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    This trade was a smart move for several reasons. 1) The team finally has some legit prospects who project to play in the bottom six. I do not for one minute believe Strome or Perlini will ever become elite talent, but they should be able to fill roles on this team moving forward. Strome can already win a face-off, and with his size and vision, he should become (with the right coaching) a prototypical third line centre, something the team has not had for many years. Perlini is already a third line winger with a power game. 2) The team now has some real size at forward and a much more balanced lineup overall. The coach will not hesitate adding another skilled small forward such as Dylan Sikura (as soon as the player shows that he is ready). 3) Trading Nick Schmaltz before the second contract makes some sense. I do not believe he has earned a long term contract. Bowman will now have plenty of cap space to make some moves for the short term. I liked Schmaltz, but I prefer the potential of the players Bowman acquired, and I like how he has saved the money for better players moving forward. The team's prospect pool is now loaded on defence, and Bowman has now addressed the bottom six in a big way. He will almost certainly draft a scoring centre with the first pick next summer. It is very telling to me how Bowman has divested the roster of most of his US college kids over the past few months in favour of European and former CHL players. I believe there has been a sudden change in philosophy - which is long overdue. I feel sorry for Joel Quenneville. This is almost certainly the kind of trade he has wanted for some time.
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    Please humour me and tell me what Schmaltz has brought to the table. Doesn’t go into the corners, afraid to shoot the puck, can’t win a face off for his life, will turtle every time someone steps up to him, rarely if ever goes to the front of the net, terrible defensively, does nothing on special teams and feel free to add more because there is. He had decent season last year but that’s as far as it goes. He is not worth 5-6 million, most likely what he will ask for and does zero to help this team. At this rate the Hawks were lucky to get 2 players, it’s better than a bag of pucks.
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    He's played 20 of 22 games for arizona this season averaging 13 1/2 minutes a game. These days with the internet and all there's really no excuse for posting falsehoods.
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    Blackhawks first-rounders: 2011: Mark McNeill (traded, bust) 2011: Phil Danault (traded) 2012: Teuvo Teravainen (traded) 2013: Ryan Hartman (traded) 2014: Nick Schmaltz (traded) 2015: None 2016: None Stan Bowman needs to go... before he destroys this franchise for the next 10 years
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    Was that supposed to be in purple? Last season was his first pro year, a point a game in the AHL and 9pts in 20 with Arizona. This year in 21gms he has 1 more goal than Schmaltz. He's a 6'3" 200lb center that put up very impressive numbers playing with Debrincat, add Raddysh and the Hawks are looking better. Schmaltz had a good year with Kane but this year he's been terrble so the Hawks made the right move. I ran into Stan last season in Calgary and said he should get Strome and OEL from Arizona, 1 outta 2 ain't bad.
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    Just as I was thinkin' WTF is wrong with D-Cat he ties the game......good for him. Some secondary scoring and the team wins a game,what a novel idea. Seems like I read how bad our two leading scorers are in every GDT now...……..trade Kane and Toews and this team's a tire fire that could be seen from space. Nice come back and stop benchin' Hayden for God's sake,he looked at home with better players IMO. GO HAWKS!!!!!
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    Gotta give saad his props... if anyone on this team has been playing great through all this garbage its been Saad... I think he's been their best player of late..
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    Arguments aside, how are you not going to miss this guy? (wonder what the shot was). Anyways, Quenneville really embraced the city and (in my view) epitomized the culture of the city too: no nonsense, straightforward, hard-working, intense. Colliton has some enormous shoes to fill. https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/nfl/bears/2018/11/18/joel-quenneville-tailgates-bears-game/38560747/?utm_source=feedblitz&utm_medium=FeedBlitzRss&utm_campaign=usatodaycomnhl-topstories
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    Schmaltz would've tried a pass there.
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    Not in disagreement at all...just in general... I'm quite sure Washington was equally surprised as they were pleased that Kempny turned out better than decent. No different than the initial reaction that it was idiotic to trade for Zues, given he was near death at the time. The world was going to end if Vermette wasn't acquired....he sure looked like a bust until 3 GWG in the playoffs. Same "end of the world" deal with Ladd...only he looked great in the reg but didn't help in the post. And who knew Jordan Oesterle had a fan club? Nobody...until he got traded.
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    BINGO! One overly dramatic poster doesn't represent "most" of the board last time I checked and he sure as F doesn't represent me! The us against them stuff is just as overly dramatic IMO! Schmaltz sucked and I'll take the two new deck chairs. GO HAWKS!!!!!
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    Whatever man. You take everything here as though it's your job to defend SB. Then, if that isn't enough, you are ever in the wings ready to pounce and jeer at all who oppose.
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    Oh for God's Sake. Turris couldn't "crack" Phoenix's line-up either despite them being thoroughly mediocre. He averaged 11-12 minutes a game. Traded to Ottawa for David Rundblad (chosen a spot ahead of Nick Leddy; Rundblad turned out no better than an 8th D-man) and a 2nd Rd pick (Stolarz) that was dealt twice and has put up good stats in goal for the Flyers in his brief appearances. GREAT trade for the Yotes eh? GREAT handling of Turris by the Yotes. He's hurt now but sure didn't look like a bust for OTT or NSH. Something about PHX/ARZ being as good at handling young talent (save for the top-top tier/non-generational kind) as Edmonton, perhaps. Domi to MTL was scoffed at, now look. Chicago needed size, desperately. Young size, talented size. Two talented, sizable guys for someone under-performing. If this is a garbage trade, call me Oscar.
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    I'm just glad to see Schmaltz gone, and Bowman didn't overpay him with a new contract. Best of luck to the new guys.
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    Funny that the same people who are calling for Bowman's head for letting Duclair walk are the same guys who are pissed about him trading for a couple of struggling prospects from Arizona. Weird to have it both ways. Listen, I hate Stan Bowman right now. But this isn't a move I'm going to hate him for yet, because it's rooted in logic & there's lots of unknowns left. Now, if Schmaltz signs for 4 mill and becomes an 80 point guy, forget everything I said here, but for now I say let's all chill.
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    😂 so childish, I'm very heartbroken.
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    Schmaltz is terrible and there was something about him I didn't like from day one. Now the Hawks have 2 young 6'3" forwards who won't play timid hockey like NS.
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    Welllllll......Vancouver found their replacement for Burrows, didn't they?
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    only 2 goals against (one PP and one 5on5) in last 3 games/180 minutes, better than that D-mess before.
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    Coming from you, no one is worth a Shitt, thanks for stopping in.
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    There is really only one poster who is cataclysmic over this trade. He just happens to be posting a lot.
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    If you're really pining for Kempny, you need look no further than Quenneville. Kempny requested the trade because Q kept him in the pressbox. The fact that Q mismanaged Kempny has literally nothing to do with Bowman. I know it doesn't suit your agenda but it is literally the truth. Articles have been written about this, good ones in fact. Learn how to use google some time.
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    Can't say I'm crying over losing Schmaltz. It's more about what we got and I guess I need more information. Schmaltz was probably going to command at least $6 million on his next contract and he'd be justified based upon his points. However, and T has brought this up repeatedly, Schmaltz points were quiet points, points that came on the heels of having Kaner on his line. Schmaltz did steal pucks, but he also lost pucks with reckless abandon and the main reason why he lost those pucks were because he was afraid of contact. He was a center who couldn't win faceoffs. So, he really can't play center primarily for that reason. He also hardly ever would shoot first. Worse, he'd make a pass that very often would become a shot less desirable than the one he had. To me, he's almost in that notorious category of "addition by subtraction." Somebody please give me the rundown on these two guys. I know they're both huge. I know Strome was D-Cat's center in juniors. I understand that he plays with a different attitude than a guy like Schmaltz. He has put up great numbers in juniors. I really want to like this trade. Stan's trade record certainly doesn't give me much confidence however.