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    We had a horrible tragedy here in Windsor. Last year in November, an old buddy died in a work related accident. He left behind a wife and 2 young sons of 10-12. On December 1, his wife passed away from breast cancer. Rob was a coach in my old stomping ground and Q.knew them too. They were good Riverside folk. Tonight Ron McLean had a nice tribute to them on Hometown Hockey. Robs brother is now raising the kids, but I feel soooo bad for them. But it was very classy of Sportsnet and McLean to do a nice 3-4 min segment on them!!!
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    I missed what happened tonight to warrant another epitaph on his career. what's sad is I can come on the board after every loss and know for sure that the top thread on this board with be this one. for the record, I am not saying that he hasn't regressed and isn't as good as he was a few years ago (even though he is currently third on the team in scoring). but, it is like clockwork, as it was with the Crow thread the past two seasons, that this thread will be at the top and some one will be complaining about how he isn't any good any more or it's his fault that the team lost. frankly, it really pisses me off.
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    I feel like the defense is getting better every game. Without looking at stats lately, it seems like they are in position more often than not and are not leaving Crawford hanging out to dry. More aggressive on the boards as well. Am I crazy here?
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    That's why Stan got rid of Panarin for Saad, Saad isn't looking to good right now but he has more goals than Pan if the Hawks make the playoffs that's were he'll shine, plus he's still playing great defensively and on the PK, something Pan couldn't do. You make it sound like the Hawks are really small but the only forwards under 6' are Kane, Debrincat, and Hartman, and 2 of those 3 go to the net hard. Schmaltz is just over 6' but he's skinny and plays soft. I'd offer Buffalo Schmaltz, Hartman, a prospect/pick, and get Ryan O'Reilly for the 2C and move Anisimov back to 3C. Ryan is gritty, over 200lbs, good hands, and great at faceoffs.
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    Bob, this is sports, not life.
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    it will stop being at the top of the board when he starts living up to his contract, but I agree... if someone wants to start a thread about Keith and Seabrook being disastrous most nights I can prop that up, too... the 3 of them combined are stealing roughly $25 million right now
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    Toews' decline started about three years ago. It is not going to change. He is not the same player. This is not an excuse. It is a reality. We can continue to complain about the issue. We can suggest he be traded. Or we can think of ways of maximizing his value moving forward. I choose this option. Toews should retire as the Hawk Captain. He brought three cups to Chicago.
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    It's a RARE occasion when the great Patrick Kane costs the Chicago Blackhawks a game but it happened tonight. Two or three glorious chances and a terribly selfish penality.....the ref gave him the 1st high cross-check too. For the life of me I can't figure out why in the hell a linesman comes off the boards on Kane's rush. The Pred's 2nd can go either way.....just like Forsberg's goal stick after Watson hooked it! LOL! Game winner bounced off Seabs pads.......Hawks outplayed em! Nice game from the young GT and another nice game from Booms and Wings......fringe NHL'ers LOFL! Hayden's gonna be a player.......sit back and watch it happen. If someone tells you the sky's fallin'.........just ask em the last time they got hit in the head by a chunk of it. GO HAWKS!!!!!
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    Seriously though folks, this team has faced arguably a couple of the faster teams in the league recently and, except for the need for our D-men to have to keep the opposition in front of them, the Hawks are not really getting outskated as they did considerably for a whole bunch of games.
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    You know I dislike Bowman as much or more than anyone else on these boards. I think he's awful in trades, bad at drafting and simply doesn't deserve as much credit as he is given for the Cups. With that said, the Hjalmarsson-Murphy trade is not a bad trade and I cannot fault Bowman for it. The truth is, Hjalmarsson is damaged goods and the entire league knew it. He is a very old 30 with as many miles on his legs as Keith but more damage to his body. 10 years of blocking 3-5 shots a game, and taking 3-5 big hits a game in corners to make a play not only during regular seasons but long playoff runs takes a toll. His play drastically fell off last year and he's off to another poor start this season. It was wise of Bowman to move him while he could and get back a young defenseman with talent who can develop. If Bowman had waited another year, the return is much worse or nothing at all.
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    Well first of all how do you know there are no leaders on this team now? And you really are going to say that T & K, after receiving the leadership baton, failed to lead the team? Perhaps they had to put the baton down to hoist the Stanley Cup THREE TIMES DURING THEIR TENURE HERE. The team is not as young or as talented as it used to be....it has nothing to do with failure to lead.
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    I remember Keith being so bad defensively when he first came up several were ready to convert him into a forward. But Forsling’s improvement overall this year has been a godsend, just last night was noticeably quite a bit off. I also think Murphy is quietly starting to put together an effective season now that all the defense men are being slotted correctly. But for a team that had a lot of offence driven from the blue line our defense is sadly lacking in that now. Keith, goalless this year, is our top scoring guy being tied for 41st in dman scoring. That ain’t going to cut it. A more effective PP would help and this is where I think the transition from Keith to Forsling should be starting to happen.
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    I’m not against anyone being critical, I’m against people just saying, “this team sucks” and offer nothing to a conversation, or try and call someone out for their opinions, yet offer zero insight to the game. Calling people out is fine, I get it daily, but at least offer something in return, like you, or Puck, or MVR, GT, MJ, Gig, HiM, Old Time, etc etc, I get called out all the time by you guys, and it really does help keep you honest!!!
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    Does it means Keith had 31 shots at the net?
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    No game is ever guaranteed. This isn't the NBA.
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    Wow PP. Time to take off the Hawks-colored glasses and stop drinking the Kool-Aid. This team sucks. Stanbo has made some awful screwed-up trades of late. It is painfully obvious that Q has lost the room. The players no longer listen to him. Therefor, time for him to hit the road. We are all grateful for the cups, but that is ancient history now. Barring some miracle, the hawks won't even MAKE the playoffs this season. They are an embarrassment.
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    It's one thing for a power play to go through scoring droughts but this power play is a momentum killer AND turner... it hands the other team momentum every single time. It is completely disorganized, generates zero pressure or shots on goal most of the time. And worse than that, other teams are starting to realize how inept it is and are willing to commit more penalties to stop rushes or pressure because they are well aware it's unlikely the Blackhawks power play will make them pay for it.
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    Yep, as soon as we get into playoffs we will appreciate him more, the only problem it will be hard to make playoffs without Panarin.
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    ...and we have umpteen games throughout the rest of the season with Central opponents that we can't beat.
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    Hayden had 5 hits in 71/2 minutes tonight and Bouma and Wingels had 9 between em with a little more TOI because they were out there on the kill,I like that line........they all get a piece of a guy every time. Is it me or were Panik and Hartman more effective players when they were getting a piece of a guy every time too? GO HAWKS!!!!!
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    You’re right. Toews is the same ol Toews, he just doesn’t play with the same pittbull mentality out there. He used to grind out the opponent along the boards and always come out with the puck, and make plays. Now he goes to the boards and puts in a weak effort only hoping it prevails. I said this before and here it is again, Toews is playing to not get hurt, and now it makes him look lazy and or “lost a step”!!!
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    Toews, Saad, and Panik had over 52 minutes of ice tonight combined and generated 2 shots. I don't care who you're checking, that is absolutely ridiculous. Why are they still together?
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    Toews is third in team scoring and he is a + 4, playing against the opponent's best players every night. His 16 points so far would translate to 55 points over a full season. If he gets about 3-4 more in the next couple of games, he'd be right on track for his typical scoring pace. He has been a slow starter his entire career. I agree with most here that he has lost a step. But let's stop with the hyperbole. He remains one of the team's best players if not the best.
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    I'd take an actual NHL player's insight over your common message board poster's insight...just sayin'
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    poor old gustav was stuck 3/4 of the way down page 4 here in hawk talk. he deserves a bump. i've been quietly rooting for this guy since i first saw him. i gotta' say, i always thought he was too small for me to bother. but now (surprisingly to me at least) he's a respectable 6 foot, 186 pounder. but what a nice surprise this year,,,,him and rutta. they will both be a big part of any success we have this year, of that i'm sure. anyways....here's an article about GF. https://chicago.suntimes.com/sports/gustav-forsling-emerges-as-shutdown-defender-in-sophomore-season/amp/
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    yeah....he was a pretty average player at a pretty average salary. a whopping 3 points, -6 in 50 games. all zeros in 2 playoff games. but in those 50 regular season games, how he managed to kick arse a couple or 3 times while still only getting 28 PIM was maybe why Q liked him. he didn't go looking for fights, he just responded when the situation dictated it. as bad as you think he was, he played the smartest hockey of his whole career while he was here. our 4th line is better without him...i agree...but it's a shame you can't see the good side of him.
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    Nothing to be ashamed of in losing this one. That was a good game.
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    He didn't score there but this maybe Wingels best game as a Hawk.
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    TC, I think malcontent is the correct term. He thought he was bigger than the organization and he would show them who was boss. I wouldn't want anyone like that on my team or in my organization. I often wonder about some of the other names that are bandied about, like E Kane. Do they really have the right personalty/character to fit in with the Hawks. Much more than just talent imo for a trade to be successful.
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    Well, one way of looking at this is this: Even on the tail-end of a bad back-to-back (heard the Hawks got in "very late"), this Hawks team is much better than the one we saw in last year's playoffs.
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    We killed an AHL team, just like we were "supposed" to. Actually, we trounced them. Any time (especially this year) we accomplish such an easy task i'm happy. We got a long row to hoe but at least its not as gloomy here as it was 6 games ago. Tomorrow's game we'll see if we're made of what i hope we're made of. ☺
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    I'm quite content to have 4 lines that can score. Why fix something that ain't broke?
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    Maybe that happens down the road, right now after a horrendous start the team has finally strung together a strong string of games. We're barely 25% through the season and things are gelling somewhat. I believe it's just time to sit tight for awhile. This was a tough game to judge, Anaheim was so beat up it was pretty much all 3rd lines tonight. Almost like a preseason game.
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    six very good games in a row now !
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    so far he has one goal less than Toews, one point more than Saad and 2x more hits than S+T combined and best puck possesion stats in the team, so he's is actually doing nothing there.
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    Anisimov 11 goals in 1/4 of the season...
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    It was Kane whose shot inside the Tampa blue line was blocked leading to the first goal. Later he made a perfect back pass right onto a Lightening stick that I believe lead to the second goal or at least a quality scoring chance, Kane was given a great pass for a breakaway with the game on his stick. Yes Kane scored two but he was not perfect and was just as responsible to the loss as the younger players.
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    Murphy has had a good game, only defenseman with a consistent physical game. He just showed how to remove a player from the play.
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    Memories from 2015 Finals: TT tied for first in goals with 2 (Saad the other) DK's outstanding Connie performance CC was also brilliant Holding the explosive and high octane 'Bolts to just two goals in the final three games Giving the 'Bolts their first three-game losing streak for their entire 2014-15 season Holding Stamkos to one measly assist Winning it all at home
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    Crow should have been 1st star imo
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    I've always believed that those who can get others to buy in and follow either tend to be born with, or develop early the personality traits that predispose them to take on such roles as leadership. Training and experience complete the picture for these people. If you were to watch the Hawks through the years, I would have to say guys like Kane with his extroverted personality and quick quips and upbeat chatter can become leaders on the ice. They keep you loose. Someone like Toews however was probably granted the title of leader due to his more serious demeanor. Opportunities might have been presented to him because of these personality traits. he would have been seen as more mature and reasoned, maybe more even headed, while a more emotional persona may have been seen as immature and too flighty. This type brings focus. Both of these types can mesh in a leadership cadre and result in a balanced approach. This is the type of leadership I believe the Hawks have. Multiple personalities blending into a workable system that has checks and balances so the room doesn't flex too far in either direction. Now if you're not really used to losing, the stress on your leadership cadre might expose some weaknesses and impotence. If true, how they handle this should manifest itself in the next few games. It's also possible that if those currently in leadership seem weak or lacking, a new faction may emerge in the room causing a fraction. An experienced coach will know when to interfere.
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    Schmaltz and AA had a nice rapport tonight no doubt and AA goes to the net better than anyone else on the team.
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    I can read....can you? You're interjecting a lot into everyone's replies that isn't there. I never said I saw anything on the bench. I said no one on this board sits on the bench, including you. FACT. I never once mentioned trading anyone or salary, and you told me to stop doing so...where did you come up with that? I'd suggest you get some new glasses or something and start reading the actual words that are on the screen, because your responses indicate you are unwilling or incapable of doing so at this point.
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    Sounds like Q could learn something from AV about sitting higher priced players.
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    Wow! JR and Milbury are letting the Hawks have it.