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    We had a horrible tragedy here in Windsor. Last year in November, an old buddy died in a work related accident. He left behind a wife and 2 young sons of 10-12. On December 1, his wife passed away from breast cancer. Rob was a coach in my old stomping ground and Q.knew them too. They were good Riverside folk. Tonight Ron McLean had a nice tribute to them on Hometown Hockey. Robs brother is now raising the kids, but I feel soooo bad for them. But it was very classy of Sportsnet and McLean to do a nice 3-4 min segment on them!!!
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    I feel like the defense is getting better every game. Without looking at stats lately, it seems like they are in position more often than not and are not leaving Crawford hanging out to dry. More aggressive on the boards as well. Am I crazy here?
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    Sure thing Madrose, hope you feel better
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    Well they won handily, so now you can thank me Anyways, fantastic win against a high quality opponent on away ice. I've been hard on Schmaltz, but he played like he was at the very beginning of the year; used his speed effectively and was fearless. Kempny with a nice game also: blast from the boards, wasn't very noticeable (in a good way). The one big difference to me in this game, was that our D was actually able to get shots through from the point on multiple occasions; a couple of which (Keith's, Murphy's) led to goals. Great seeing Hayden get some PK time as well; if he can become a bonafide option there with Wingels and Bouma, that would be a tremendous asset for Toews and Saad, as far as freshness goes. Crawford continues his stellar play. The only things that were really missing were a first line/Toews goal (would have been nice in his hometown) and a PP goal, although I thought the PP looked much better last night than it has in a while.
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    I think that has to do with less ice time and Rutta playing against the opposition best players now. Seabs is still very effective, just not the same player he once was, he is best suited on the second or third pairing right now.
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    I just know that I'm glad the Hawks didn't send Dcat down to Rockford, as was suggested on these boards a few weeks ago. The kid is a natural scorer and getting better all the time in other areas (heck, he's only 19 years old!).
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    I remember Keith being so bad defensively when he first came up several were ready to convert him into a forward. But Forsling’s improvement overall this year has been a godsend, just last night was noticeably quite a bit off. I also think Murphy is quietly starting to put together an effective season now that all the defense men are being slotted correctly. But for a team that had a lot of offence driven from the blue line our defense is sadly lacking in that now. Keith, goalless this year, is our top scoring guy being tied for 41st in dman scoring. That ain’t going to cut it. A more effective PP would help and this is where I think the transition from Keith to Forsling should be starting to happen.
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    I’m not against anyone being critical, I’m against people just saying, “this team sucks” and offer nothing to a conversation, or try and call someone out for their opinions, yet offer zero insight to the game. Calling people out is fine, I get it daily, but at least offer something in return, like you, or Puck, or MVR, GT, MJ, Gig, HiM, Old Time, etc etc, I get called out all the time by you guys, and it really does help keep you honest!!!
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    I think SB signs Rutta 5 years for 20 million. Big physical defencemen, has shown he can handle the oppositions best talent, regardless of what’s in the system Rutta is needed and will only get better. With Seabs on the decline and Keith slowing down, the Hawks need to think replacements and Rutta and Forsling will be the first 2 that stay on board.
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    this is a real black stain on hockey that they need to make a real effort to do more about. i saw this the other day. just another sad story about former nhl enforcers to add to the pile.... http://longform.tsn.ca/searching-for-matt-johnson
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    Good job Granny. Thanks a bunch.
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    Thank you, Granada, for starting the GDT! Sorry, I was so sick yesterday I couldn't do anything. Woot for the win! That was a slick goal from Shmaltz to Kane!
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    Wow...Where's Mr. Puzzo when you need him?
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    every hawk was on the plus side except for hayden whose +/- was 0. kempny led the team with +3. good for him! edit: hayden did lead the team in recorded hits though with 2. in second place was the rest of the team at 0.
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    pretty amazing. it's almost like kane was expecting it. boy they looked good together tonight.
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    Jets, Schets, what the hell is so good about them when they face a Hawk team that is motivated and plays hard. Hard to figure out this Hawk team. I thought they looked like crap against the Sabres/Yotes/Panthers. Tonight, they looked great. Top notch effort and great defense----too bad Crow lost his shutout. How can they go from crap play to looking like world beaters? I don't get it, but it was certainly enjoyable. The Jets ain't got nothing on these guys. On to the Wild with Dubnyk out. Could be a five game win streak. Congrats to them for a great game and superb effort.
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    Wild won again against the Leafs... Hawks gotta keep winning... catch up wil;l off of ya on Sunday! Good Night!
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    This was the best game they played for all 60 minutes since the 1st game of the season. Very impressive team effort. Lots of good stuff.
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    John W. is saying that the refs just homered Sharp on that breakaway.
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    That and if they start beating the Central opponents look out below!
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    Best 20 minutes the hawks have played all season? The territorial play was amazing especially in the middle of the ice and the Jets end. Key was not getting a penalty as the Jets have a deadly pp at home. I could get used to play like this out of the Hawks!
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    add my name to the GT appreciation thread this evening. good to see ya back, good sir!
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    just took a sabbatical to see what would happen...if my head would explode or the earth stop turning. anyways...head is still intact and another sunrise this morning.
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    Somewhere on a bench Panik takes some notes
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    Wingels doesn’t need anyone to motivate him to give his all. Love watching him play.
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    I was missing that the last couple of games!!!
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    I was thinking the same thing Lazerus was earlier. we are far from out of it. that being said, we gotta start winning some division games. preferably starting tonight, although i am not optimistic. the jets will be highly motivated in this one. beating the 'hawks is still a measuring stick and they have been tough to beat at home. as was said earlier, we are gonna Crow to be outta this world tonight.
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    PJ, I would totally agree with this post of yours, especially the season tickets for the White Sox, except for the Pens Back-to-Back with a core just as "old" as the Hawks. In other words, I'm not totally sold hook, line and sinker that this core is done. There is still some hope for this observer however steeped in mediocrity this team is currently (somewhat like the Pens had been).
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    My thoughts exactly on each of your comments. Three bad teams and three bad efforts by the Hawks, particularly tonight when I thought they were thoroughly outplayed and outhustled by the Panthers. But, Toews saved them and then Kane did also. So, I guess it goes to show that having some stars around can sometimes save your collective butt. Other than that, that three game series was nothing to get excited about and hardly encouraged. Basically, they did not choke against three bad teams, which ain't saying much. I would venture it will take a far better effort if they expect to get even one point against Winnipeg.
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    One of my all-time favorites! I could watch Abbott and Costello do that routine a million times. It never gets old for me.
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    Hoping for a fight between Crawford and Reimer #GoalieFights
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    YT https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WUXGFxAzppI flash http://www.720pstream.me/chicago-blackhawks-stream hm, GT still MIA :/
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    I just don't get it. I thought he played his best game of the year against Arizona. During 1 shift alone he made 3 solid body checks. He also set up Hinostroza for 2 great scoring chances and he made several good defensive plays in his own zone.
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    I'd take Saad at his worst than Panik/Frolik at his worst. Ten times over.
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    Congrats Kane on passing Wilson for 5th in points in franchise history.
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    back-to-back HOME games after a lenghty losing streak against cellar dwellers Sabres/Coyotes and they struggle to beat both of them... this team is closer to a team with a top-5 draft pick than a playoff team
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    at least Forsling looks like he is getting better. he and Murphy have both improved as the season has gone along.
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    T: I enjoy our back and forth...it keeps me thinking...seeing things a bit differently...it may not always change my mind but you challenge it...I appreciate it.
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    Yes, the number of pages for each game has declined as the losses mount. But, most people don't want to continually be putting forth negative posts. A little winning streak would be bring back the hordes.
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    Actually i noticed him a lot last night, flying all over, getting the puck in deep. he just needs to pull the trigger more often IMO is a little hit shy, cant say i blame him after being blown up twice in the first two games, but i thought he did ok last night. hopefully he can get past the contact thing, we shall see..
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    Here's an idea...next pp start the second team first~!
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    I loved how Schmaltz just knew Kaner would be exactly there. He could be a teacher...eyes in the back of his head.
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    The transitioning from Keith on the PP should have started no later than mid-to-end of 2016. Now, it needs to happen post-haste. Keith's still money on the PK, and maybe the lessening of minutes will help him like it did Seabs. The more we can put our core guys in positions that play to their actual strengths, the better. And if that means a few rookie hiccups from guys like Forsling, El Gato, Rutta, etc. Fine. Forsling could be the next #1. Osterle, Rutta, etc. could fit in there as well. Add Dahlstrom, Snuggie, and in a couple of years The Joker. I think we'll be okay moving forward. But I do think what needs to start happening now is putting the youth in game situations to see if they can take the heat. For instance...for overtime, why not run with Anisimov/El Gato/Forsling...or even Toews/El Gato/Forsling if you want to win the draw without trying to get Yannik Perrault to suit up again.
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    Kaner!!! Ugliest 3gm winning streak I've ever seen, and it was against the 3 worst teams in the league and 2 of them played the night before. But 6pts is 6pts. First 3gm winning streak of the season. I counted 6 times Keith shot it into the other teams shin pads 😐
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    well yes, 2.8M player has one less point than Saad after 30 games ... the biggest issue of the Hawks.