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    My hopes, thoughts and prayers are with you Eddie. I have been critical of you as a fan, but that part of me is insane. The part of me that counts is the one that dearly wants you to be better. I remember meeting you when your brother Ricky was graduating from Incarnation Catholic School in Palos Heights (8th Grade) with my sister in 1984. You had just been selected third overall by the Blackhawks. While our conversation was short, you seemed to me to be a very down-to-earth, humble guy. I wish you all the best.
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    crow's got a new mask. i like it. i like it a lot. big fan of the matte black.
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    If Panik had 22 and 44 skatin' on Kane's line all year that'd be one thing but he had that year with a sub-par Toews and who knows who on the other side. The guy answers an important question for the team in my opinion. He's also the most physical player in the top six.........even with Saad's return. GO HAWKS!!!!!
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    Still don't know what I'm doing when inserting images (thumbnails?) but I was extremely fortunate to have been a guest in the sponsorship green room before the opening ceremony last night. While most attendees rushed to surround Kane and Sharp (Toews and Saad stayed outside the room in a back corridor), many ignored groupings of the young guys and prospects. As I was able to recognize most, I approached many to first take pictures with my nephew and then engage in some small talk and wish them luck in camp and the upcoming season. Most asked if I wanted a pic as well which was a nice bonus. As you can tell, I got a little silly at the end, especially with John Scott.....I had to lose my jersey as I was sweating like crazy but probably didn't need to show my ink. I do need some help with some of the names as there are a couple I'm unsure of. From left to right I believe I met Kero and Louis, Dauphin and two I'm unsure of (Hinostroza?), Connor Murphy (skinnier than I expected), Dcat(as small as I expected), Knott, and Baun, Forsling and Forsberg(?), and of course, Soupy and Scott.....all great guys and seemingly happy to talk with any brave enough to approach!
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    strange stance for a goalie.
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    I am so pumped to have him back, I seriously feel he'll put up wicked numbers. I could see 20 goals and 25-30 assists. I think Sharp is just an awesome hockey player and I feel he's got a second chance to win and leave on his terms. He's like Matt Cullen, fast and wise!!!
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    That's still a pretty even trade and I'd rather see Duchene go east if the Hawks can't get him. I wonder if they'd take Anisimov, Forsling or Gus, and a pick for him. As for Stan, I've been tough on him, especially how he took over Dales team by messing up the paperwork but he's been pulling off some trades and signings since 2015 that I didn't think he could or would. This summer he pulled off some big trades and brought Sharp back. And losing Hoss will hurt but he was put on the 3rd line for a reason, it helped his production and he was still solid defensively but he's well past his prime. If Sharp stays healthy he can help replace Hossas leadership and offensive numbers and Saad is like a young Hossa and he's just entering his prime. I'd rather have Saad and Sharp over Hoss and Panarin. Panarin is to soft and one dimensional. Hawks lose 3 rings but get 5 back, I'm ok with that. So far this summer Stan has done a good job.
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    Well, it's convention time again. The list of attendees has been published and notable missing players are Keith, Seabrook and Crawford. So you have four legitimate stars; Toews, Kane, Sharp and Sadd with a bunch of new comers and some alumni. I have to wonder as this is the 10th year if the bloom isn't off the convention rose. It's the Tuesday before the convention and I can go online to Ticketmaster and there are still tickets available. There are people trying to dump tickets for almost half price on StubHub. Maybe it will be slightly less crowded for the panels, which is a good thing. Having been to all nine previous events, I can't be the only fan who is weary of the same stale format at the same stale and too small hotel year after year. For all the creativity of the Blackhawks marketing department, they sure don't seem to be putting any effort into updating the convention. The four "stars" will probably be hidden behind the infamous Scratch and Win contest as usual. I'm mostly going to keep my consecutive year streak alive and to spend some time with my daughters who still think it's a fun day or day and a half. Also I'm hoping the management panel will go back to taking questions from the audience instead of questions from the moderator. Still, it's hockey in July. I'm hoping for another good regular season. I have my 9 game plan, which thankfully had almost no increase over last year.
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    heard Seabs on the radio yesterday, said hes still pissed how the season ended last year.. thats good to hear, so am i! also said he rarely watches playoff hockey, but last year for some reason, he watched every game. he guessed maybe he wasn't ready for it to be over. im hoping the whole team comes out pissed and we somehow can ice a team that has enough talent and will to get one more Cup! is it october yet??
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    Stan hasn't been a bad GM but not great either. Some of his moves may have worked out better if Q was willing to play them more. Some of them didn't really get much of a chance. They might not have won the Cup without Vermette scoring some huge goals while being in Q's doghouse half the time SB and Q really haven't been on the same page with some of the moves like they should be
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    This is fair enough. Personally speaking, I've criticized Bowman when it was called for and I've praised Bowman when it was called for (at least, in my personal opinion). Overall, he's been fine. I certainly wouldn't call him a "bad" GM. He's had his hits and he's had his misses, like almost every GM (if not all). Even though they never worked, at the time, I was pretty much for all the retreads (Campbell, Oduya, Versteeg, Ladd), and I certainly can't fault him for those moves. I like what he's done this off-season; I'd like to see him do more once Hossa is put on LTIR, considering we still have some big holes (top 6 wing, top 4 D, 3LC), but I won't blame him considering the cap situation if his hands are tied. It's true, you can say he's to blame for the cap situation -- and I'd agree -- but I'd also hesitate to put all the blame on him without knowing the exact circumstances/player-demands of each negotiation.
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    lots of articles on bickell out there since he was diagnosed, but this is the very best of the lot. the end of it got to me i have to admit. https://www.theplayerstribune.com/bryan-bickell-grinder/
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    Yes, he is the player the new direction needs to go with and what SB is looking for...physical player that plays a heavy game and can score. Lots of criticizing of the small soft perimeter players on the boards...rightfully so...SB locks up a great find...who produced...to a fair deal and the comments are that he should have low balled him even more than he did. There is something to be said for staying out of the nickel and dime negotiations when you can...called showing good faith and business. Players and agents see it. 2.8 is worth it.
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    regardless how the 2.8 million dollar number came to be, it's still a good signing.
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    I don't think Panik and his agent are such idiots, to expect 1/2 of that what he really got or what he's worth ... maybe he used not excatly adequate english terms when talked about it but he's definitely not stupid to ask 1.5M if he could get 2x more elsewhere.
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    The complete opposite of old Dollar Bill, that's one of the reasons a lot of young guys chose to sign here after college or from Europe.
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    The hockey buzz article said "Hjalmarsson and Oduya are replaced by Murphy and Kempny, let that sink in"... I'm ok with that, they're younger, bigger, and faster, Oduya is done and Hjalmarsson is in his 30's now and his body has taken a lot of abuse. And I think Forsling will replace Oduya, not Kempny. I agree with what he said about the bottom 6 being better with Wingels, Dauphin, and Bouma but he made it sound like Kruger was great at faceoffs and wondered who will replace him, Kruger only had 2 seasons over 50%, Kero and Dauphin will be the bottom 6 centers and replace MK. Kero played his first year in the NHL, he should improve at faceoffs and faceoffs and playing a 2way game is Dauphins strengths. And he must've forgot Hossa was on the 3rd line last season, even if he could play he wouldn't be with Saad and Toews, at least not for a full season. Panik showed good chemistry with Toews, those 2 with Saad will be very fun to watch. I'm not worried about Kanes line, he doesn't need Panarin and with Sharp, Hartman, Schmaltz, Debrincat, Hayden, Jurco on LW he'll make them better.
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    I told you rabbits walking backwards in a row is a receding hare line...
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    soupy*s haning them up. we*ve lost both soup and a sandwich this year.
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    Fixed it for you. There was not a single player the 'hawks could have realistically acquired at the deadline that Bowman passed on what would have saved Toews, Keith, Seabrook, Kane, Hjammer, Hossa, Panarin, Anisimov, Crawford, Oduya, Panik, Hartman, Kruger, and the rest of the players from themselves.
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    On the flip-side of the equation, Hossa was probably 2nd only to Datsyuk in terms of getting the puck away from the opposition. In fact, when Datsyuk took it away from Hossa, Hossa was the only guy I remember who could go out and get it back. Still a martiarchal-copulating travesty that he never won the Selke in his career.
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    It feels good to finally be able to say something good about the Bears.The kid took me by surprise,I know it's preseason but he does things good QB's do and he does them naturally. Quick release.....real quick,good feet too. He has the all important foot speed but also foot quickness and good positioning. It's hard to tell how good a young QB is when he's reading 3rd string defenses but his awareness is stellar.......or at least it was last night. Two of the passes he missed were both pretty dam close to being called penalties and two were batted down at the line. I had little interest in getting fired up for the team this year and it still might be a tough one and I thought Pace over paid to trade up but I saw the best half of preseason football from a Bear's rookie QB that I ever saw.............let's see if it means anything. GO BEARS! GO HAWKS!!!!!
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    I'd love to see him make it, but I'd also love to see Debrincat, Soderlund, Altybarmakian, and the other 8-9 under sized players we have. I liked what I seen out of Hino, if he has the heart, than he's a keeper, Pitt had a few smaller guys that tore it up for them, Sheary, Guentzel, Kunitz, Haglund etc. But they gotta be fast!!!
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    Cool stuff, Gigs. I wish him all the best as well. Disagreeing on hockey topics as posters is one thing...health is another thing...there's no disagreeing on that. I'm going to have a soft serve for our guy! 👍
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    It's a very "Offensive" stance to say the least. Maybe he plans on being the all time leading goalie in points? Which Tom Barasso holds at 49 points in only 777 games. Brodeur has 48 in over 1200 games. I think this kid could kill that record in his first year, but also have the worst GAA ever too. It's a gamble I'm willing to take!!!
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    Sorry...don't be the pot calling the kettle black. Ex: take a look at your SB posts. That's substance for you. I did state my point. I don't believe the team can have 3 contracts totaling around 30 mil. I may not be the best "poster" but those in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. Back to hockey posting.
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    I like Tavares...a lot...but I just don't get it. You'd have Toews at 10.5, Kane at 10.5 and Tavares at ?. Fans can't stop posting about how 21 mil is tied up in 2 players and how SB mismanaged those deals and SB can't manage the cap because of their contracts and SB has ruined the team and SB can't ice a quality team because of them...and blah and blah and blah. Now suggest having close to 30 mil tied up in three players??? SMH.
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    Maybe if they can answer that truthfully it will never happen again. I seen no leadership from any coach nor player during that series.
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    Toews could give some of his caps to Kempny.
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    haven't seen you here for a while, pj. glad to see you've mellowed a bit. jk...wb. thought we'd lost you.
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    One of the main reasons I am holding onto my season tickets is so I can assure that I will be at the game when they retire that jackass's sweater. I will be lustfully booing that traitorous piece of garbage throughout the entire wretched ceremony.
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    Bickell still led the league in PO hits back in '15' and that's quite the achievement considering what he was going through. He had the Pred's and Wild D-men lookin' over their shoulders in the 1st 2 rounds,I recall 25 hits in two consecutive games against MN...........I guess we now know why his play went down hill in the later rounds. Beatin' Boston in '13' and the Blues the following year woulda been a TALL order without Bryan Bickell! GO HAWKS!!!!!
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    We all know Stan could draft and even Big-T would agree. The problem has been as I explained above the kids were not prepared for Q's system and then became yo-yo's going up and down or else sat in the doghouse. That led to trades and there in lies the problem with many here. A lot thought to hold on to them. A lot though the return was not fair. A lot thought Q didn't give them a fair chance. Anyway I think more people are upset with a lot of his trades and signings rather than his draft picks because there are a few of his picks playing in the NHL today........Most not with the Blackhawks.
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    That was a great read. Bicks is a solid guy, I know we all ragged on him after signing the big contract and he fell off the planet. But no one ever expected that terrible disease to get him. I just lost an aunt to that at the end of April, 54. And I do a lot of work for people with MS. There is hope now a days, the procedures and medicine is getting to the point where they've reversed that evil curse. And I hope Bicks gets to reap the rewards of all the finest treatments out there. Good luck Bicks!!!
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    Funny how things are so different to people and the way of life. I moved while still young to Effingham,Il. for a few years and over that short time everybody in Effingham said I talked funny and always in a rush and people back in Chicago said I talked funny and did things too slow. What I learned is that most people have the same values in life they just do it in a different manner and talk funny. Driving Semi's across this country for 30 years showed me all walks of life but everything is the same. Good areas have bad people and bad areas have good people it's life as it always has been and it's a choice as to how you want to live it but either way it's always mixed and we still talk funny.
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    I agree with everything but the Hjalmarsson contract, he was worth every penny and the NMC. AA played zero games for the Hawks, zero 20g seasons, and a 46% career faceoff percentage, no way he should've got that contract. Kruger getting both is a head scratcher, he provides very little offense and only 2 seasons above 50% at faceoffs. No forward who's small and only plays defence should get 3mill and a NMC. I agree Seabs should've only got a raise or a NMC, not both, and especially not as many years that he got.
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    I'd be ok with getting Vanek for a year or 2, he's 33, 6'2" 218lbs, shoots right and plays on the LW. Plus he's 3pts from 700 and close to playing 900gms, would be cool to see him get those milestones as a Hawk. I wouldn't move Panik though, he's just entering his prime and he's a much needed powerforward who can score.
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    found this article about how the hawks recruited kero. it's a bit out of date but i thought it was a good read, even better than a shampoo bottle. https://theathletic.com/54515/2017/04/20/tanner-keros-unlikely-journey-to-the-nhl/
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    Last I heard, Doan wanted 3+ million on a multi year deal. Obviously he's not getting that, if he and Iggy would come for 700k each, I think come playoff time you'd see two guys literally kill for that gawd damn trophy. They'd probably retire after the season was done, so they'd put it all out there!!!
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    Is it possible that the Hawks already know the NHL's ruling, but it hasn't been made public? I would hope this is the case, because there really isn't any justifiable reason why the NHL would take so long to make a decision; that would be quite unfair to hang that over the Hawks the entire off-season and pretty much destroy any immediate Hawks' plans for the upcoming year. I think the Hawks know already and that they'll have no choice regardless but to wait until the first day of the regular season to put Hossa on LTIR (which they will). I would have preferred it if they simply traded the contract, but that may be an impossibility either because it would raise yet another red flag with the league or because there simply aren't any takers.
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    I don't think the Hawks gave up on Motte, the Jackets wanted him specifically (from what I've read) and that was the cost to get Forsberg. I would have rather given up Hinostroza, but I think Forsberg will make more of an impact than either of those guys. The team needed a solid back-up goalie and none were in the pipeline.
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    Hopefully that doesn't mean you're doing your business in the shower ... you know, where the shampoo is usually found.
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    something to read while we wait out the 63 days until camp starts. http://blackhawkup.com/2017/07/24/chicago-blackhawks-give-tyler-motte-soon/
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    Was there Tuesday and Thursday. Hard to tell with guys . Sikura highmore looked good Tuesday. Sikura and Dahlstrom looked good yesterday Dcat shows flashes both ways . Those wondering about fortin he was head and shoulders the best at camp last year and Dcat was there last year . Scrimmage today got my spot should learn something hoping someone stands out
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    i said somewhere else here that i could really care less about the uniforms but i have to reevaluate and agree with many here after seeing this picture. that white collar on the home jersey looks pretty bad alright. a clip-on tie wouldn*t really look out of place on it.
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    ...which is why we never tire of this:
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    True and same with this year, game 1 Hawks dominated periods 2 and 3 but hit a couple posts and couldn't score, I think they had 38 shots and Nash just over 20. Game 2 Nashville dominated. Game 3 was the dagger, Hawks up 2-0 in the 3rd then the luckiest goal ever happened when the put hit high off the glass and bounced back to the front of the net right to an open Pred, but the worst goal was the tying goal when a Pred player set a pick high in the slot (interference) so the guy with the puck got a shot off and Crow was set but a Pred who fell in the corner skated to the net and hit Crow in the head and turned him sideways and they scored, should've been two penalties on that play. If the Hawks win games 1 and 3 it would've been a different series. Preds and Blues both played dirty, got lucky, and moved on. Now Stan is making the Hawks younger and bigger, should help next playoffs. As for Seabs, he did look slower this year, I hope this off season he loses some weight and does more cardio, he'll feel lighter and it'll help his foot speed.