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    I think I'm gonna be high more the rest of the year! GO HAWKS!!!!!
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    Having listened to many, and remembering the time when he was not with the team because he spoke the truth about the way they were flailing about, I will take him over any other broadcaster in the league. He is not a homer, he calls it as it lays, he is loyal as hell, a good Chicago boy, and he bleeds for and with the team...I hope he stays until he decides it is time to step down. And then there was this...
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    I love Foley, I think he’s one of a kind and one of the best. Say what you will about him, if you listen to Bwastan or Florida etc, you’ll appreciate Foley even more. I love the Irishman, one of the all time greats!!!
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    I think the reason Pat Foley isn't as focused is because he no longer is simulcast on radio. He knew he had to describe the action to those who either could not watch the game, or during many of his years when the home games weren't televised, had no other option but radio. I felt like when he came back he wasn't quite as focused, and I agree with others that he and Eddie together get too caught up in side talk that gets downright annoying at times. But I remember horrible announcers between Lloyd Pettit and Pat Foley. I've also heard other announcers around the league. We are very fortunate as Hawk fans to have a hall of fame announcer that has given us 30+ years of exciting play by play over the years. I for one hope he broadcasts Hawks games for as long as he chooses. As for another comment about Steve Konroyd, I agree. Pat gushes over Olczyk way too much and he also jumps on Steve when he doesn't agree with something he says, which he would never consider doing to Olczyk. I'm not big on Konroyd in the broadcast booth, he's much better suited in the studio. But Pat does need to show him some respect and remember Konroyd had a very nice career in the game and has knowledge that Pat should value.
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    he made a horrible play late there obviously. he might lose a lot of board battles but he doesn't give the puck away more than he steals it. his 78 takeaways is 3rd best in the league, and with 26 giveaways....there are still 8 players on this team with more.
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    I know, I'm not helping the situation, but at least I can pump my own effing gas! Anyhow, a pic of the event...of the Demigod proper. Unfortunately the ushers at the time were *really* cracking down on selfies in spite of the players being open to it, and one was standing right there...ahh well.
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    The Hockey News put out its annual prospect rankings list this week. The Hawks as an organization sit at 28th out of 31. Dylan Sikura does not make the top 50. In fact, no Hawk prospect does. The new kid from Nashville, Ejdsell is considered the Hawks' ninth best prospect (which is hardly an endorsement of the player's future potential as a 22 year old). Most scouts recognize that the best players still come from the Canadian Junior Leagues. Legitimate prospects tend to be more than 170 pounds. Perhaps Bowman Jr. knows something nobody else does. I doubt it.
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    Boston's 3rd star is Keith
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    1.2 isn't cheap. It's an over-payment. We can bury a lot of guys in Rockford for cheaper and less than 2 years.
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    Don't know what Keith you have been watching. He's been horrible all season. Shouldn't be on the PP either.
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    Keith creates more problems than ANYONE else.
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    There are almost no Canadians left on the team other than the veterans. Who would Hartman be complaining about here in terms of favoritism? The three-time cup winners? More likely, Quenneville does not like spoiled entitled kids.
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    i once took a leak beside billy derlago many years ago...and one time made small talk with marion gaborik in an airport bar in minneapolis, but i didn't even know it was him until i asked him if he was a wild fan. he looked at me funny and said "i am gaborik." so yeah....i know a lot of hockey players.
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    I watch as many games as the next guy and sure, those Bruin and Kings games aren’t always nuggets of gold, but I do see some semblance of structure where a player can be plugged in and know his job. Kings and Bruins players aren’t, by far, all first rounders either. If our picks are so bad maybe the rot lies deeper than just an ill informed GM, maybe he’s ill advised as well. Our Euro scouts seem to do a much better job than our N.A. ones. Maybe the scouting staff needs to be looked at as well. This is a results based business. After these last three years every part of the orginization that is responsible for the product on the ice has to be answerable.
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    Regardless of the size of the players the coach has not been able to get maximum performance from these players. This team is not as bad as it has shown this season. The PP is a perfect example. How can the Hawks have ALL the players in this league that can't play on a PP? There is no way that these players are this bad.
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    I saw this, and honestly (I'll get eaten alive for saying this, but so be it), I thought Toews could have handled it better. I get it: it's not easy losing a team mate (and this season is a huge disappointment overall), but I personally didn't like his answer; I thought, as a captain, he could have handled it better and more professionally, with less "pouting" so to speak. What really ticked me off, was when Bowman was asked if the Cup window was closing, and he said something utterly stupid to me, which was (paraphrasing): "I don't believe in a Cup window. We need to improve as a team, of course, but I don't subscribe to this notion of a 'window'".....What? Well, you better effing subscribe to it and get your head out of your azz. I just find it ludicrous that, evidently, Bowman doesn't factor age and his core's abilities into the decision-making process, be it how he rounds out the roster and how he signs said core, etc.
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    Gotta get out of this nonstop mindset that players will waive NMC's to go to their hometown team... Kane to Buffalo, Toews Winnipeg... both guys are now adults, multi-millionaires in a major US city... Toews has a serious girlfriend from Chicago, why would she want to move to Winnipeg? Just because you and other fans think it "makes sense" doesn't mean the player does. On top of that, Winnipeg is in pretty darn good shape without Toews. Do they need him? Look at their salary cap situation, they're under for now. But they need to give Hellebuyck a nice extension after this season and Laine/Wheeler extensions after next season. They won't be able to fit Toews' cap hit with those kicking in.
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    I do not get why you keep attacking the core guys for their contracts. They get paid for what they have done in the past - as similar players always have. Hossa did not produce as a $7.9 M player most of the time he was here. Why did you not attack him for his contract? in 2015, for example, he delivered 33 points in 64 games (far below the scoring rate Toews is producing this year -- with far superior supporting talent -- playing in a less important position on the wing). Hossa was paid for who he once was, as Seabrook, Kane and Toews are today. You spend what is necessary on your core guys who have earned it. You don't waste it on replaceable support guys like Rutta and Kempny.
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    Complaining about losses at this point is like the guy on the gallows who says hang me with an old rope.......the new one’s too itchy! GO HAWKS!!!!!
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    This is exactly right -- especially the last paragraph. If the right moves are made by the GM (and that's a big "if" at this point), then there really is no better coach behind the bench than Quenneville as far as available replacements go. Bowman's first real test as a GM (in terms of actually building a team; not keeping one/a core in tact), in my view, was last off-season -- and he failed miserably. The vets he brought in (with maybe the exception of Wingels) were worse than the vets he jettisoned and he relied too heavily on kids to round out the lineup again. And for all "play the kids" crowd who always complained that Q didn't play the kids enough over the years, this is what you get when you play the kids, just for future reference. That said, people act like it has to be one (Q) or the other (Bowman) as far as blame goes. I don't subscribe to that notion, necessarily. It's a failure from the top all way down to the players. For me, if change has to occur anywhere, it's with the players (personnel/depth) themselves. You can't have all these kids/inexperience NHL'ers (Rutta, Kampf) in the lineup and expect to ice a competitive team. You need depth in order to alleviate the pressure off of your rapidly aging core, and if the GM can't provide that (as he couldn't last year), he has to go.
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    The sad thing, I had a beer with Cherepanovs dad at the draft. I was talking with this season ticket holder in Columbus. She said she was Ukranian, I said I know. She said how do you know, and I said because you got a square head. She laughed and said, do you see any other “square” heads here? I said yes, that guy over there. She bet me 2 $7.50 beers that he wasn’t Russian. So she goes and talks to him, and I see her making a jesture with her hands like a square around her head. He starts laughing and comes over. It was Alexi’s dad. He was very cool, I believe his name was Andrei? But he bought me and my buddies a beer, she was the translator, and he when he walked away, he was still laughing shaking his head. When I heard of the news, I was devastated for him. He was so proud of his son and how much he loved him, it really hurts to see people go through that. RIP!!!
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    The nerve of this Martinsen kid flying around and hitting anything that moves... that breaks Blackhawks protocol and will obviously really piss off Stan Bowman
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    One thing Schmaltz needs to do is go back to Novice and realize that if there’s no one behind you....... YOU DO NOT MAKE A MOVE. You are the last line of defense!!!
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    I like the idea of Tavares more and more T but not the idea of Duclair in the top six.........Big John maybe. GO HAWKS!!!!!!
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    it doesn't have anything to do with cliffs, it has to do with the fact that he keeps signing the same type of player over and over again and it is pretty farkin obvious to this casual observer that we need a few more guys willing to do some work on this team....
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    So following this up, Yes, we got to meet Hossa...and Matt Walker...And Jason Labarbera...and Brenden Morrow...and Andrew Ference--among others of the Winterhawks 1998 team (those were the ones that stuck out). The place went nuts when Hossa was announced onto the ice--more so then the other NHL players on the team. We actually got Hossa to smile since my wife just started talking to him in the autograph line in Slovak, which I think surprised him a bit, asking where she was from in Slovakia and where she lived there (Zvolen, but lived mostly in South-central Slovakia), how long she's been here, and was I her husband. Was nice enough to shake our hands and a decent guy. I gotta say though, Andrew Ference was a great guy in spite of people's feeling about him on the ice. He saw the Slovak national team sweater and ask if we were from Slovakia. My wife said she was, and he started talking to us in Slovak. Bonus. Pretty much all of them were nice and was cool to see Ex-hawks Walker and Labarbera (even though Labarbera only had a couple of games). Too bad the Winterhawks got creamed by Tri Cities that night.
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    Hayden’s screen on Gus’s goal was no accident! GO HAWKS!!!!!
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    Late by just a minute. Thanks, Modry!!
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    One would think that the components of the $27 million dollar line would realize that they are out of the playoff hunt. One would also think that these three would realize that they are embarrassing themselves by continuing to take the ice. One would also think that given their salaries that they would go out and try to have a little fun and reestablish their legacies as great players. One would also think that these three jokers would have a little pride and try to score in the 22 minutes, or so, they played apiece. Yet, they come up with a game like this. Why doesn't Q just bench these three clowns for the rest of the season so whatever value they have as trading chips will not be disrupted by injuries? Although, when no effort is being put forth, the likelihood of injury is minimized. I truly do not understand how three guys like this can be so pitiful.
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    i'm the same as you but we're in the minority. i believe the majority of fans like playing GM and who are you to begrudge that?
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    An alternative view I heard is that the Gus signing may be there for the likely Seattle expansion. That is one thing Stan did very well. Sure, we all wish we could have exposed a bloated contract that's underperforming now, but the guys who at the time were doing well were well-protected and we only lost TVR instead of a 19-goal Hartman, a 20+goal Panik, etc (irrespective of them hitting a wall after the fact, Stan would have been hung in effigy if he exposed either at the time). We didn't even have to expose Darling (and actually got something in return for him!). If the draft rules are the same as they were for Vegas, It certainly wouldn't hurt having 6-7 d-men and 12-13 FWDs that meet exposure requirements, especially if it means not having to expose, say, Rutta. 1.2 might be a bit much for Gus, but it's not putting the team in hock. The core players are taking care of that.
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    I do not believe Bowman has an accounting background. His degree (as I understand it) is in Finance and Computers. Many of the assets he unloaded - Ladd, Byfuglien, Panarin, Saad, Bolland, Leddy etc - should have been valuable trade chips. Other teams would have been interested in these pieces. These players were not overpaid. They should have value even in a cap world (and a buyers' market). The team received next to nothing for these players. Other assets - Bickell and Sharp in particular - had negative trade value because Bowman overpaid for their original salaries. Paying an iffy 26-year-old "prospect" such as Gustafsson $1.2 M/year suggests to me that Bowman's "skills" as a money manager might be a tad overstated. These types of players are available every off-season on the UFA market for $700 K or less (ie see Oesterle). Is Gustafsson better than Oesterle?
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    Neither do the new players, who are just as concerned about themselves and who thumb their nose at the people who have actually accomplished something.
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    Yeah, but do the adults to which you refer, which I assume is the big brass ,know a damn about hockey except how to make money off it.
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    I think his ability to call games this season has been a painful one for obvious reasons. He lives and dies with the Hawks like most of us.
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    There are 19 players out there tonight and none should be proud of their work. Most have nothing to crow about this season. There were a lot more reasons than Schmaltz for this season going bad. If Schmaltz would have been gone at the trade deadline, this team would still suck, no matter the return.
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    I’ve just about had my fill of Stan too but you really don’t consider Schmaltz and D-cat AHL players do you? GO HAWKS!!!!!
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    I thought that fourth line with Bouma, Wingels and Hayden was highly effective in the season's first half, the best we'd seen here since 2013. When Bowman brought up Hinostroza, I suspected Quenneville felt the need to shuffle things up to find a spot for the small forward. Quenneville could not play Hinostroza with another small guy like Debrincat or Kane. Hinostroza's defensive limitations prevented his usefulness on the first line, given the way the coach uses Toews.
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    I was told there were 5-6 teams interested in Anisimov prior to the deadline today but he wouldn't waive his NMC midseason... he won't have that choice in the summer and if any of those teams are on his trade list then he'll be gone for sure.
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    Too many times. And about the first part.......No team would but I brought up his fighting skills because he has had to do it way too many times. It's unacceptable in my eyes also and also cringe every time Toews must take that stand because nobody else will.
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    Rutta will be a UFA in a few months. This is a guy I feel worth re-signing. He is right-shot defenceman with borderline top four skills. Likely, fatigue has been a problem for him in recent weeks because he has never played so many games. The time to negotiate with him is right now. I believe he should be re-signed before Monday or traded away.
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    Hawks are on a STREAK!!!!!