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    Problems aside. The team just isn't as good as most think. This has been going on for a year and almost a half. The finger needs to be pointed where the true problem's lie. The GM. He has done nothing but jettison more and more guys. And for no apparent reason. Cap space is good. But if it needs to be spent, it needs to be spent. The GM spends his time looking for bargains. Well, Cheap work isn't good. And good work isn't cheap. I highly doubt you can make a team out of bargains. I'm still not convinced that the "core" can do it on their own. I truly feel that they need a real supporting cast. And right now, they're proving me right!!!
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    Tallon made his deal with the devil. And got his Cup. Blackhawk Nation rejoiced. Wear your Stanley Cup Champions gear proudly. I do. That said there is a prevailing conception on this board that Stan is not getting the job done, and Dale would somehow be reloading the team for glory sooner than Stan would. Dale had guys like Seabs, Dunc, Toews, Kaner.....,Niemi, etc. et.al. Playing championship hockey at five and dime salaries. Meanwhile the Barkers And Versteegs were raking it in. Do the math. Stan has to.
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    Stan said in his year end press conference the future of the Blackhawks organization is bright. That may well be true, but it would be even brighter if he would quit.
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    Unbelievable Get Vermette.....Get Vermette.....Get Vermette.... Nah it's a pipe dream Stan has no balls he'll never pull the trigger Stan gets Vermette. Now he's an idiot
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    Meanwhile, back in the Chicago Blackhawks office: Sorry, I couldn't resist.
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    Honestly, do people really believe the Hawks' braintrust is not plugged into the metrics some are fronting as some kind of exclusive secret knowledge base? Do people actually believe there was a lack of study done by this organization before they rewarded Crawford with such an "obscene" dollar figure? Yeah, sure...the Hawks have never seen the charts and graphs being used to explain why Craw was a bad re-up. They just tossed a steamer trunk of money at Crawford because they missed the clue bus. And they have so much less insight into the mettle of the man that fans do. Fans are still trying to assign alternate credit or blame on a change at the top that happened 5 damn years ago. Meanwhile, the team marches on, and came pretty damn close to playing for the ultimate prize 3 years in a row. I mean really. This team, regardless of who built the core, is the envy of 29 other cities that love their team just like every one of us (to a point, I gotta say) do. To see the Crawford bashing when he's won two Cups.... and yes, not by himself, but very much indeed 2 Cups that don't happen without him, period, is a truly WTF situation. The guy had his ups and downs, He also played great once he got back on beam. Don't believe it? Ask his opponents. Ask the coaches that watched him shut their stars down. If that isn't enough, ask his team mates. They will tell you the truth.
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    All right ... I can't resist. The Pittsburgh Penguins, under the General Management of Ray Shero, have made 2 SCF appearances - not 3 as your research would have you believe. They lost to Detroit in 2007/08 and beat Detroit in 2008/09. They haven't been back to the SCF since they won it in 2008/09. Which brings me to the other point I need to make. Ray Shero really shouldn't be given credit for those SCF appearances. No no, the credit belongs to Craig Patrick because it was Craig Patrick that drafted the 2008/09 winning goalie M.A.Fluery in 2003 and then Evgeny Malkin in 2004 and then Sydney Crosby in 2005. Ray Shero took over in 2006 and promptly passed up Jonathan Toews to take Jordan Staal with his first draft pick as GM of the Penguins. So you see, Shero, the best thing since sliced bread, basically walked into a team that already had the two best players in the world and he jumped on the bandwagon and now gets credit from guys with faulty research. I'm happy the Hawks have Stan.
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    The Mighty Stanbo strides to the plate (Umpire: "Hey Stanbo, where's your bat?") <Stanbo scurries back to the dugout to retreive his bat> The Mighty Stanbo strides to the plate He taps the plate with his bat and twitches a few times The pitcher rares back and throws a J.Staal right over the plate WHIFF goes Stanbo's bat (Umpire: "Strike one. Hey Stanbo, if you're going to swing right-handed, you can't do it from the left-handed batter's box") <Stanbo's eyes furtively dart back and forth and his lower lip quivers> The Mighty Stanbo strides across to the other side of the plate He stares out at the pitcher with his steely deer in the headlights gaze The pitcher rares back and throws a Ribiero right over the plate WHIFF goes Stanbo's bat (Umpire: "Strike two") <Stanbo starts slinking back to the dugout muttering that he likes his swing> (Fan yelling from the stands: "That's only strike two ya moron") The Mighty Stanbo strides back to the plate (Umpire: "psst, other side") The Mighty Stanbo strides across to the other side of the plate He holds his bat in the air and points it at the bleachers, ala Babe Ruth The pitcher rares back and throws a Visnovsky right down Broadway Stanbo's bat is still pointing at the bleachers (Umpire: "Strike Three, you're out") <Stanbo stands there looking disoriented until some old dude comes out to lead him back to the dugout> (Fan in the stands: "Holy sweet mother of men, how many more at-bats is this guy going to get?")
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    I don't even know what to say. Not really sure this comes off as anything less than " we're smarter than you, all you dummies can have your stupid opinions. Peace out" I've never seen anything like this as a member of this board, and I've been here a long time.
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    ^ whoever wrote that should never write again, to say a dman who's 24 and 23 has reached their peak and won't improve is the dumbest thing I've ever read. Dmen don't hit their prime till they're 26-27. Keith was playing on a bad knee last year but the guy is a freak physically and should be able to play into his 40's. Seabs didn't have his best year but to say he was horrendous is BS, I'm sure he'll have a bounce back year next season. No way he's done at 32. And to say Forsling lit up the AHL proves this guy is clueless.
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    The guy has to go down as one of the very best Hawks ever! Best free agent signing that I ever recall also and I can't imagine Hawk's nation without Big Hoss the last eight seasons. Lotta emotions and speculation as expected and for now I just want to thank the player for more than I ever expected when he was signed back in the summer of '09' and wish him the very best! GO HAWKS!!!!!
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    Know what? The current team won the damn Cup and now it's back to who's team is it anyway? If they had lost to the Big Bad Bruins or anyone else along the way.....guess who's team it is? Stan's team. All the way down the damn line it would be Stan's team. Because they didn't win. The bean counter. The golden child. The idiot. The guy who would never win anything as long as he was in charge. Daddy's boy. The twerp. Etc....etc...etc.... Another whole year of hearing it. But the Cup is now back in Chicago. So it's Dale's team once again. What a joke.
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    Yup Stan and Co. were so excited they weren't even introduced at the opening of the convention...unlike the last 4 years... The spinmeisters aka the Blackhawks brass were in full deflection mode yesterday. No Stan or McCub or any other of the Hawks front office was introduced because they would have had the crap booed out of them. No amount of PR spin could have stopped that from happening. No Saad (the next big thing) or Oduya either...gee we can only wonder what kind of response the introduction of Gauthier would have gotten? LOL. And the spin control by CTL was frankin' hilarious as well. Tracey Myers said they were all saying Q and not booooinngg - gee sounded like Boos w/ a B to me. Kitch as well got a nice round of boos as well as Crawford. The video tribute they showed for last season pumped the tires on the fact that the Hawks have had 190 consecutive sellouts and then later in it the players were each shown talking about how great the fans were that come to the UC every night while pictures of fans having a great time/ eating food/ buying product were shown in the background... total BS. Yeah we haven't improved our team at all this summer while the front office and coaching staff continue to bicker and have become the joke of the league, but come down to the UC for a great time.
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    Stop saying we want bowman to make this team a cup contender. WOW people! WE WERE A CUP CONTENDER!!@! And the political egomaniacs fleeced the team to put thier own stamp on it. And we have seen nothing yet. The Bowmans hated campbells success. They despised Buffs success. Ladd was marked as overrated. Versteegs Success was not to be bragged about. Tallon stood up and told the Bowmans and McD how good these guys were and made them a part of the organization. Dale advocated tirelessly and basicly told them. I know how to judge talent these guys are the core and we will build around them. The egos were bruised and they had to eat crow when the team was so successful. So here comes payback. You get the fake RFA fax mishap. Dale is blamed. Then look who is gone. Tallon Buff Ladd Steeger. Bowmans look stupid now evaluating Campbell Steeg and especially Ladd. 28 Goals and captain on a bad team. Really? The Bowmans couldnt swallow thier pride and keep Ladd? Aint seen nothing yet folks. Kane should be gone soon. Funny how one of the most loyal Tallon kids left has been a recent scapegoat and rumored as being moved. All to put your "own" team together? Shameful. We had a dynasty built. And now people are mad because stan isnt " making moves to make us a contender" Well, too late, we should be asking why didnt we keep ladd at least. Campbell contract was hampering us so much. So what did we get in replacement? Oh and please resign.
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    Tell that to the Leafs. They make money but have done a piss poor job of executing a good product on the ice for DECADES. They don't intentionally put a bad product on the ice, they want to win...but they don't. This is not a game of appeasing people, its a game of winning. If people here are frustrated, its not because they expect a Cup every year, its because this organization, and the core of this team, has a shot of doing great things post season beyond the 1st round. There is no reason to expect first round exits or to have any amount of satisfaction from that. This is not a team in rebuilt mode. This is a team who just needs the right complimentary players to surround an already solid core. While some felt last year's summer acquisitions were what was needed, I was left scratching my freakin' head. Sean O'Donnell was not going to impact anything at 40. Moving Campbell for Olesz was not a positive move going forward for this team, unless the Cap space was used appropriately (it wasnt). Bringing in an aging, slow skating Brunette on a team who's identity is quick break-outs & counter-attacks, was not going to be an answer. And Montador? Who's radar was this guy on that Stan felt the need to give up a pick for his rights? He's not a heavy hitter (which was needed), wasn't a PP specialist(which was needed), not a great defender (which was needed), but Stan can't wait to give him a bloated over-priced contract out the gate before proving a thing; and now can't wait to dump him. These are Stan's moves, while purging from this team, Buff, Steeg, Ladd, Niemi, Fraser, Burish, Sopel, Madden to name a few. He gets credit for moving Barker for Leddy but overall, I think his purge/acquisition list is pretty lousy. Stan has proven nothing thus far and I think folks are skeptical beyond belief that given his current record of transactions, it doesn't look that great. Everyone would love it if he showed some intestinal fortitude to get this team what it needs (at minimum a solid Dman or 2 and a 2C) like say a Ray Shero or Paul Holmgren (guys who arent afraid of making a big move) for a the betterment of the team. But so far, he's skiddish and has only tried cheap fill ins. And while Stan did have his back to the wall after the Cup, the same could be said for what Staal just did to Shero (telling him to shove a 10yr deal) only to have Shero turn that into a positive by getting a number 8 pick and Brandon Sutter..so it can be done if you're savy enough. He could've lost Staal for nothing in a year, but instead, look how he turns a negative into a big positive. I personally am not happy with first rd exits and am not looking forward to another one. It doesn't mean I don't support this team and haven't for ages...nor does it mean others here, who aren't gung-ho for the Brunette's and O'Donnell's of the world, don't expect those kinds of players to help bring this team out of the doldrums either. People have expectations when you have names like Toews, Kane, Hossa, Sharp, Seabrook, Keith and it is Stan's job to get the best out of those guys by adding key components to compliment them while adding grit, talent, and some scoring. I got nothing else to say and you're entitled to your opinion but there IS a reason people rant on this board and have a lot of frustration.
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    Gig. In all fairness. All this "coach got tough on us" speech is not going to make the team we all love better. If the Government does something you disagree with. You voice your displeasure. And rightfully so. I don't care about all the extra stuff said. I'm here for the Hawks. Now the main worry of all Hawks fans is, we don't want to see the same team iced again. It hasn't worked. Its not going to work. Even the Hawks "Upper Management" has agreed to some degree with us. They want to win NOW. And it was made clear in the Sun Times article. Soooooooooooooooooo. If McCub is saying it isn't good enough. And Wirtz is saying it ain't good enough. Are they just as bad as the rest of us for demanding satisfaction? Or worse than us? "Stan as GM" is a thread designed to talk about the good and bad about his moves. I think its clear that a vast majority aren't happy with what he's done thus far. But if he does happen to turn things around. And the team looks good and is good. And everyone talks positive to no end. Would it be cool for someone that has laid low. To come on here and right a eulogy about how awful stan WAS. And that the boards suck cuz their way too positive? Discuss what is at hand. Thats my advice. Weather it be negative or not!!!
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    <aside directed at no one in particular> Blame Dale for cap hell all you want, but anyone who wouldn't take cap hell as the price for bringing home the cup is not a fan. </aside>
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    Have to say mvr, not really thrilled with your attemps to slander an ex-hawk for the sake of supporting your argument.
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    101 points which doesnt mean jack, but a second consecutive first round exit from the playoffs which is telling of where this team stands and put a spotlight on how far from being legit contenders they truly are. Meanwhile down in Florida, Tallon gets nominated for G.M. of the Year. Am I mad? Hell yeah, and you should be too.
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    Because Leddy was supposed to be good enough to replace Campbell. Just Like Crawford was supposed to be good enough to replace Niemi. Just like Hammer was supposed to be good enough to match SJ's offer sheet. Just like Brunnette was supposed to be good enough to play on one of the top 2 lines. Just like Frolik was supposed to be good enough to resign instead of someone like Brouwer. Just like Morrison was supposed to be good enough to trade for at the expense of Hayes getting sent down. Just like.........well, you get the idea........
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    The reason for the Blackhawks excellent record since Kane went down is Corey Crawford.
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    I really like Crawford. He's not perfect, but he's accountable, humble, not a coach killer, and I believe most importantly has his mates at his back. He would have been a legit Connie winner in 2013 and was looking good to win the award this year until the Kings beat the Hawks. That said both Quick and Crawford underperformed in the WCF. Quick escaped and went on to win another Cup. For all the talk about his contract he's not overpaid given his overall performance. I prefer having a guy like this, who I believe will continue to grow into a very solid last line of defense. I trust management has taken some careful consideration in locking this important position up going forward. Others can compile list after list of cheaper guys, and that's fine. If just one of those guys had won a Cup, (while being a serious Connie candidate)....I'd be more amenable to your argument
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    The thing that you and the other Crawford haters fail to realize is that the people on these boards who defend him do so because they are rational and know what he can and does do for this franchise, and that is play at a Conn Smythe level and win a cup. Not one time have I ever seen anyone who defends him (myself included) claim that Crawford is god or the best goalie in the league, but to place all the teams faults on him like many do is completely delusional and misguided. The guy makes mistakes like every other above average to elite goalie in the league (would you like me to make a lowlight reel of Jonathan Quick alone the past couple seasons...he has let in some goals that are far uglier and egregious than I have ever seen CC let in), but when it matters most the guy has come up big on several occasions. What gets old is the fact that you and others on several occasions go silent when he plays well, but are the first ones chirping when he has a bad game. If you could learn to actually be objective maybe you wouldn't get so much crap from people around here. Everybody is entitled to their opinion on these boards, but try sharing one from a positive point of view sometime and see if you notice a difference in the responses you get. Just a thought.
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    I'm just sick of people constantly pointing to Tallon's mistakes when what he did was bring a Stanley Cup to Chicago! And all Bowman has done is one bad move after another (losing Niemi, keeping Hjalmarsson, the signings of Pisani, Brunette, O'Donnell, Montador, Frolik, Turco, trading for Morrison, etc. At least Tallon's "mistakes" accomplished the ultimate goal, and given a chance he may have been able to correct the cap issues (just look how quickly he is turning Florida around and within the cap constraints). But for a gaffe by Bowman not getting in the QO Tallon may still be here and Bowman would have never been put in the GM position.
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    When we won, they gladly show their faces. But now this team and org is in a mess, they cowardly hides.
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    The latest in the front office/coaching soap opera... from Jesse Rogers A Lot Riding on Kompon Hiring http://espn.go.com/blog/chicago/blackhawks/post/_/id/4671332/a-lot-riding-on-kompon-hiring-for-q Here's a portion of the article... Add a player to the game for Team Quenneville, but that only comes after Team Bowman brought in former Canadiens general manager Pierre Gauthier as Director of Player Personnel last week. Scotty Bowman has strong ties to the Montreal organization via Serge Savard, the senior vice president of hockey operations with the Canadiens. In fact, deep conspiracy theorists might surmise that the elder Bowman was influential in the hiring of former Hawks front office guy Marc Bergevin as Montreal general manager. It removed a player from Team Quenneville and the man whom Bergevin replaced, Gauthier, now is on board with the Hawks -- and Team Bowman. But Quenneville got his guy to work next to and now for the first time with the Hawks he has his own coaching staff. Make no mistake, this is a big year for Quenneville, and Bowman probably isn’t far off the firing line either. With each passing day that the Hawks roster continues to look a lot like last year’s, it’s as if the Bowmans are saying to Quenneville “This isn’t about personnel, this is about coaching.” And now Quenneville can’t complain about his staff. A lot is riding on Kompon’s hiring but even more on the season at hand. It’s a make or break year for Team Quenneville as well as Team Bowman. If the Hawks win then both sides do too. If not, one team will most assuredly be broken up -- and it starts with Quenneville and his two lieutenants. We can only hope after Q is dismissed Stan and Daddy follow them right out the door. And folks wonder why players aren't signing here this summer its a frickin' soap opera.
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    This thread has gone on so long I don't recall if I've thrown in my 2 cents once, twice, thrice or a dozen times. So I'll throw in my 2 cents again. The thing that bothers me the most is what I perceive to be the BS being handed out by Stan. His words don't match his actions. By that - I don't mean that he doesn't land a Parise or someother free agent because those things are beyond a GM's control, the player may simply choose to go elsewhere. What I do mean, though, is the statement last summer to save salary cap space for in-season moves. Morrison and Oduya are not the types of in-season moves he let people believe would be made. I don't know whether or not McD is making all the decisions and Stan is merely the front man patsy, but it doesn't matter because the message I hear coming from Hawk's management is that they have been and continue to do everything they can to improve the team ... and I just can't believe that to be true based on the evidence. I can't speak for other Hawk fans, but I would have been OK with Hawk management being honest and stating they are not going to spend to the cap because of the impending CBA work stoppage. Or, that the plan was to bide our time until the prospects were ready in a few years and then to go all in again. But this flip-flopping tripe we're getting from Stan is disingenuous if not dishonest and that is the problem I have with Hawk's management in general and with Stan as it's front man.
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    I've heard a rumor that Stan just accepted the arbitrators ruling for Niemi
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    What's up with you tonight my friend? If you're fed-up with the criticism of BH mgnt.,that's fine but why insult and threaten those who don't agree with you? This is a Hockey forum and I'm quite sure NONE of us are NHL employees(including you) but we're ALL entitled to our opinions whether you like em' or not. I have absolutely NO reservations sharing my opinions with others either in person or on a MB and I'm sure you don't as well but posting your address......REALLY?
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    I had a weird dream. That the exact same lineup that Er posted, had already happened. And it failed. It failed miserably. Without change. The hand writing is on the wall for stan. I believe Q will do to stan. What satn did to Dale. He will pull the rug out from underneath him. And get someone who deserves to be the BlackHawks GM job in there!!!
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    I've been so totally disgusted with the total incompetence of little Mr Nepotism and creating a worse team with every wrong move that I've lost most of the interest I had of talking about the Hawks. Sure, I like to watch the games butt, bowman is so bad that I don't feel any excitement or trust that the team will get any better till Rocky sees what is happening and hires a real professional as GM. I don't foresee a Cup with this guy ruining, er, running the show. This is a major disappointment.
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    Considering the way the Hawks were manhandled physically the prior year, the thought process should have been "lets add to Brouwer's grit because we need more of it", not "lets get rid of Brouwer and replace him with a similar player and that will be enough". IMO. That being said, you can only have so many top 6 type forwards, the rest of the roster needs to have some balance. Considering Kane, Sharp and Hossa have 3 of the 4 winger spots on the top 2 lines locked up, that leaves 1 spot open. Resigning Stalberg and Frolik and then signing Brunnette seemed like a little bit of overkill to try and find that 1 extra top 6 forward, while neglecting the fact the team could have used more muscle upfront. If Kruger centers the 2nd line after Toews comes back and Stalberg keeps his spot on one of the top 2 lines, and the Bolland, Bickell, Shaw line stays together, does that make Frolik and Brunnette both 4th liners??? Well, Frolik is already on the 4th line i guess, so Brunnette joins him there now? I just dont see the thought process or foresight into some of these signings. Individually, they might be decent players, but how they fit in and what role they fill on this team seems like it was handled by throwing crap to the wall and seeing what sticks.
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    To gain power you bad mouth the other side(cap guru bowman blames Tallon for big contracts). You sneak and lie and distort(RFA Fax offers). You build yourself up, even bring in some experts to take your side(Mcd brings in Scotty bowman for his son). Well it worked. Tallon was forced out. He has class, so he went quietly with his chin up. Well the time has come. You see when you gain the power you run out of scapegoats and people to blame. Pretty soon the buck stops with you. Yes you can blame Quenneville now and restart the charade of whos at fault but the proof is in the moves. Plenty of cap room this summer to prove your worth and you make some brilliant moves that are costing us here in the stretch. Morrison was the last straw. Its proof you do not know what you are doing. More proof you did not know what you were doing when evaluating who to keep and move. Ladd buff and steeggers departures are killing us. We could have signed a Flieschman or even madden if you wanted a locker room guy....Please resign. You have ruined the franchise. You are exposed for what you are. Phony political backstabbers who have put thier own egos ahead of the fans and players.
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    more games with the hawks than any team. reg. season games with chicago...534. with ottawa 467. he was born to be a hawk. it was always in the cards.
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    just sign everyone to 1 year contracts from now on.....and the only bonuses are playoff performance driven. perennial winner guaranteed.
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    one of the shorter fights you will see. i see what you are saying....it*s fun to watch with my morning nescafe and generic low cost irish cream.
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    Speaking of Kesler.........my son gave me a "heads up" about a video of Kesler getting into a "fight" with young Domi of the Coyotes. I looked up a video on uTube and it was a pleasure to watch, at least from my stand point. Kesler may have thought he was going to intimidate the young Domi, but when they dropped their gloves, Domi's upper cut clocked that weasel of a Kesler and he dropped like the final curtain at the opera. As Kesler was being helped from the ice by teammates (esp. Bieska), it looked like Bieska was asking Kesler if he knew what planet he was presently on, and smiled at the answer. I could watch that video over and over, just to see Kesler get his "money's worth."
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    Pretty sure they can all lift 35 pounds
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    Since coming off his injury, here's Crawford's stat line... 23 GP 1.81GAA .936 SV% 2 Shutouts But his record during that time is only 10-6-7. Crawford is playing his best hockey during this time, while the team in front of him for the most part is not.
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    Wanna know what's funny? You. For TWO YEARS you ripped Bowman for not plugging in replacements on a moment's notice and just roll Cup after Cup. Now....when the team wins another after two bad post seasons....Stan is learning from "Uncle Dale" and according to you being patient is a virtue. I mean really.....you just literally blew your two year argument out of the water. Who's getting worse by the post?
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    As a bit of perspective for those having concern over our recent play. There have only been two games this season that we've lost by more than one goal. We lost to the Avs in the streak ending 6-2 road game (silver lining: we were leading to start!) and the only other game was a 4-2 loss to Anaheim, but that was an empty net goal in a game we were leading for the majority. Otherwise, all our other losses have been by one goal, and often a stinger near the end where we've had the game in our control. Even if our record is coming back to earth, we've still been the better team in virtually every single game this year (exception would be the Calgary game I attended where Emery was in beast mode). Look at how Pittsburgh (6-1, 4-1, 4-1, 3-0) has been blown out lately, or Anaheim (5-1, 4-0, 3-1 last night) or Montreal (6-0, 5-1). Even with our up and down play of late, the Hawks are still collectively giving their opponents the toughest time on the scoresheet and we've got a +42 differential to prove it. We're keeping games tight, or if they aren't, we're dominating (8-1, 7-1, 6-2, 5-2). That's a trait I want to see going into the playoffs. You'll lose some close games, but if you're the better team night in and night out, your team advances. We just have to win a little better than 50% of our games in the playoffs to win a cup -- doesn't seem so tough with this squad, does it?
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    How so? I cant speak for anyone else, but i consider myself pro-intellectual. I also dont consider Stan to be an intellectual just because his isnt a part of the good ol' boy club. He is touted as some sort of exceptional talent because he understands the CBA & basic mathematics... If that was my full time job, I have no idea what i would do with my huge sums of spare time. Despite our recent disagreements, I suspect we actually share many of the same fiscal views. But make no mistake, being the general manager of a professional sports team is about much more than entry level accounting, and it certainly has nothing to do with your comparison to irresponsible politicians.