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    I’ll give this one to Forsberg, nice game.
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    Some of us ridicule the best players the team's ever had and some of us ridicule the worst players the team's ever had......to each their own. CLEAN HOUSE GO HAWKS!!!!!
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    That's to bad for him, he was doing his part
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    Most heart i've seen since early October.
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    good to see schmaltzy is still passing too much :/
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    ^^^bob: you’ve questioned name calling on this board (Sad, Jagr, etc.) but you seem to find it ok to call the goalies stooges, nit wits, etc. Why so? Curious.
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    after watching him today, I'd say he is a guy that could score on a line with someone to make him some space, but he is gonna need to add some stength... I watched Hughes lean into him, force him off the puck and then beat him to the puck and outskate him down the ice... now Hughes is probably a top 10 pick this June, but still, he is a freshman and Sikura is a senior... I did like his emotion in the game though. he could be good on the pp and he can handle the puck better than D🐈 imo.
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    seems the islander's rink is a bit messed up.
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    Luckily Cizikas had Duncan Keith aim there.
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    you might see dylan sikura against the jets this coming thursday. be nice to see what all the fuss is about. https://chicago.suntimes.com/sports/andreas-martinsen-making-his-presence-felt-in-short-window-with-blackhawks/amp/
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    http://suphd.club/stream/5ab66ac1e8124/chicago-blackhawks-vs-new-york-islanders (isles feed) http://www.nhlstream.net/chicago-blackhawks-live-stream/ cheers ms. madrose. !!!!!!! GO HAWKS !!!!!!!
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    I don't think those 3 stooges were really a problem this year. They played on disfunctional team, lacking leadership, coaching etc. Maybe on a real team they would play much better. Some of posters here are saying that core played the way they did because of kids. Maybe those stooges played the way the did because of team in front of them. Don't make mistake, they are no Crawford, but it's really hard to get motivation from that team this year, especially with their limited NHL experience.