Campbell, Sharp etc, and we got nothing at all to show for those guys. I could go on forever, the proof is in the pudding, we all see it, but some choose to ignore it. Bob, what you’ve seen over the last year is what I’ve seen over the last decade. It was just covered up by the core group over exerting themselves, now we have the fallout and no one likes it and wants to blame Stan now, that’s not the case. Bowman cannot be blamed for the past couple years, the blame should lay in the 5-6 years before it. Now he’s in scramble mode to try and get younger and more cost controlled, while still trying to compete, a tough task but it needs to be done, but should of been done after 2016 season!!!
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    Oesterle is 26 and just made the NHL, he had some ok games but he's small and sucks in his own end, Hino is a good little player but in the long run Entwhistle could be a great acquisition and he provides something the Hawks lack, size and a strong work ethic. Players like Johnson and Sikura can replace Hino and probably made him expendable.
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    well, in one fell swoop...stan just acquired 3 canadian players all over 6 feet tall, so there's definitely somthing weird going on.
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    Well, I wasn't directing that at you...but, I read some of them. Just wait, too. How is this not a great move? Gave up Hino (a player most posters criticized for being too small and a perimeter player) and 82 (a player mostly ripped by posters for being afraid of his own shadow in contact). They MOVED Hossa's contract for them...and, they got some prospects with SIZE. Sikura will take Hino's spot on the wing. No big loss, IMO. Complainers gonna complain. Haters gonna hate. But, it looks soo foolish at times.
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    well, a little late to the game here but... I am a big big fan of this trade. imo it is a huge win for us. we didn't have to give up a 1st or 2nd rounder to move his deal. instead, we gave up a type of player we had a surplus of and a bottom pairing dman, which we also had a surplus of. we get back cap space, which is more valuable than any of the players moved (besides 81, of course). we also get back a 4th line pking center on an expiring deal and a couple prospects with some size, the main one being only 18. seems like a fair amount of folks here don't like the move, but imo, we just took Arizona to the woodshed...
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    Does that really surprise you? I did like Hino but Osterle was the definition of "just a guy". Neither would save the franchise, especially in Hino's case where "someone in the organization" decided to have him kick around in Rockford instead of playing with the big club half the season. Kruger will allow Toews to get better matchups. I don't even care if he scores a single point, I want him flipping the ice so Toews doesn't have to.
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    Here we go. This stuff just gets too funny. 6 hours ago they were too small, too soft, not top end players...AHL bums to most!
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    MERP I now have you on record Oesterle one of there best young Dmen at 26.
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    kempney's turn with the cup. if i had it for a day, i think i'd just sit and stare at it. such a beautiful bit of hardware.
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    very sad... I always liked Razor even before he was a Blackhawk and then he was sensational and a big part of bringing home the 2013 Cup that performance against the Flames was certainly memorable I'll also never forget a game where the Blues were being their typical dirty/cheap shot selves and Emery, from the bench, got into a war of words with Barret Jackman and you could see mouth to him a challenge to meet him in the hallway between periods... and as he was mouthing it he was "flexing" his fist....
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    i believe it was this game. hawks were outshot 47-19. hawks were playing their 3rd in 4 nights and it showed in their play. i guess the importance was that there'd have been no 24 game point streak if he wasn't fantastic that night. (it was the 9th game) edit: boy that was a fun season.
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    This team played with fire every postseason. Sometimes, it worked out. Other times it did not. We quickly forget how close the Hawks came to losing in 2010 to Nashville in round one (and likely would have if not for a late third period short-handed goal by Kane). The 2013 cup run could have ended in disaster - with a bad bounce - in Detroit. There were moments when it did not look good in 2015 as well. The three disappointments (in 2011 against Vancouver, in 2014 against LA and in 2016 against St. Louis) were all winnable series - each decided by a single goal in game seven. I believe mistakes were made by both the general manager and coach which contributed to these losses. I also recognize and respect the role Quenneville especially but also Bowman played in surrounding the star players with enough talent to be competitive for most of this decade. But let's be clear here - The Hawks in 2009 had by far the most talented core assembled for more than a generation. This team was loaded, not only with star players, but prospects and excess draft picks as well. There was no team better positioned to succeed. The core players won these cups. The general manager and coaches were largely along for the ride. With a little luck, this team could have won five or six cups. In fairness, they also could have not won any.
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    I think we keep AA for now and only trade him if it actually makes the club better. I don't think we need to move his salary to take on the hit for the 2nd pairing defenseman that we need or anything and he's a better center than Kampf and Ejdsell at this point in their careers. Having Toews - Schmaltz - AA - Kruger down the middle is actually pretty good. Kruger gets the shutdown assignments that nobody but Toews could handle the last couple of seasons, AA leads the bumslaying line, Schmaltz on the party line and Toews on the "we can't finish, but we can hold onto the puck as long as we want" line I don't think Kampf is ready to be that dungeon-starting defensive center that Kruger is yet. I think he either moves to wing so he can learn from Kruger or he ends up logging minutes in Rockford to develop and gets called up if someone gets injured (or he makes a compelling case). I think Kampf has a role to play I just don't think he's there yet. I wouldn't pencil Ejdsell in for a roster spot yet either. He's played all of six NHL games and less than 20 in Rockford. He may end up making AA redundant in the future, but he also is not there yet and had some ways to go.
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    Well, as posted somewhere else, that had 2, 2 goal leads versus the Kings and blew it, that has nothing to do with the general manager, that had everything to do with bad coaching decisions, there was the third cup. Hawks would of crushed the Rangers, but who says they beat Tampa the following year. The Hawks were wounded warriors versus Tampa, that series was all Keith and Vermette with his game winners that saved Chicago that year, and of course the stellar play of CC.
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    And how many cups has Calgary won. No one was doing Stan any favours. Every general manager in the league were lining up like vultures to take advantage of the situation Hawks management put themselves in. The team was the cream of the crop, Gms backed Stan into the corner and he took we he could get. The reality of things is T, even after he lost Buff, Brouwer and Versteeg the Hawks still went on to win cups. Hindsight is 20/20. You can argue until the cows come home, but no one knows if Stan maybe made different trades things would be different, you don’t even know if the Hawks would go on to win 2 more cups after those trades. I think you need to get over the fact of what happened in years past are the reason why the Hawks are struggling now. Stan has a made a number of brutal calls, but like or not, the team won 3 Stanley cups when his ass was backed against the wall in salary cap hell, he deserves credit for that.
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    Well Dahlstrom still has a chance for the Bolland trade to be a good one and they got Debrincat from the Shaw trade but I agree, way to many trades were one sided and the Hawks gave up a lot since 2010. All we can do is hope he learned from his mistakes. And hawkinmontreal the cap problem wasn't all Dales fault, Stan never submitted some contracts in time so the Hawks had to over pay a bunch of guys and Tallon took the fall for it, plus Toews winning the Conn Smythe in his final year of his ELC gave him a bonus of a few mill that carried over to 2011. And in 2014 game 7 when the Hawks were up 2-0 Carter scored but he was way offside and scored with a high stick and their 3rd goal Gaborik was offside, it shouldn't have went to OT and of course after that they made offsides reviewable. Kings cheated to win and got a lucky goal in OT.
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    Things have looked bad around here for over a year puck and blaming the people in charge comes with the highly paid territory. I haven't liked the direction myself and said so but I also said I'm more objective than supportive during the summer(especially this one) and being objective still goes both ways for me. Just because I haven't been happy with some things I've seen lately doesn't mean I'll be unhappy with everything I'm gonna see. Speaking of happy...…..I tap the bumper of the car in front of me at a light the other day and a little dude about 41/2 feet tall jumps out(possible Hawk prospect?LOL!) and he says "I'm not happy"...…..I said "then which one are you".LOL! GO HAWKS!!!!!
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    Exactly right. To get a good player(s) Stan had to get more cap space. I highly doubt Stan called up Arizona and asked what it would take to get Kruger; and I also highly doubt Arizona said they would have to get Vinnie Hinostroza and Hossa's contract.
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    if that doesn't give your goosebumps goosebumps...you've got something wrong with your goosebumps.
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    I agree OTH,D-Cat's just a whelp and he potted more goals on a team that was basically collapsing around him while the Breadman was on a pretty solid PO team. Panarin looked good in the 1st two Caps games until Trotz came to his senses and started Holtby………..the rest was history,for the Breadman and the rest of the Jackets. At his age,D-Cat could still top out @ 180lbs and he's a stout kid for his size as it is. He skated all 82 and he dusts himself off and gets right back in there after a big hit,this kid really hasn't even grown up or learned the game completely yet. If he's EVER on a line with a real power forward,I think we'd see a shitton of goals! GO HAWKS!!!!!
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    I am looking for a lineup that complements all the parts. Having a few smaller guys is not the end of the world, but having a little size and beef to go with it, goes a long way. I am certainly not advocating having a lineup full of Big Buffs, but having some meat potatoes and players who could dig in the corners and win some puck battles something we haven’t seen much of the last 2 seasons.
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    There's no way I'd trade DCat for Panarin, Alex made the NHL as a 19yr old and led the team in goals, Panarin didn't make the NHL till he was in his mid 20's and despite being taller they weigh the same. Alex also plays a solid 2way, goes to the dirty areas, and he's solid for his height and could add another 10-15lbs whereas Pan is skinny and still only 170. I like Skinner but I agree, if they trade Schmaltz I'd want Rask instead.
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    Hey T, Patches coming to Chicago is very doable, from what I hear the asking price is AA and a prospect. The situation with Patches is volatile in Montreal right now. The main issue is Patches wants 7x7 and that may be the problem. But yes he has zero miles on him and with a proper centermen can easily reach the 40 goal plateau again. He is a good player, I have seen a lot of him, good size, drives the net, excellent shot could really help the Hawks. I am not in on skinner, as we already have that type of player, but Patches I am into bringing him onboard. Yes this team is still ways a way from cup contenders, but more of Patches and less of Hinostroza is the right step forward.
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    I'm not saying Jordan and Vinnie were bad, I actually had high hopes for Vinnie this season, but at the end of the day Hossa's (at the time legal) cap-circumventing contract allowed this team the flexibility of adding an additional roster player on top of a superstar 2-way talent which yielded 3 SC championships. If losing a couple of fringe players is the price of signing that contract, I'd say it was well worth it.
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    For as long as he has been GM, and for as many moves he has made, if this is one of his best then it is a fairly accurate reflection on how poor of a GM he has been 😂😂 The move itself is fine I guess, but far from anything great. For now it’s a salary dump and nothing more. He got rid of a contract to Arizona, and got rid of a couple useless players he was responsible for brining in in the first place. Wouldn’t be surprised at all if Kruger has nothing left in the tank and the 18 year doesn’t pan out (what a shocker that would be). But yeah, one of his best moves for sure 😂😂 Lets see how he screws up having cap space now 😜
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    Hossa, Kane, StanB, Konroyd, Foley and Murray talk about that special moment in 2010.
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    Arizona's next trade should be to another city altogether.
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    Yes, OTH. I'd say great trade. Rumor was a 1st to move Hossa's contract. It gets moved for players that posters lit up and now it's a terrible move by SB. Posters wanted size in the system...well here you go! Not directed at you...you've recognized it. Some of the posts in this thread are case AND point from the haters. This domino is going to make at least one more fall...if not more.
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    Who are these two above average players you speak of? Oesterle didn't make the NHL till he was 25 and he's below average in size and defensive skill, I like Hino but he's small and can be replaced. Hawks get a reliable 4th line center, big 18yr old powerforward, 23yr old powerforward center, big dman for depth in Rockford and moved Hossas contract, it's a good trade.
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    No, it's not that unusual...to the first bolded. However, did that same fan-base give any credit to the GM when they were winning 3 Cups in 6 years? No. Still don't today. To the second bolded...IMO, one of the biggest strengths of the "org" is also one of it's biggest weaknesses at times as well. Loyalty. Sometimes to a fault. There are plenty of examples.
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    not saying i agree or disagree. just saying it made me chuckle. anyways....a tulip's better than a pansy i suppose.
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    Yeah I saw that about Nashville too. And honestly I would guess that before the offer was sent out that he accepted, Bowman probably said to Q "this is what it's going to take, and it may prevent us from getting x y or z". I just don't believe they are working separately at this point since the noose is essentially around both of them. I think Manning will be interesting here. My frosted side wonders how many games it's going to take for Q to castrate his grit and physical game and turn him into a stick waiving tulip.
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    Some would say that's when the Hawks rebuild comes to fruition!