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    See ya, but you definitely won the prize for the most idiotic post of the year.
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    Sikura on the top line makes me want to vomit
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    I am not a Bowman apologist. This is the first summer he has followed a plan that I can understand. You are a top down guy looking to add big names. I am a bottoms up guy who believes in maximizing the depth of the roster. Vegas made it to the finals not because they had stars but because their third and fourth lines were better than most, and their third pairing on defence was adequate. The Hawks have stars. They do not need more. Their power play is already great. They need to fill out the roster with legitimate NHL talent. For the first time in ages, Bowman seems to be recognizing this reality. No more overpaid crap like Manning. No more AHL fill. Now we have twenty three NHL players.
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    Because he ignores his own end and will take a ton to sign.
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    Perry? I hate having to make those 180 degree "hate reversals."
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    Recent moves reinforce my belief that Stan Bowman screwed over Tallon to get the GM job, then screwed over Q (with the backing of Wirtz and McDonough) when both were put on notice before last season started. How else can anyone explain his garbage pickups during the offseason last year, plus sitting on over $5 million of cap money? Yet shortly after he fires Q, he starts making trades left and right to improve the team?
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    My guess is that Quenneville will return to his traditional approach with Dale Tallon this year. Those who have come to equate Quenneville teams with passive play will be surprised. Quenneville likes a fast skating team, but he is not against physical play. It is all about degrees. He had no choice but to play the hand he was dealt. especially in the last couple of years.
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    Maybe this will help you breathe easier!!!
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    OK, I've had it now. Could somebody on these wonderful boards PLEASE explain to me Stan's fascination with this kid? I'm aghast anytime I see him in Stan's plans.
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    Is this summary more or less correct? After signing Lehner, (I'll borrow Merper's numbers) Stan has only about $1M left to spend. Perlini, who scored 12 goals and did show flashes of his talent a few times, is still unsigned while Dylan Sikura and his zero goals has already been locked up with a two year deal.
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    You can definitely tell who the glass half full guys are and the glass half empty guys are. Bowman's main job was to improve the team's defensive glares/penalty killing all while making sure cap space is available next year to resign Strome and Debrincat. He is not going to please all of us, but I feel he did pretty well in adding defensive defenseman, a good 4th line faceoff guy and penalty killer and bringing back Shaw who is a great locker room guy. We played better the last half of the season and hopefully everyone will be on the same page at the start of this season. And hopefully everyone stays healthy. He has some cap space still to make a move and maybe he will. He has some assets he can move at the trade deadline if we are actually in contention for a playoff spot. I like his moves at the Draft. I am far more optimistic going into this season than I was last year. I like Crawford as an assistant coach. I am hoping some of the kids really push for spots. Would love Entwistle to be ready.
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    MY BOY! THEY BROUGHT BACK MY BOY!!!! Playoffs here we come!😍
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    Bobby Lou hangs em up.... https://www.nhl.com/news/roberto-luongo-announces-retirement-from-nhl/c-308072802 I enjoyed hating him during the Canucks rivalry for those 3 years, but hard to dislike him too much since. guy has a fantastic sense of humor and ends his career with the 3rd most wins all time....
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    Merp, you do need to lighten up a bit. I guess I should have added a -:) to complement the maybe and "looking at this as a positive" or perhaps used purple.
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    You are never happy Merp, the gm finally starts making moves and changing the landscape of this team and your still whining.
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    Even last pick Cole Moberg has a high lite reel, actually looks pretty good.
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    lol it's not the dreaded Turcotte pick but let's pivot to the missed trade chance. I mean c'mon
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    all that's left to determine now is which prospect has the hottest sisters.
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    DeHaan was third in PK minutes per game and Carolina was one of the better PK teams...which is good news
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    The plays he can make due to his size and wing span are obvious.And didn’t look all that slow to me.
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    This is what I was hoping for, Dach 6’4” 200, Vlasic 6’6” 200. I also like trading Hayden for Quenneville!!!
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    It’s quite obvious that Stan had an epiphany, he’s been adding size every where he can. I’ll give credit when due, and it’s due, it’s a meat grinder in the playoffs, and I just think we needed size at all costs. On top of that, we got a right shot center who’s got high end skill with size. 200 foot game players with size are hard to find. The best part is he’s compared to Getzlaf and also to Joe Thornton. I think we’ll love this kid!!!
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    lol you changed your mind on byram ,already
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    You don't have a chance to draft a number one defense man very often Stan. BB should have been the pick