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    And how many cups has Calgary won. No one was doing Stan any favours. Every general manager in the league were lining up like vultures to take advantage of the situation Hawks management put themselves in. The team was the cream of the crop, Gms backed Stan into the corner and he took we he could get. The reality of things is T, even after he lost Buff, Brouwer and Versteeg the Hawks still went on to win cups. Hindsight is 20/20. You can argue until the cows come home, but no one knows if Stan maybe made different trades things would be different, you don’t even know if the Hawks would go on to win 2 more cups after those trades. I think you need to get over the fact of what happened in years past are the reason why the Hawks are struggling now. Stan has a made a number of brutal calls, but like or not, the team won 3 Stanley cups when his ass was backed against the wall in salary cap hell, he deserves credit for that.
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    The main reason the core is beaten down is due to being heavily relied on during the playoffs. I know many overblow the acquisition of Vermette as this amazing deal. We gave up a lot for a guy that easily could a been done by someone else and probably better. We won due to the core group, mainly Keith that year. Take him out and we lose 100 times out of 100, the acquisition of Timonen actually hurt the teams chances. When also old Roszival went down, we were forced to play him, and who gives up a 2nd and 3rd round pick for a 39 year old that didn’t play all year due to blood clots? Moves like this have over exerted the core and they are burnt out. They’re bodies have faced the slayer and hopefully they can rebound. In 2013 I’ll give him Oduya, that’s his best trade to date, isn’t that kinda sad considering the talent he’s sent packing? Ladd, Buff, Versteeg, Campbell, Sharp etc, and we got nothing at all to show for those guys. I could go on forever, the proof is in the pudding, we all see it, but some choose to ignore it. Bob, what you’ve seen over the last year is what I’ve seen over the last decade. It was just covered up by the core group over exerting themselves, now we have the fallout and no one likes it and wants to blame Stan now, that’s not the case. Bowman cannot be blamed for the past couple years, the blame should lay in the 5-6 years before it. Now he’s in scramble mode to try and get younger and more cost controlled, while still trying to compete, a tough task but it needs to be done, but should of been done after 2016 season!!!
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    Well, as posted somewhere else, that had 2, 2 goal leads versus the Kings and blew it, that has nothing to do with the general manager, that had everything to do with bad coaching decisions, there was the third cup. Hawks would of crushed the Rangers, but who says they beat Tampa the following year. The Hawks were wounded warriors versus Tampa, that series was all Keith and Vermette with his game winners that saved Chicago that year, and of course the stellar play of CC.
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    And i stand by my statement that maybe his injury had something to do with his sub par season last year.
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    Whether it's a hernia or a bad wrist or the number of times this guy's been completely destroyed on the ice,I stand by my statement that he hasn't been an effective player for the past wo years. I'm fine with the trade and eating his three million dollars that shoulda went to Shaw to move the Hossa contract,best move all offseason. If he is healthy,we can count on 5 or 6 goals too. GO HAWKS!!!!!
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    I think we will see a much better Kruger this fall. If he can regain his defensive play and win 55% or better faceoffs, he will be a plus for the Hawks as their defensive game was so dismal and almost non-existent last year.
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    I know right? Now we're in the twilight zone, without size to complain about what ever will we do? Hinstroza was never going to be a player that put us over the top, especially with Q coaching. And Osterle was a dime-a-dozen defenseman in today's NHL and was also never going to be a game breaker for us. If they were casualties for Hossa's contract then so be it. We needed the cap flexibility more than those two, and honestly I think we needed a defensive center more than Hino. I'm sure this goes against all logic here anyways, but I think having a center other than Toews that can take difficult matchups and flip the ice is going to have a much greater impact than Hino as a bumslayer.
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    Well Dahlstrom still has a chance for the Bolland trade to be a good one and they got Debrincat from the Shaw trade but I agree, way to many trades were one sided and the Hawks gave up a lot since 2010. All we can do is hope he learned from his mistakes. And hawkinmontreal the cap problem wasn't all Dales fault, Stan never submitted some contracts in time so the Hawks had to over pay a bunch of guys and Tallon took the fall for it, plus Toews winning the Conn Smythe in his final year of his ELC gave him a bonus of a few mill that carried over to 2011. And in 2014 game 7 when the Hawks were up 2-0 Carter scored but he was way offside and scored with a high stick and their 3rd goal Gaborik was offside, it shouldn't have went to OT and of course after that they made offsides reviewable. Kings cheated to win and got a lucky goal in OT.
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    If the Hawks got back decent compensation for Buff, Bolland, Sharp, Versteeg, Saad, Shaw etc, we wouldn’t be having this conversation. Draft picks were wasted and everything you described happened for these reasons. Inexperience has wrestled this team to the mat. I sure hope he learned from this, cuz wasting the last 4-5 decent years of the core guys is not realistic at this point!!!
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    You’re absolutely right. I may be wrong here, but I truly feel that this group shoulda been the best and most successful group ever assembled. I really do, the core group slaughtered playoff competition for the better part of a decade. I feel and the proof is there, that they never really had the help, and when they did, they walked through the league like 2013, a 23 game streak to start the year. Now the core has shrank and so have the wins. Yes Sharp and Hossa got old, it happens. But nothing was done while they were getting older. Not many draft picks stuck around, and we had a ton of time to develop kids. I will never undermine what they accomplished, I just feel it should’ve been another 2 Cups in there!!!
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    I only point out that I've been alive longer and might have seen more things but considering the disregard you have for people or fan bases who've gone through these things,I now know it's pointless and will react accordingly from here on out. I've never said that I'm more deserving than you or anyone else...…..that's not true. I also NEVER posted that you believe anything...….. that's not true either. I DID say that you wave cup rings in other's faces when comparing GM's because you do. This guy doesn't have a cup and that guy doesn't have a cup has been used by you in the last day or two alone while referring to Chevy and Stevie Y. I'm not content but I'm not holding my breath for the next wave either. I wonder if the folks up in Toronto scoff at history as easily as you do? I'll pick a better debater. GO HAWKS!!!!!!
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    Puck, I know it’s easy to slam the general manager for poor trades and bad contracts and no movement clauses, but the truth is, besides the Pens, the Hawks are the most successful team in the last 10 years. Yah they had there arse handed to them by Nashville, and missed the playoffs last season, but there was a lot of factors that played into that. Everybody talks about how good other gms are, let’s see now see how good Toronto will be, a team that still has zero defence and mediocre goaltending, but hey they signed Tavares so they must have a good general manager.
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    You've told me I'm living in past when I mentioned those cups in defense of the core or coach...…..are you telling me you didn't? GO HAWKS!!!!!
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    Teams weren’t lining up to hand out first round draft choices for players like Buff, and secondly at the time Brouwer, Buff and Versteeg were untility players, they jumped all over the lineup, nobody knew ther true worth. Buff went from 4th line to first line to defence to the press box. Now if the Hawks only win one cup after 2010 with all the talent they had, then I would probably be throwing my hands in the air in disbelief, but they didn’t, players moved out and we had the chance to witness Saad and Shaw, the emergence of Kruger, the breakout playoff performance from Bickell. You don’t go on a 23 game undeafeated streak with a half ass lineup. Nobody enjoyed last season and what transpired, but that’s the fun about sports, you rise and fall and rise back up again, that’s what keeps fans intrigued.
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    What Success, they have not won the cup since 2006, making the playoffs is one thing, winning the cup is another, and that’s what defines success in pro sports, championships and Tampa has won nothing, another reason why they can keep so many high profile players, when you win you lose players as Chicago did for 9 years, and the Kings and that’s a fact.
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    I'm sure it is injury issues that affected his game and maybe the amount of contact he absorbed in helping win the last two cups took a it's toll too. I'm not looking to criticize the 'little Viking' my friend,I'm just making an observation when I notice he played less than 50 games 2 of the last 3 years and finished last season in the AHL. I hope he helps this year! GO HAWKS!!!!!
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    Cap trouble yes but 17 players signed and a whopping TWENTY MILLION left to address that trouble. The team is just coming into their own and made the WCF,cups might follow. Why do you tell me I'm living in the past when I refer to the thee cups in support of the core or the coach yet you wave em in everybody's face in support of the GM? GO HAWKS!!!!!
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    Moved reply to correct thread.
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    Stan wasn’t well liked from the get go, Tallon was a well liked guy amongst the GMs, and the hockey world. The backlash was evident, the offer sheet to Hammer, then swoop in and grab Niemi. Then Stan went and added to it by basically trading Damaged goods to Minnesota in Barker and bragged about it around the NHL circles. Even till today, he has a horrible time making trades, and I’ve said the same thing from his first day on the job. I’m sure he’s a good guy, father, husband, employee etc. I personally don’t feel he’s done the right things, I hope like hell hes learned from his mistakes, cuz the team is slipping very fast and there’s less and less talent making the squad, the right things need to be done!!!
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    this is a good point. after the Hossa deal apparently pissed a bunch of other teams off, I'm sure they were kicking their chops to get back at them and that was the perfect scenario for doing so.
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    EDIT - Just realized this reply went into the wrong thread. "Must have been Stan's fault". Now it fits with the rest in this one.
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    You go, HIM. And, ouch!!!
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    Yes really, talent for talent. The real winner will be decided by the on ice performances of the players involved rather than on how much was saved. Concerning Campbell I remember that Tallon had saddled the organization with a long term monster contract, considered to be unmovable and that Olesz's short term contract was a necessary cost of doing business.
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    He only had 3 seasons were he was over 50% at faceoffs, well 2 seasons and just over half of last season, why would you think he'd be around 55% next season?
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    you're likely aware but last year's season can hopefully be explained by his injury. Chayka revealed during a conference call Thursday that Kruger played the 2017-18 season with a sports hernia injury that required surgery last month."You take (the injury) into consideration, but at the same time you think he got a repair done (where) the recovery is pretty straightforward," Chayka said, per the Arizona Republic. "We think that’ll get the jump back in his skate and it’ll be a real useful and helpful piece to our lineup." https://www.tsn.ca/coyotes-f-kruger-played-with-sports-hernia-1.1076048
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    just saw this this morning and it gave me a chuckle. thanks for giving me an "in" to post it. hard to disagree with anything you say. although i do feel a bit bad for hino, but he did get a chance to play for his childhood favorite team. not many nhlers can say that. good luck to 'em both.
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    Do not forget the 2013 game winner against Boston
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    Plain and simple, there’s not 30 teams lining up to take that contract. We lost 2 fringe NHLers, which was the reasoning why this team was awful last year. At the ages of those 2, 24 and 26, we didn’t lose much, plus if you haven’t noticed, Stan loaded up on these type of guys in recent drafts, many more coming. Now we have space to actually better the team, now whether he does it or not is another thing. Stan has never really bettered the team in my eyes, he’s looked to the core group to make his shady acquisitions look better. Now he has space, let’s see if he can make a deal trade!!!
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    Yeah it was somthin'! When Big Hoss signed in the summer of '09',I had seen scores of FA signings in Chicago,most were mistakes and a handful worked out well but I believe NONE worked out better than Marion Hossa. That video reminds me that a guy who didn't really light up the score sheet was on the ice for HUGE goals in '10' and '13',to bad Bolland couldn't stay healthy but at least Uncle Dale gave him a sweet retirement. GO HAWKS!!!!!
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    if that doesn't give your goosebumps goosebumps...you've got something wrong with your goosebumps.
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    Oesterle is 26 and just made the NHL, he had some ok games but he's small and sucks in his own end, Hino is a good little player but in the long run Entwhistle could be a great acquisition and he provides something the Hawks lack, size and a strong work ethic. Players like Johnson and Sikura can replace Hino and probably made him expendable.
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    I am looking for a lineup that complements all the parts. Having a few smaller guys is not the end of the world, but having a little size and beef to go with it, goes a long way. I am certainly not advocating having a lineup full of Big Buffs, but having some meat potatoes and players who could dig in the corners and win some puck battles something we haven’t seen much of the last 2 seasons.
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    Probably with me.LOL! What's up G? More so with Bolland though,both could kill,both could cover a decent opposing center and both were ok at the dot but 'Davey Boy' could pot 15 or more when he was healthy and was a World class pest. I agree that moving Hossa's deal alone makes this a good trade,I thought Oest was just ok,I think Hino is a nifty little player but we seem to have more nifty little players and Kruger is the one year hit we have to take but if he's healthy he can help. The prospects are a coin-flip just like everyone else's. GO HAWKS!!!!!
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    oesterle's stock has sure risen the last day or so.
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    well, in one fell swoop...stan just acquired 3 canadian players all over 6 feet tall, so there's definitely somthing weird going on.
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    Another conspiracy theory here. How about this: Q liked him, he was good at the dot and at shutting down opposing centers, took a org friendly deal before signing a bigger deal that made up plenty of what he gave up, good team guy...and I will stop there. No pictures involved. HBO defintely isn’t buying this series. The end.