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    Hayden may be a marginal NHL player like some have said, but I’m thinking I would have heard his name more tonight, there would have been more chaos in front of the Ottawa net, and it would have been more interesting with him in the game tonight over a couple of players who should have been sat. JMO.
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    Maybe forsberg has improved his play in this years offseason. I'm not sure this would have happened last year. Thanks ms. Madrose!!! !!!!!!! GO HAWKS !!!!!!!
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    Agreed Granada. Two years ago they had the best regular season record in the Western Conference and ran into a freight train called Nashville in the first round; StanBo throws a temper tantrum and fires the defensive coach and blows up the D; which results in the defense being full of rookies and other assorted $##t show contestants for most of the season and a last place finish in the Central. How does he respond to that... signs #6 and #7 Dmen and adds another rookie. The man clearly has no plan. Because, as we have learned, Hope is not a strategy.
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    As I said in the GDT,I'm obviously in a slim minority here but Hayden's a lock IMO and should get a much deserved top six shot and a look in front on the PP...……..especially in a 1-3-1. He has the size,strehgth on his skates and seems to have the necessary warrior mentality,he exhibited the hands on Kahun's sweet dish that could knock home some loose change too and does this team ever need some loose change! If it doesn't work,he can once again be relegated to the 6-8 4th line minutes every other big,physical player sees here I guess. Maybe that's all John Hayden is and maybe the speed on the rush and puck retrieval I see on the dump in has been a mirage. It looks like the big kid has worked real hard on his skating this summer! GO HAWKS!!!!!
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    another fun fact o' the day. "patrick kane is the first player in nhl history to have 2 game-tying goals in the final 90 seconds of regulation."
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    Softie in OT by Ward, but he made some saves he had no business making in regulation to keep us in it and was hung out to dry on a few as well. Crow makes that save in OT, but I'm not sure he doesn't give up as many in regulation. For example, on Tavares' hat trick Saad and Schmaltz were doing controller-disconnected fly-bys and weren't remotely engaged in the play. Either one of them decides to play defense and we don't go to OT to begin with. And then there's Keith and Seabrook making mistakes that rookies like Jokijarju simply aren't making - bad clearing attempts from Seabs in particular. If the core is the core, those two have got to step it up to give us something to build around. Still - 5 points out of 6 possible. Not too shabby to start the year off. Now back to the meltdown...
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    5 points in 6 games, 2 on the road, 3 in 4 nights. a bit of a mirage? maybe, but still a bright spot.
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    Matthews needs his ass kicked for that gesture
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    That was quite a tribute and very moving. Stan Mikita was a real gem. He will be missed, but his memory and spirit will live on through this season and many more to come. Make him proud Blackhawks.
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    As he should be, the kid has ice cold viking blood 😁 I thought he got his stick on the Saad shot block, they gave him the assist, he's on pace for 82pts 😂
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    fun fact o' the day.
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    or the team. 2 and oh on the road to start the year? perhaps the record is a tad flattering but i'll take it. edit: and st. loo starting oh and 2 at home don't hurt either.
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    Your right - they should have tanked from 2012 onward, forgone the cups. Just imagine how good they would be if they focused the last 6 years on the 2018 alone.
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    I know it's only game 1 of 82... but if they can't even beat the Ottawa Freakin' Senators there's truly no hope for this team this season. Everyone should boycott the UC and send a message to management this will not be tolerated. On a side note, how bad is Stan Bowman at his job? He honestly thought Cam Ward was an upgrade as a backup goalie and could fill in admirably if Crawford misses time AND he included a NMC in the contract??? When Bowman gets fired I'm going to throw a party.
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    The first Saad trade was due to necessity before anything else. He wanted more than the Hawks had at the time. So it was understandable. I don't remember it as you do. Saad was definitely a power-forward and even drew comparisons to being a "Hossa-lite." His nickname was "Manchild." He was 6'2" and 200 pounds, had solid speed. Sure, he didn't "check" often, but he was still a power-forward as far as being strong on the puck and along the boards, etc. -- and he was, at least before the trade. Hence, why he was brought back. He was also a proven playoff performer; he was fantastic in the 2015 Cup run. And I'm the last one you'd call a "Bowman defender."
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    Once you get older and lose a half step, your ability to remain a team leader diminishes too i guess.
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    What is being missed here with all the talk of "blow it up" or "Ride it out and Hope" is that just 18 short months ago, this team finished with the best regular season record in the Western Conference. Last season was a disaster, yes. A disaster caused by StanBo overreacting to an embarrassing first round pounding by a run-away truck from Nashville. His dismantling of the Defense, including the two time Stanley Cup winning coach (which infuriated the Head Coach), left the team with a roster full of inexperienced and ineffective defensemen. Note: Five of the D men they used had less than a full NHL season of experience between them. The D was shaky at it's best; and when Crawford went down with an injury, things went from bad to worst. This team is not as bad as it appeared last season and with a few key additions and a healthy Corey Crawford could be competitive again. So what gives with this offseason? Has StanBo lost his nerve; realizing that he has no idea how to make a beneficial hockey trade? He cleared cap space and then... Wawawaaaa! Nothing. Or, is he not adding the needed help in order to keep the team under performing so as to finally rid himself of Joel Quenneville. Either way, it is the GM's job to do everything possible to make the team better (ask Doug Wilson). It is a simple as this: did StanBo do everything possible to make the team that finished 13th in the Western Conference better... competitive again... anything at all???? Negligence? Incompetence? Hidden agenda? We may never know.
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    I'm sorta hoping they go with Delia instead of Forsberg for the backup role, even if Forsberg has to pass waivers.
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    PP still awful. What do they have to do? I mean there’s absolutely no reason for that much talent to struggle!!!
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    I too seem to remember the "Saadfather" and the "in Saad we trust" statements from a few years ago,he also had his best season ever without JT and Hoss......on a weak,76pt Columbus team back in 15-16. The trade made sense when SB re-acquired him (55 goals in two preceding years) and last year was a tough one to assess any player IMO,this year tells the tale on the trade as far as I'm concerned. GO HAWKS!!!!!
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    When I see how Hayden can get the puck and protect it so well and then make a play I still believe he has some higher upside than fourth liner.
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    Apparently Boqvist doesn't get his 9 games. Bittersweet. On one hand, London will do him a ton of good. On the other, he not only deserved his 9 games (which shouldn't hurt him), but was arguably the best d-man we iced in the preseason.