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    Regardless, Crawford got the job done in his 3 games this year and, in the past 2 games he played, carried the D. That's what's best for the team moving forward: a reliable presence in net that has proven time and time again that they can get the job done and give the team a fighting chance to win irrespective of a softie now and again...*which happens to every goalie*.
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    Old Man Crow is having a pretty good start Pat said 3 goals on 104 shots. Too bad he is in decline!
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    Amen Creatch What are we really talking about? 1. Marion Hossa is tired of playing hockey. He actually wants to retire? 2. Great news! Cap space is available, all that needs to happen is...Hoss agrees to go along with a made up bogus skin condition. Seems far-fetched but... it's just crazy enough to work. 3. Now we have 5 million to put us over the top....never mind we had a guy who earned every penny of those dollars with his production....we're going to find a Hall of Fame player who's the best winger to never win a Selke.....we need that 5 million to sign a guy that's just waiting to come here, because he's out there, despite the fact that every NHL roster is set. Chicago is going to gain cap relief by asking a player that makes them a better team to lie about his health. Makes just so much sense.
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    <threadjack...kinda> I wanted to bring this up because something that has been flying around for awhile is that Crawford, Price, or other goalies that are assumed to be overpaid are "average". Which begs the question: What is average? I think I have a solid number to define what average is in terms of goalies in the cap era. Taking every single shot, save, and goal that has happened since the beginning of the 2006 season through 6:00am PDT on 10/11/2017: The average is: .911 Out of 851,996 shots on net since the beginning of the 2006 season up through last night's games, 776,041 have been saved and 75,955 have went in. This rounds out/slightly up to a .911 SV% for the entire league. In order for that number to change, the closest I could find is that if, over the next 10 games total across the league, each goalie saw 30 shots and all of those shots were a goal, the average would drop to .910. In other words, that number is not moving easily, and can be used as a good baseline for all goalies. The way it stands right now, there are 5 goalies who, in their numbers since the beginning of the 2006 season to 10/11/17 at 6:00am PDT, are average: Alex Stalock, Michael Neuvirth, Carter Hutton, Eddie Lack, and Connor Hellybuck. On the SV% chart for *all* goalies who have seen at least 1 shot since the beginning of the 2006, and based on numbers from 2006-this post (cap era), these goalies rank 89-93 out of 253 netminders. This includes all netminders: From goalies like Lundqvist (most shots seen at 21090) to Brian Foster, who only saw 1 shot on goal. This includes guys like Foster and 7 others (all of whom have a perfect 1.000, and have seen only between 1 and 17 shots), and Timo Pelmeier who has a .583 and only seen 7 shots. Crawford sits at .918. That's decidedly above average. Among all netminders in terms of raw SV%, he ranks 42. However, my point on 8 netminders all riding a 1.000 sv% and the max any of them has seen is 17 shots makes that inaccurate. In terms of goalies the more shots seen the more their numbers normalize and regress to their personal mean. The more shots the more aberrations like hot streaks, cold streaks, lucky saves, the defense bailing them out, softies, etc. get lost in the noise. So how do the best goalies who have the most normalized stats stack up? Taking active goaltenders only, with more than 5300 shots seen, that will give us the top 31 goalies active in the league right now, ranked by SV%: Rask, Schneider, Holtby, and Talbot are 1-4, and are all rocking a .922 Bobrovsky, Price, and Lundqvist are 5-7, and all have .920. Bishop is alone at 8th, with .919 Crawford & Luongo are 9 and 10 with .918 Andersen, Rinne, Anderson, and Halak are 11-14 with .917. Varlamov, Dubnyk, Quick, and Howard are 15-18 with .916. Miller and Reimer are 19 and 20 with .915. Bernier is alone at 21 with .914 Elliott, Smith, Fleury, and Neimi are 22-25 with .913. Lehtonen is 26 at .912 Neuvirth is average at 27 with .911 Mason is the best below-average goalie with .910 at 28 Ward is 29 with .909 Pavelec is 30th with .907 Budaj is 31st with .905. What conclusions can I draw? The league average is kinda low, but not really moving. 600 goals on 600 shots just to decrease it .001 means it's stable. If you're average, you're a fringe starter at best, a career backup at worst. You have to be above average to get to the middle of the pack over the course of your career. Staying up is hard work. How good was Ward, Varlamov, Smith, etc. once upon a time? Now they are middle of the pack or fringe starter at best. Working the numbers out, 3 seasons with 60 games each seeing about 30 shots per game will get your numbers decently normalized enough that how you play is not "a fluke". 8 goalies have a .919 or better, and have seen over 5300 shots and 10,000 minutes--AINEC. The rest of the .919 or better crowd have to prove they can keep their numbers high for the duration. No one who puts up consistent numbers better than Michael Neuvirth is merely "Average"--especially not goalies with career .918 or better numbers.
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    D-cat's slap-pass over to AA was SWEEEEET!!!!! Price or Crawford and 4.5M of cap space.........let me think for a minute....I don't need a minute! CRAWDADDY BABY! GO HAWKS!!!!!
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    Sorry man, you want to call the guy out as overpaid and over the hill, then then own it and take the heat when he makes your assessment of him look foolish.
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    My wife treated me to a fine dinner and a hockey game for my B-day. The hockey game? Ha...it was the defending champion Seattle Thunderbirds vs. the Portland Winterhawks. Some may recall that Marian Hossa once played for a team that prior to Hossa was a Hawk farm team, had no money for uni's and the Hawks gave them theirs. They've had the Hawk uniforms ever since. Anyway, there's a guy on Portland by the name of Henri Jokiharju. You know, first round pick by the beloved. He showed himself quite well in this event. My wife? Her first hockey game period. We sat next to the glass. First it was the checks right in front of us. It seemed like every shift. Then, there were two really huge fights right in front of us. Let's put it this way. The highlight for her? It was the wiener dog race between the first and second periods. The game? 10-5 Portland. Success has its cost apparently even in the WHL. Now, I'm watching the recorded Hawk game and it looks pretty darned good to me.
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    And there was the film of him being playfully mugged by Seabs during practice. He must be a likeable kid if the vets are taking to him so well. This team looks like they're already having fun. Can never underestimate chemistry.
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    Never realized how different they look without their hockey garb on...
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    Injury Report This feature is on the main page under the "Roster" tab. Drop down, the injury report is on the left column. Always found this feature pretty reliable, since it's on the Official site. Great play from the "All American" line (Kane/Schmaltz/Hartman) racking up 12 points playing together for the first time, including pre-season NAME INJURY STATUS NOTES N. Schmaltz Likely to play 10/7 Left game early on 10/5 T. Kero Likely to play 10/7 Left game early on 10/5 J. Tootoo Upper body Placed on LTIR M. Hossa Placed on LTIR M. Rozsival Upper body Placed on LTIR
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    I thought it was a great gesture on the Hawks part to include Bickell and Niemi in one last shift tonight!
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    So far as we know this is just a 1 year LTIR has anybody heard different? NO YOU HAVE NOT so stop with the crap. Until Hossa says he has retired I'm sick of every so called expert saying he has played his last game and that is fueling the fires of cap cheating etc..... I for one would love for Hossa to be playing for the Hawks today even at 40 and I'd bet my house that every team in the NHL would love to have him on their team today also. And as far as people and their medical expertise on broken bones or skin conditions try leaving that to medical professionals. Every person is different and also heals different depending on age, severity of injury and how one's body heals and how it accepts the medications to heal or what side effects hinders the healing. It's called life try accepting it and how it works instead of making a conspiracy theory about it. Go Hoss and get well soon hope to see you next year. And Go Hawks we want the cup !!!
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    There is not one NHL team that would have refused to sign Hossa to this very contract which makes them no better or worse than the Blackhawks. To make a deal with the league is admitting wrong doing and the Hawks followed the existing rules to the letter hammering out a deal approved by the league. This is nothing but sour grapes. I for one am glad that the league finally is looking at LTIR’s. Hossa has a legitimate condition. A fellow sufferer, a former goaltender reportedly said that he would not wish “the rash” on his worst enemy. It is good that the league is seeking an unbiased second medical opinion taking emotion out of the equation.
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    Let's keep it real If the organization should take hits against the cap to the tune of 4 million over Hossa's contract....let's do a reality check right across the boards. Any player who had a good season in a contract year should have to write a refund check to Stan if their numbers declined. Bickell owes Stan money. Toews and Kane need to pony up Seebs, DK.....AA....Rosy, Craw...Campbell..Bolland...Versteeg..... name a player...every one of them that was signed to a contract needs to refund part of their deal, because they didn't win a Cup every year, and cheated the fans out of bragging rights. The franchise would be well under the cap in short order if this idea was followed. It's not, for a reason. Hossa's situation is not unique People are calling this franchise out as some kind of scummy cheaters for no reason other than what? I don't even know. There's a bottom line. The Hawks were under the Cap with Hoss and would be a better team with him than without him.
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    Saying my opinion is formulated out of homerism and nothing more insults my intelligence but like many other things around here,I will take no exception. It's just as easy for me to say that your opinion is formulated by an effort to show your lack of homerism. You've said that you're sure Hossa ISN'T faking and the org has the medical documentation to back it up but you continue your character assassination of Hossa and the entire organization.........moving on seems like good advice that you might consider following yourself. To say any player Hossa's age could get medical clearance to go on LTIR is an assumption on your part and a baseless one to be honest. The team didn't buy Hossa out because he was one of the best players in the game and the org figured he could help win more cups and he did. If it wasn't for a progressive medical condition that requires an ever increasing level of medication the guy'd be an outstanding player again this year. No team in the league has been more devastated by the salary cap and it's not even close,they catch a break this time and a fan of the team has a problem with that? once again ,I'm confused. Your purity of conscience and principal is impressive..........have you considered the clergy? GO HAWKS!!!!!
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    reminds me of something hasek would do.
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    made it out to rockford tonite......hogs coming off a nite game playing a well rested admirals did fairly well......more penalties tho.....and 2 or 3 of the new face off rules.......only observations was jeff glass probably is the odd guy out....first 2 goals given up not real good.....one over his right shoulder from fairly far our and one off a rebound he didnt snag fully......i thought raddysh dauphin looked good...i liked the energy little louis brought out there also.....no huge standouts tho......i had thought i seen stan at the game and so in between periods i went up into the stands and checked it out near the press box.....it wasnt stan but al macisaacs....and so i sat down and talked hockey during the whole intermission with him......very interesting and direct with his thoughts on everything from big hoss to the hogs....the new hogs coach and goalie delia......and the ushl chicago steel......I'm glad I had the chance and it was really cool....
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    The first 8 games were gonna be a measuring stick,9pts in the bank with 4 left on the table. The Oil got run outta their own building by the eastern conference juggernaut otherwise known as the Ottawa Senators tonight,somebody better tell the league how fast they are or are they just unmotivated? The Caps coulda used some self respect tonight too. The Hawks were gaining momentum when they tied it up against the Wild ......can't win em all! Gotta find a way to get Big John more than 9 minutes a game as far as I'm concerned. Did anyone actually expect better than 4-1-1 at this point? This naïve homer didn't. GO HAWKS!!!!!
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    It'll be nice if they win this game, and a bit upsetting if they lose it..... Either way..... Where the idea is coming from that this is some kind of bellcow/season-breaker/statement/proof of anything game ?..... seems way way over the top to me. After 5 games last year the Hawks were 2-3 and the playoffs were a pipe dream, To get so far over your skis before the first frost of the year seems pretty dramatic. Go Hawks, play hard....it's a league based on parity. The team might actually lose some games.
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    Thanks as always Ms Madrose! We all knew the first eight games were gonna be a tough stretch,7pts in the bank and 6 more on the table........let's go boys! GO HAWKS!!!!!
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    I'm gonna be a wet blanket here and say that I don't think Seabs is as bad as many are saying, I really don't. Even last year I thought he was pretty good. I think he's been this way for a long time, just the team was stronger. He's never been fast, at all, so I don't see where all this Seabrook is slow stuff is coming from. Now he's older and the team is packed full of kids that make mistakes, he's gonna get beat more, Keith is getting beat more. Every teams D are getting schooled, the new rules are killing the defensive game around the NHL. So I suggest watch other teams games, and you be surprised at how bad some of these D on big contracts look!!!
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    And then one day a big right hand sent a Louisiana fella to the promised land......,big John,big bad John! GO HAWKS!!!!!
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    Not to mention the two Cups already in hand for Crow&Co!!
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    Who's your daddy.....Crawdaddy! GO HAWKS!!!!!
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    MJ are you going to start? Hartman offered up the puck on a silver platter. So far Crow is the best Hawk on the ice!
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    Sitting in the Bell Center getting ready for our Hawks to kick some butt. Should be fun. Go Hawks Go!!!!!
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    For as much as I'm excited about the Schmaltz and Hartman improvement and to see what the rookies can do - DCat, Hayden, Rutta, I think i'm most excited about the Toews line and the kudos go right to Stan. Maybe there was a bit of luck in Panik working out as well as he has but it was Stan who acquired him so he rightfully gets the credit. The Saad/Panarin trade was certainly ballsy and even if Panarin ends up with more points than Saad - it was the right move for the Hawks and kudos again to Stan. The 20-19-14 line has the potential to be one of the top lines in the league and Stan deserves credit for making it happen.
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    Sure is nice to have saader back. I don't every recall Breadman scoring goals like Saader.
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    Watching the BJs vs Islanders. Panera is a solid perimeter player. I'm very happy with the trade, and it has nothing to do with last nights results. Panera just got a nice assist to Murray on a delayed penalty, and Panera was behind the net, still on the perimeter. The Hawks will be laughing come playoff time. Plus I believe that Saad is now in his prime, and he had less to play with last year. Panera has raw talent, no doubt, but the goals I seen Saad score last night gave us a glimpse of what it's like to have a mans man back on the team!!!
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    Hossa, Roszy, Tootoo, to LTIR. Franson signed. DCat and Forsling recalled. What's next?
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    It would be really nice if he could take "one last shift" tomorrow night.
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    In your opinion,why did the back-back Cup champs trade a valuable pick for Ryan Reaves and if you call anyone in their organization a "meatball",your opinion loses all validity! GO HAWKS!!!!!
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    Do you believe the Flyers are worried about Pronger coming back? Where are these people that think he is faking his injury? He is not just being a "stand up guy." He is getting paid a lot of money to not work. Do you know why teams trade for players on LTIR? Because they can get to the cap floor without paying the full amount. If they are $5 million below the cap floor they can either sign a player and pay him $5 million, or they can trade for a LTIR player like Hossa and buy $5 million worth of cap space for $1 million AND likely get a prospect of two for their trouble. Time for more carrots
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    I believe the contract was set up for Hossa to retire when his salary hit one million. They were going to find some way to make it work. You know who else thought that? The NHL. They created special cap-recapture penalties to punish teams that signed these types of contracts. The Red Wings, Blackhawks and others found a way around that penalty. That's what smart, successful teams do. The Blackhawks 100% took advantage of the recovery timeline of Kane's injury so it coincided with the start of the NHL playoffs. Why wouldn't they? They had a team that needed a little boost before the playoffs. Kane got hurt, and the Hawks made lemonade.
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    I find it incredibly ironic that people are throwing the term "cheating" around in regards to Hossa's contract structure give that the league itself had to approve it. Let that sink in for a minute. It may not be within the structure set out by the CBA as it exists today, but at the time it clearly was otherwise the league would not have approved it to begin with. Also forgotten is that it has been noted Hossa's skin condition is progressive, meaning it has gotten worse over time. So what is very likely going on is that the corticosteroids or whatever else he needs to take to keep the condition at a tolerable level are at high enough doses to have negative long term effects. In that case, his best option would be to do exactly what he is doing and give his skin a chance to heal completely before putting on his gear again. Doing so could allow for smaller doses of medication and a return to the game.
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    refresh and look up. (i don't mean drink a beer and stare at the ceiling)
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    Cheating the system? You mentioned Keith's contract and the ONLY problem teams should have with that deal is the fact that one of the very best(and make no mistake about that)players in the game signed a deal that was a remarkable value because he wanted to stay and win cups and he has. Detroit traded the contract of a retired player for God's sake but nobody gave a shite because they sucked last year. You said you'd be angry and suspicious if you worked for one of the many 'honest' teams LOL,you don't work for any team and you're still angry and suspicious......why is that. Pronger had a concussion that lasted 7 years LOL......does THAT make you angry and suspicious? You continue to question the reputation of a well respected physician,a well respected player and a well respected organization with nothing more than innuendo and some sour grapes from a few teams that will NEVER approach the Chicago Blackhawk's level of success. Hossa was a beast last year and would have been a beast again with another long summer off,worth EVERY penny of his cap hit and questioning his character and love of the game without a shred of proof is way off base IMO. You stated that you believe Hossa isn't faking anything and that you were sure the team had the medical documentation to prove it and then you insinuate the team is cheating the system again..............I'm more confused than ever. Do consider Marian Hossa a liar? Do you consider Michael A Terry MD a liar? Do you consider the rest of the front office cheaters and liars? If your answer to these questions is no,you should stop insinuating as much and NO any player Hossa's age certainly can NOT make the same medical claim.........he has the proof and you said so yourself! GO HAWKS!!!!!
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    I like him a lot more than Panarin plus they got Forsberg, Hawks won that trade.
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    Hossa was on the 3rd line and made more. Nick is on his ELC so it evens out. Sharp and Anisimov have been on the same line but I can see Sharpie playing on the 2nd line as well and the way Hayden has been playing he should be on the 3rd line or maybe even the 2nd to add some grit and size. If Dcat gets a look on the top line does he play the RW and move Panik to the 3rd? And I hope you're right about Anisimov being gone soon but I think he's here for this season. Nice to see a lot of the young guys coming into camp hungry and ready to push for a spot.