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    The guy has to go down as one of the very best Hawks ever! Best free agent signing that I ever recall also and I can't imagine Hawk's nation without Big Hoss the last eight seasons. Lotta emotions and speculation as expected and for now I just want to thank the player for more than I ever expected when he was signed back in the summer of '09' and wish him the very best! GO HAWKS!!!!!
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    ^ whoever wrote that should never write again, to say a dman who's 24 and 23 has reached their peak and won't improve is the dumbest thing I've ever read. Dmen don't hit their prime till they're 26-27. Keith was playing on a bad knee last year but the guy is a freak physically and should be able to play into his 40's. Seabs didn't have his best year but to say he was horrendous is BS, I'm sure he'll have a bounce back year next season. No way he's done at 32. And to say Forsling lit up the AHL proves this guy is clueless.
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    more games with the hawks than any team. reg. season games with chicago...534. with ottawa 467. he was born to be a hawk. it was always in the cards.
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    just sign everyone to 1 year contracts from now on.....and the only bonuses are playoff performance driven. perennial winner guaranteed.
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    Can't help but think that TVR benefitted from being on a good team all year, while Murphy was on an abysmal team.
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    I'm gonna respectfully and totally disagree with you Jack. I don't think the team is as bad as you're making it out to be. There's guys like Jagr, Cullen, Hossa, even Selane were all good until their careers either ended or still going. Toews and Kane 29/28, I cannot buy into the idea that they're washed up and are on the downside of their careers. They'll be great for a few more years. Keith will play till he's 40, so he's a young 32 in my eyes. I don't think you're giving enough credit to the NHL, it's very tough to win, I think maybe you took it for granted and now have the notion that it's over. Crosby and Malkin have been absent since 2009. They couldn't get out of the 2nd round until last year. So I think it's very premature to write off the Hawks. They still won the West, and yes got trounced in 4 games, but with a ton of rookies and a few soft players, I don't think they're that far off, it's still achievable, anything can happen, but we do need everyone from the top on down to be on board!!!
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    nice to see The Hockey News had chicago as one of 3 teams that were winners in the draft this year. http://www.thehockeynews.com/news/article/winners-and-losers-of-the-2017-nhl-draft As hosts, they had fun with the proceedings, but they also made some astute picks. Defensemen Henri Jokiharju and Ian Mitchell both bring a modern puckmoving game to the table, which will help replenish the Hawks once the Duncan Keith era comes to a close. In Tim Soderlund, they got a very skilled forward with a fourth-round pick.
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    people from other fan bases will never be aware of what nik hj meant to this team. this sort of thing is the bad part of cheering for any sports team. i will look what we got back soon enough i guess....but for now.....this just sucks.
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    Big Hoss had 26 goals skatin' with Markus F'n Kruger for God;s sake,another long summer more than likely results in another 25-30 season if healthy and worth every penny of his hit. The team would of gotten compliant either way somehow and all the chatter around the league is nonsense when you see what's happened the last several years with similar situations. GO HAWKS!!!!!
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    I genuinely feel a love for the man. To me, he is the very definition of a hockey player and a very good, humble person. May God richly bless you Marian Hossa.
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    I'm just in complete shock. I thought it was a joke at first like everyone else. For his career to end like this is heartbreaking. I wish him all the best in his health and future. Marian Hossa is a class act on and off the ice. Like Vadarx said - I know a lot of Hawks haters will be going - its a farce to help the Hawks get around the Cap - but Hoss is not that person and this is not that organization. My heart is really broken that he might not ever play again. He had good years ahead of him in my mind and this is absolutely not the way he wanted to go out I'm sure. I'm thankful he got his 1000 points though. Future HOF for sure. Thanks for everything Marian. Maybe it will work out for you to play again. If not - glad you finally found your Cup (x3) and you made a home with the Blackhawks.
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    we*ve all seen it 1OO times. might as well make it 1O1. better days against the preds.
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    never mind the $$....there*s a huge hole to fill now.
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    We all need to move on at times jack,the Preds series was an embarrassing kick in the guts for an optimist like me. At least you were right in your prediction of failure this year but ar some point right and wrong become yesterday's news. We don't know what the future holds but if I felt the way you do,it'd be hard to follow the team. GO HAWKS!!!!!!
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    I agree v,it looked like everyone in the org. was onboard with making them the highest paid players in the league........especially Rocky. At the time of those signings,Malkin and Ovi were @9,5M and had one cup between them,Kane and Toews got 1M more than the other top players due to the six they had between them. Crosby has a 8.7M hit due to his pre-CBA deal that wouldn't be allowed today,Malkin's 30 w/5 left @9.5M and a full NMC and Crosby's 29 w/8 left and also a full NMC. Pen's FO and fanbase went seven years in between cups w/o a single finals appearance in that time span but they kept the faith in their best players........did they not? They also watched the Hawks win three in that time span. Let's see where the Pens go from here,Guentzel has 2 left on his ELC,Rust,Kuhnhackl and Wilson have one. Bonino's an UFA who made 1.9M and somebody'll give him more,young D-men Dumoulin and Schultz are RFA's..........TWO TIME cup winning RFA's at that and we've seen the value that adds first hand. Cullen probably retires and who knows what Kunitz,Daley and Hainsey do but the Pens will see some turnover without a doubt..........cups are worth it.......just ask the folks in Washington,St Louis and SanJose. I don't know where SB and the team go from here,let's hope it's a better place than the other past cup winners LA and Boston have. Tampa and Dallas have been held up as better run examples to follow......where are those teams headed? GO HAWKS!!!!!
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    They are probably trading Panarin for Burns. Pretty sure it's all about the Defense and the Beard game. Toews and Kane's Beard game is so weak, Panarin just wouldn't help. With the proper beards, we will be playoff ready. Bowman is a genius.
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    You know what would help the PP? A bag of balls and a little bit of movement. And no, that's not a low rent porno!!!
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    Yeah we've heard this many times and it's true but Panarin is a top 10 scorer so he was expected to do something in the playoffs, especially on the PP, but he's a perimeter player and easy to shut down. Saad has 30lbs on Panarin and he drives to the net plus he plays a complete game, that makes a huge difference in tight checking playoff games.
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    I dunno Big-T some people just love that dynamic offense and that is OK I get it it's fun to watch but for me I love to watch great back checking. Watching Hossa come back and steal a puck or break up a play had me more juiced. To see Saad Toews and Hossa do it as a line was a pure joy. Let's see if Saad Toews and Panik can bring that magic back.
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    A lot of pundits at the draft tonight talking about how Columbus fleeced the Hawks by acquiring an "elite" goal scorer in Bread. I'll miss him, but he was the invisible man once the calendar hit April the past two seasons. In addition, with Hoss gone, we needed a solid two way forward in the fold that's not afraid to work in the corners, but can also find the net and Saader fits that role precisely. Couldn't be happier with this trade. Much less enthusiastic on losing Hammer. The guy has been nothing but a warrior since his call up. I felt I was one of the few that applauded back in 2010 when the team matched the offer sheet that SJ had signed him to and I never regretted it. I wish him good luck in the desert or Seattle or wherever that team winds up.
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    Worst trades ever? That's a little extreme. I'm a huge Hjalmarsson fan but this could be a good trade, especially in the long run. Murphy is huge, only 24 and signed for 4 more years at 3.8, that'll be a bargain in a year or two. He'll bring more offense and grit to the back end. Plus they get a young center with size who can score. So they got younger, bigger, and Hjalmarsson is 30 and lucky so far to not have a bad injury, so how is that the worst trade ever?
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    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W2mX7LqBGo4 This event angered me more than any other single event I've seen in sport.
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    stan should hire my g/f for his assistant. if i give her a 1OO buck to go shopping...she wil spend $99.95.
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    At this point, I'm more concerned about his long term health than anything. No one needs to reiterate how good of a hockey player he is, but his peers and coaches tell the story of a hardworking, humble man as well. I hope he is able to overcome this disorder and live a long, happy, healthy life whether he plays again or not.
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    The regular season last year (especially late January and all of February) was my favourite since 2009. It was thrilling to watch how the coaching staff integrated the kids and played for the future. Everything seemed to change around the trade deadline. Bowman said it was time to "play the kids" and see what the team had. Quenneville balked at this plan - regurgitating Tootoo and Desjardins and the other veterans, forcing Toews back into a full-time checking assignment. I believe this apparent cleavage between the coaching staff and management soured the entire dressing room. The coach had no confidence in the roster Bowman provided for him - whether it was justified or not. The players knew it and played accordingly. If Bowman continues to provide Quenneville with the kind of bottom-fill he has in recent years (ie Mashinter, Tootoo, Rozsival, Desjardins), we won't see any changes. The general manager needs to take charge and move out the players (instead of re-signing them). If they are still around in the playoffs, they will play (no matter what the "plan" is in place).
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    Toews currently sucks? If 49 goals for one of the best two way,FO winning centers in the league the past two years sucks,then Bergeron with his 21 this year must suck too and Kopitar with his 12 @10M must suck AND swallow! I can't say the team is currently built for deep runs with any confidence but the "NHL basement for a few years"? Get ahold of yourself jack! GO HAWKS!!!!!
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    Gig: The team "gets" plenty from its veterans. The experience and wisdom they provide in the dressing room (even as they decline) is invaluable to the young players. Young assets are only useful if developed appropriately. Coaches can only teach so much about what it means to be a pro and a winner. Most of a team's winning culture comes from the veteran players themselves (which makes guys like Matt Cullen and Jason Williams so invaluable as they move from one organization to another). Seabrook or Hjalmarsson's presence on the roster (or a guy like Hossa) might be what turns a jouneyman like Panik into a useful player or a Hartman into a top six guy. The core guys have the Stanley Cup "cred" which can never be taken from them. The young players will listen to them. Anisimov or Panarin might be better on-ice producers. But are they more valuable to this team as it rebuilds its roster? I certainly don't think so.
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    If we are reading posts - maybe take a gander at mine and the one I replied to. I'm not bringing anything "back" to the offseason because its where I started and its what I commented on to begin with. And when did top players not battle on the boards? Can there be a consensus as to what people are angry at him about. Froggy says he battles on the boards and plays hard every game and you say is it 10.5 million worth cause so does Desi, Ras, Kruger and AA. Yet I was here all season and I'm positive people complained about all of them not doing that during the season and many complained that Toews didn't do that very thing during the season as well. Kaner seems to have earned his and he doesn't do much battling on the boards during the season and didn't do much scoring in the playoffs this year either. Their stat lines from this sweep look pretty dang similar actually. He's not scoring enough is a huge complaint. People forget that before this last season - both Toews and Kane had the same career number of regular season goals (251). Now Kane has 13 more. Kane has a buttload more assists. So does he need to assist on goals more? If Toews has to finish top 10 in scoring during the regular season to earn his check - I'm gonna go out on a limb and say he ain't ever gonna earn it - cause that's not his game. And if you are gonna say - look at playoffs - cause that was another huge point of contention - my question would be so is 9 points in the last 2 playoff runs worthy of 10.5 but 8 isn't? Maybe someone should start a GoFundMe and help recoup back some of the money people have lost due to Toews last two seasons. The money seems to be a big issue. Hopefully someone is tallying it up and Toews can pay back what he didn't earn at the end. lol.
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    Deflecting from what? What does his off season plans, vacations or feelings about climate control have to do with his last two seasons - unless you can prove that he wasn't doing the same things when he was performing at his pay grade? Wasn't the kid on an ELC when he won a Cup and a Connie. That was probably a bit above his pay grade then wouldn't you say? And he was making a tad bit over 6 when he won the other 2. Maybe the money evens itself out and folks can feel better about it. And I agree with Big T. I don't think he's on a downward spiral. He had 28 goals in 3 consecutive seasons and the big issue in 2016 was he was setting guys like Hossa up and they couldn't put the puck in the net to save their lives. He gets 5-10 more assists and he's back up to when I'm assuming he was playing up to standards points wise ie - in Cup winning years. This season could be qualified as a down year - but he still Captained a team people had basically written off - to a 50 game winning season. And had another 20 goal season playing with Panik and a bunch of rookies and lo and behold a consistent linemate gets 20 goals and he gets more assists. Yes the playoffs were a mess and as a vet and as Captain a lot of that falls on his shoulders. I have no problem with that. He absolutely earned that criticism. Still not sure what that has to do with his off season choices.
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    There are many opinions but there's only one set of facts. GO HAWKS!!!!!
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    so you post a cartoon about climate change on a hockey message board? toews stopped being an athlete and became a normal citizen on april 21st. if you were referring to his comments on his instagram account beside the picture that you first posted on the previous page....what he said was about 9O% climate and about 1O% politics. there wasn*t a hint of anything inflammatory or outrageous about it. i just have a hard time imagining anyone having a problem with it. i think he can make any comments he likes to on his instagram account. it*s still a free world. http://www.secondcityhockey.com/2017/6/6/15742996/jonathan-toews-twitter-global-warming-speaking-out-politics-sports
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    Well MJ as usual your comments on this transaction are a "pants on fire" falsehood. To refer to Darls as a better goalie that Crow, to call Crow an "average goalie" "on decline" is pure bull-pucky! The trade was the best thing that could happen for Scotty's pro hockey career. He deserves to have a spot at being a #1 goalie and he has that with the Caines. If you look at the statistical evidence Crawford has actually been getting better each season. The most reasonable thing for all the #50 haters to do is bury the hatchet and start supporting Crow, because you are right about one thing, he will be around for a number of years. Darls, deserves all that is coming to him, and I wish him well down south!
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    he most certainly did. best take another peek at that beautiful goal. ahhhh....the good old days....
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    Agree 100%. A lot of people saying the BJ's got the better end of the deal, but I think this trade helps the both teams. C-bus needs a sniper like Panarin and the 'hawks need another 2 way player to play with Tazer. As you said, Kaner will be just fine. I'm guessing they will put Schmaltz on his left wing and AA at center, provided he isn't traded as well. It gives us a top 2 lines instead of just one. It also gives me someone to put on a new adidas jersey...
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    Hawks would be accused of cheating with Hoss health status and classy reputation both Hawks and Hossa would be ruined, in Hossa's case forever.Also if he's out, then he's out, it's other guys turn, for the better future.
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    Yes. I would have love to see those two play again in the same team.
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    No BS M-J .....Hoss had/has a skin condition for awhile. Whether to say it has anything to do with hockey equipment is anybody's guess but it seems to flare up during the season. Most here should know about medications and when increased so do the side effects mostly drowsiness and fatigue. I'm guessing he just found out about the new meds. Hey maybe that is why he seemed so happy and talkative!! Skin infections are no fun even minor ones like poison ivy or chiggers which can be cleared up in a few days with cream. Hoss I'm guessing has an allergy and yes those do happen later in life when it never affected you before now it's up to the medical staff to find what it is and that requires a battery of tests not just take a pill and put some cream on hoping it goes away. It's not going to an allergy is controlled by not only pills but diets and habits for their lifespan. Just an FYI....The Kira dog who is 10 now developed an allergy last year where she was chewing her coat off to bare skin and bleeding is now taking an allergy pill everyday @ $2.00 per pill. I could have spent 1000's to find out what the allergy was and then still spent $2.00 per pill per day anyway. She is doing just fine
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    especially considering the year he just had.
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    The young kids Bowman was hyping in March had talent. The players who replaced them did not. Bowman should have known better and removed these options from the roster in March (like I suggested then). Hinostroza and Hayden got a playoff game in. Motte and Forsling didn't play. Kempny got a few minutes work. The Hawks were swept. What was the point of it?
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    After letting Darling go, it would be stupid to trade Crawford now.
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    We all want to throw Stan under the bus including myself for these ridiculous contracts to Kane and Toews. Is it all on Stans head, we aren't all business majors around here but a flat cap or a mediocre rise in the last 7 years doesnt entirely fall on Stan it falls on the NHL as a league as well. The NBA, NFL, MLB, Nascar, F1, MLS soccor have all ganied in revenue but the NHL is still scratching the bottom of the barrel. Tixs are a all time high, consessions are beyond ridiculous and add in all the Merch. The NHL is failing as a league, marketing and advertisements, the lack of Olympic participation and identity of the league is in question and that doesnt fall on Stan. How is it the NHL still has a cap of 72million. Was Stan wrong to presume the cap would be around 82-84 million, no, because it should be and that falls on Bettman and the owners. Stan gave Kane and Toews a ransom thinking and analysing the league and its future, no one can sit here and say they thought the cap would still be as flat as a ironing board this many yeara straight.
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    some brutally honest talk from scottie d while giving a classy goodbye to the organization. many might have already seen it cause it*s a couple days old but if you haven*t seen it yet....do yourself a favor and give it a read. https://www.theplayerstribune.com/scott-darling-goodbye-chicago/
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    Bergeron and Kopitar no longer dominate in both zones like they did in the past. Very few centres can handle the kind of two-way role Toews, Bergeron and Kopitar have been filling. All three are older, Their teams are not as deep. The job is ridiculously taxing. I don't think Toews should be doing this job any longer. He should be concentrating on scoring (as he did in February and March when he was padding his scoring numbers playing against the opponent's weaker players). Scorers are hard to find. Checkers are not. A high-quality defense first centre is not expensive, and they are plentiful. It makes zero sense to waste Toews as a checker.
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    As long as the kid isn't out here committing would be crimes that could negatively impact the team - not sure why any Hawks fans wouldn't take him being in the jungle hiking and giving his opinion about climate control (which is something he's spoken out about before) with a grain of salt and a thank you to the hockey gods. We've seen MUCH worse in off seasons in recent memory. But Toews seems to be the whipping boy for some I guess. Meh. I'm a girl with eyes - I quite like him chronicling his summer with photos of him doing strenuous activities like hiking and working out.
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    Pass. I'd rather go with what JT finds in that jungle over this guy.
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    The big problem wasn't just Anisimov. It was also Kruger. The coach did not really trust Kruger to do Bolland's old job. He never really has. This was unfortunate because it meant Toews had to handle the opponent's best centres every night (other than for a few weeks in the spring when Quenneville moved Hossa back to play with Kruger). Toews can't check and score at the same time any more, especially with the inferior linemates he is now provided. Panik and Schmaltz are good scorers, but they are not elite two-way checkers such as Hossa from a few years back. We all know Kruger is gone (likely to Vegas). If I am Bowman, my top priority would be finding his replacement. Anisimov is ok in both zones, but he can't win a faceoff which is a big problem (especially if Kruger goes). This is why I would look to trade him for a legitimate bottom-six, defence-first type centre with some size/snarl who can do the Bolland job (and consistently win faceoffs). I believe this kind of move would actually improve the overall offence because it would allow the coach to get Toews on the ice in more offensively favorable situations. I would then trade Panarin for a very young top-four defender (with top-two upside). By moving out Anisimov, Panarin and Kruger, Bowman can save 10 plus million in the short term. This will be plenty of cap space to set the team up for a serious reload. The time has come for Schmaltz, Motte, Hayden and Debrincat to fight for these top-six forward spots. If the bottom six is fixed, Quenneville will be more confident to use these kids in the scoring roles where one or more of them could thrive with Kane and Toews.
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    This x1000 Movement is the number 1 issue with the pp, imo. Wayyyy to much standing around waiting for someone else to make a magical pass...
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    TVR will be 26 next month and only has 31pts in 158gms. Just like Anisimov, he's tall but very skinny, not good for a dman, especially when he plays scared in his own end. I rather lose that "young" talent then a guy just entering his 20's and has more upside like Forsling or Pokka. Hawks lost in the 1st round 2yrs in a row, time to move some of the guys who were there for both and don't know how to win. TVR is one, Anisimov and Panarin would be the other two I'd move.
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    There are always so many UFAs every summer looking for contracts. Is Kempny really the best defender on the market who would sign a one year contract at $900K? Obviously not. This is my issue. This was also my issue with the David Rundblad deal. It was also my issue with Jeremy Morin years ago. If a RFA has not really established himself, he needs to either be willing to take a minimum wage deal or a multi-year contract. If he is not willing, you have to let him go or trade him. We will see how Bowman handles Jurco. If I am Chicago, I want a two or three year commitment at $600 K/year max. Otherwise I let him walk or sit. I have never complained about how Bowman has handled the contract negotiations for core players (i.e. Seabrook, Toews, Kane, Crawford, etc) You reward the players who have earned their contracts. But overpaying for marginal talent who have proven little or nothing is just bad strategy. Kempny's upside is not that high at this stage.