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    I just don't understand why Q waited so long on this. Saad showed Nothing in practices nor pre season. Kane suffered for that. I'm not sold on Schmaltz either but will wait to see if Fortin can help out before I rant about putting AA back up there. If Fortin will get in front of the net which is what Kane needs most red lights will be plentiful.
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    I am aware of what we got in exchange for these players. My statement was each of these players, while they were a member of the Chicago Blackhawks, were better options than what Q chose to put on the ice. And who said anything about Hino or Arizona winning the cup? I sure didn't. Q doesn't ice the best players available to him and it's something he had demonstrated many times during his tenure here. In fact some times the lineup decisions are downright stupid. Remember when he almost cost us the playoffs because of his decision to bench Vermette and Teravainen so he could insert Nordstrom and Versteeg? Remember when he did the same the year before with Bollig? Hinostroza should have started last season here instead of in Rockford. He made an immediate impact when he came up as well. I am not saying he would have saved us from ourselves and I am not making him out to be our savior by any stretch of the imagination. He just happened to be a better option at forward than say Kampf, Bouma, Jurco, etc. So why send him to Rockford in the first place? Same with Kempny. He sat in the pressbox while Osterle was busy serving up turnovers with Keith, but he is much more 'serviceable' than Osterle and Franson (as evidenced by Washington playing him). In fact the rare times Seabrook looked didn't look like a dumpster fire last year was when Kempny was paired with him. So why sit him? Kempny referred to his trade out of Chicago as his salvation for good reason! Daley was better than what he got dealt here as well.
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    And more importantly they had a bobblehead day for him during the training camp festival! That should have been page 1 news!!!!!!😂
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    I'm with Bob on this one. I think Hayden is a lot better than Q is allowing him to be. Q has a history of doghousing decent players. Just ask Hinostroza, Kempny and Daley.
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    The guy is the top goal scorer (at least until Thursday). Maybe he should be called 'Mr. Dangerfield'.
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    In all honesty, I was never sold on Schmaltz, he is to timid, he never knows when to shoot, not very strong in the corners and extremely weak at the dot. The only reason he is saving face right now is due to the fact he plays on a line with Kane. I also tend to believe, that Panarin will be back with Kane next season just a hunch.
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    Unbeaten in the first five with all the issues. 8 of 10 points? OK, I guess I'll take it.
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    Painful watching them lose 2 goal leads darn near every game
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    I saw that. Now Schmaltz won't want to go into that corner either.
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    Thought we were done with this,has this player ever made anyone's NHL squad? I'm also tryin' hard to remember anyone calling him a "great talent" but it's a no go! He's been nothing more than a throw in for a number of GM's. GO HAWKS!!!!!
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    Well I do think he has the skating ability and the skill set and he has the IQ of a Yale grad...…..now what? All you n me can do is state our opinions and I know that you have little use for American NCAA kids and I know this because you've stated it repeatedly. You know you can rip this kid because he has little chance of proving you wrong with 6-8 minutes playing with guys devoid of offensive talent. "with all that said" Seriously? Were Shaw and Bickell speedsters or not? Is speed needed to battle in front or not? Hayden's slow and stupid ain't answers they're just avoidance and ridicule of yet another American player. GO HAWKS!!!!!
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    You don't need to remind me of Q's fixation with perimeter,poke-checkers...…..he doesn't even care when they bail out of play after play. Hayden lost 10lbs this summer,worked hard on his skating with JT and looked much more focused on playing hockey this preseason than he did hitting and fighting......it's OK if you disagree. Bickell and Shaw were both far from speedsters but both were effective in front and I believe Hayden would be also but he'll obviously never get that chance on the PP. A body check that takes a guy out of position is a problem but a missed poke-check that allows an opponent to proceed unimpeded is a big problem too as we see on a nightly basis. There are some situations where a player absolutely has to take the body to slow an opponent's momentum but it still doesn't happen here. Which speedy player would you park in front or would you park no one in front as we see now? The Hawks didn't need to be a slam-bang team when they were good enough to skate rings around opponents but even then,they always had a Buff Bicks or Shaw in front. The team hasn't won a single playoff game since they lost that net front presence yet there's no urgency to replace it. GO HAWKS!!!!!