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    The reality to me is.... If the Feb/better part of March Chicago Blackhawks played the April Chicago Blackhawks the Chicago Blackhawks would sweep the Chicago Blackhawks. I mean really, did these guys who ignored injuries and shot past Mini to win the West forget how to win hockey games? How did that happen? Enough talk about playing better....PLAY BETTER ! It's really that simple. If there's a shred of pride left in the core, tonight is not the end. And that drops the puck on a game where this team owes the STH their best effort of the season. If that's not good enough, so be it. One at a time, with game 7 in mind. Stay alive, continue to thrive. Get knocked out, or instill doubt. Ok that's my Nipsy Russell post,,,,GO HAWKS !
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    Crawford made an amazing save on Fiala earlier in OT to extend the game. That may have been the best save all playoffs. Can't pin this one on Crawford when his team is getting dominated in every aspect of the game.
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    you missed the toe save a couple minutes earlier i guess.
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    Sorry Gig, not buying what's being sold tonight. NHL rule book 78b) If an attacking player initiates any contact, other than incidental contact, with the goalkeeper, while the goalkeeper is outside of his goal crease, and a goal is scored, the goal will be disallowed. I'm sorry...that was NOT incidental contact.
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    For those who remember me, I came out of retirement for this rant... There have been many places to look for blame when it comes to this pathetic first round bust, but there are 3 main reasons the Blackhawks weren't ready for a deep run this season: 1. Bowman never addressed the 1st line LW situation 2. The disappearance of Jonathan Toews 3. There's something wrong...really wrong with Duncan Keith We knew all season that the never-ending revolving door on the first line was a problem. Most of us were too quick to conclude that it had been fixed as Toews and Panik got hot towards the end of the season, but we'd be prematurely doing so as it was the demise of our offense. Jonathan Toews disappeared again in the last 3 weeks of the season. We were all fooled by that short stint where he sat up like the Manchurian candidate and did an about-face, but there was a deeper concern for most of the season that we conveniently forgot about. There have been whispers about Duncan Keith's knee possibly needing surgery at the end of the season. The way he's played during the playoffs, I wouldn't doubt it. He doesn't have the jump, and he hasn't been able to make clean passes out of the zone. He's also put himself and the team in some bad spots when he's turned the puck over in low or no pressure situations because it seems his body is unable to do what his mind has set out to do. With all that said, here's how to fix the Blackhawks this offseason: 1. Trade Cory Crawford and re-sign Darling to a cap-friendly deal: I love Crow, and he deserves no blame for this - but the Bowmans don't covet the goaltending position. That $6 million could be spent much more wisely. 2. Fire the assistant coach(es) that were responsible for our anemic power play and horrifying PK...I don't think I really need to explain this one. 3. After trading Crawford, let expiring contracts of aging players go (i.e. Brian Campbell, Michael Roszival). They both sucked this year anyhow. Use the cap savings from Crow trade and expiring contracts to bring in a legit top 6 LW that can play with Toews. 4. Start drafting for the D-men of the future. The Hawks have a very lean talent pool in upcoming quality D-men. They are sorely lacking studs on the back end that can contribute offensively. It's time to start looking for the future Duncan Keiths and Brent Seabrooks as those guys are rapidly aging and can't last forever. 5. For God's sake: Bring in some professional help for our centers that aren't named Toews to learn how to win some draws. Where's Perrault at now? What would it take to lure him in for a assistant coaching position? I'm confident that if these things are done, the Blackhawks will compete for at least another 2 cups before the reign of Kane and Toews is over.
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    yeah....and you act like he*s the only goalie who lets goals in.
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    He came up with several. He was the best player on the ice for the Hawks tonight.
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    The team you would put together would be a three ring circus. 50 saved this game three friggin times in the 3rd and in OT. I am tired of your blind and ignorant slamming of a player who kept the team in the Game. It's sickening.
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    Let me cross-check you to the back of the head/neck and see if you don't retaliate at some point against me....
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    Hmmmmm, how donthe Hawks get cap compliant? With all the bonus money, Panera, Campbell, Schmaltz etc. We need 5 million, not including Panera's raise. I have to think Panera skated his last time for the Hawks. The numbers just don't add up, at all. Something's gotta give, I want the best for The Darling. But I fear he's gonna be the real deal, and we missed out!!!
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    Congrats Hawks. This is your playoff video.
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    Exactly. CC kept them in the game. The entire OT he was getting pummeled with shots eventually one is going to get through especially when your skaters can't skate into the offensive zone with the puck to save their lives. Was there a single quality SOG that OT period??
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    I think we've gotten our biccchhhin out. We can't change the roster now. So it's back to plan A and support these bastards. Where's my Hawks fans at? You with me???
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    im surprised in all of these posts...havent you guys seen this core play before in the playoffs? faith...... lets see what happens monday then bury the boys if ya want.........
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    I haven't given up hope yet. After coming back against Detroit, being down 1-3, I think you just can't write the boys off. If they can win Game 3, then they just need to go a game at a time. And if they lose this round, on to next year. I am satisfied with the three Cups, as I never thought I'd even get to see one. If three is all this group gets, then we just keep rooting for the Hawks and hope they get another Cup sometime soon. Not much else you can do in a hard cap era.
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    the worst thing about this loss is that the doomsday sayers are creeping out of their holes again
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    it*s not intentional....more a product of all the gaps in their teeth.
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    Holeee Jeebus.... What in Holy Week is going on here? 6 months of effort by this team to get the #1 seed in the West and it's nothing but in-fighting over crappy Netflix movies of the week? Really? SCREW Trashville and their nails-on-a-chalkboard PA announcer SCREW Trashville and their stupid azz "you suck" goalie chant, that comes after a great save against their team more often than not. SCREW Trashville and their urine-soaked jerseys that make me wish High-Definition was never invented. SCREW Trashville and their Nazi ticket policies that thumbs noses at Chicago dollars being spent in their city. Get in the boat and pull on the oar that gets us past round 1. C'mon people. it's the real season now.....time to get behind the Class Act of the Western Conference !
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    As Joel would say ... I got your 4th line right here.
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    Reporting on other games ... all of the Hawks prospects still alive in the CHL playoffs got a point tonight. Debrincat with 1 assist in Erie's 5-1 win Fortin with 1 assist in Rouyn Noranda's 6-2 win Highmore and Noel each with 1 assist in St. John's 2-1 win Dahlstrom with 1 goal, Medicine Hat leading 3-0 after 2 periods.
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    He's got 1 goal in 11 playoff games. And for the most part, he looked non interested in still playing that late in the year. Regular seasons mean nothing to this franchise, the Hawks need to win now, cuz it's not just Toews and Kane, once Keith, Hossa and Seabs start their natural decline, the duo really won't matter much. We have nothing coming to replace them, so we have to strike now. When stan said "I have to be better, and I will be better". I truly believe that he was referring to him signing Panera early. He screwed up with that, and the kid proved he's not going to be worth it in the end. With Cap space this team will be alright for the short term, but without it, you'll get a little better result than this year. Too many holes in this team, and I don't mean regular season holes. My fear is the team as is will do much better during the regular season, and still have the same results in the first round, but score more in the first round. We can't wait forever for guys like Panera to show up. Once their paid, they have to play like it, and he clearly isn't worth what he's paid. Take him away from Kane, and his numbers slip. He's too one dimensional to pay that kind of money too!!!
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    everyone oughtta* know by now that nhl teams are as tight lipped as any when it comes to discussing injuries....especially around playoff time.
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    The preds pushed the Hawks around the whole series and were not afraid to because they new they would face little repercussion.
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    We would be a better team with Saad over Panarin. I don't think there's any question about that. I also think Saad's departure made things that much harder on #19.
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    The Cup run ended when they gave two guys 21mill.
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    I believe the flames wish the same right now :-D
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    Yes, if they don't win, I don't care what anyone else says, they are done for these playoffs.
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    By the way, the Cups were totally worth it.
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    Jurco is not playing (similar to Dale Weise last year). Bryan Boyle is winning games for the Maple Leafs against the cup favorites in the east. Three games = two points (including a game winner), 62% on faceoffs. Always physical. Always defensively responsible. Traded for a second round pick. Chicago acquired Jurco for a third.
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    "Didn't we come back when the 'Germans' bombed Pearl Harbor"?
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    You can't knock the Hawks for lack of trying in Game 3, but all series (with maybe the exception of periods 2 & 3 in Game 1, where Nashville simply and successfully sat back), it's just seems like we can't win a board battle to save our lives. Also, when a team is having trouble enough entering the zone and/or dumping & chasing, the problem is only exacerbated when you can't win face-offs when you're literally already in the attack zone.
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    If Hawks and Preds had swapped goalies before the start of the series, I am certain Nashville would still be up 3-0
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    You're joking right? He made some huge saves, the team should've responded and scored. Preds had 49 shots to the Hawks 36, Crow did his job.
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    Everyone talks about blowing it up, but all we really need is 2 or 3 big physical players with a bit of skill to complement our core players. I think the problem is Napoleon Bowman doesn't want anyone on the team to be bigger than him.
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    interference is interference though. You can't impede a player without the puck so you shouldn't be able to impede a goalie either.
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    Obviously they need to win tonight. If not, we can safely assume it's another first round exit. That said....any ol' kind of win.... (late start...triple OT...place your bets now) turns things right on it's ear. They skate off Nashville ice winners and it's a brand new day. This core has stared a 1 game to 2 hole in the face before, the good news is win game 3, and game 4 has arrived, and that's when this team cranks it up So it is really do or die, that's the bad news. The good news is a road win tonight is going to sink deep into the brains of the Preds. Chicago gets really tough to beat games 4-7. Just get to game 4 with some wiggle room
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    Perhaps the biggest loss from the past year or 2 is Andrew Shaw! Always a presence in front of the net, using his body and drawing penalties! A playoff performer!
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    thnx mtlO9 wow....it sure must be awful to cheer for a team faithfully through a regular yet give up all hope 2 games into the playoffs. myself....i will still be surprised if they lose this series. a disappointing and baffling first 2 games but my confidence is still very high. call me crazy but if you don*t have hope...you got nothing. why don*t we just wait a little longer before we fire the coach....blow up the team...etc.etc.
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    Disappointing, but we've seen them down in a series 1-2 how many times? This core's record in games 4-7 in playoff games is stellar. That's where the cream will rise.
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    The reality is....where would Chicago be without his 74 points? Enjoy your cake. The kid bet against himself coming to the big leagues and won. Yeah he "picked" Chicago. but I can't blame Bowman for signing him to a result-loaded contract...it was a smart move to land the guy who won a Calder and followed up with another 30+ goal season. Just another cap problem to figure out for Stan, but in the meantime....Sharp out, Breadman in. The beat goes on.
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    good to start it*s own thread. same as every year....i*m not excited about winning...but i*m scared shirtless of losing. it*s going to be a long 4 days.... hopefully #15 is healed and raring to go come thursday. !!!!!!! GO HAWKS !!!!!!! edit: series 1 of 4.....i like that. didn*t notice it the first time.
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    The Blackhawks have won two of their three championships on the road. Nice try with the fake outrage, though.
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    Yeah "fresh legs" That was then, this is now, and never the twain (hopefully) will meet. We're in for what is sure to be an indeterminably bumpy road ahead in the near future....but for the love of Lord Stanley....is it not time to put these "epic moments in Cup winning lore" into the past already? #freshlegs #forvercrying
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    Sigh... I only opened this thread because the title looked like an e-Harmony/Hawks Tinder type deal. But it turns out Dave was not looking for a match to take to the first playoff game after all... Regards N.
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    Lol.....OK MJ....by your own admittance you love to go digging for reactions with these posts of yours, stirring things up and cherry-picking stats to bait people. I'll make your day for you and play along. No need to thank me. I don't have a problem with your little game you love so much. Crawford was not sharp today, nobody said he was, .897 is ample proof. That said, let's look at March and who did what, and who is consistent/inconsistent.... Throwing out the Florida debacle, in fairness to both goalies, who in split time.....Crawford .600/,840 Darling .800/.500 both guys were bad. Crawford's 10 games in March .969 .914 .962 .862 .955 ,952 .962 .955 .969 ,970 Darling's 4 games in March .973 .971 .880 ,833 So.....your "most consistent" goalie, Scott Darling, (playing a tougher backup role, given) had 2 excellent games at 97%, and 2 sub 90% games. Hit or miss by definition. Meanwhile, the man you clearly love to hate, had 3 games at or damn near 97%....and 5 games over 95%. Yes he had 2 games over 10 at sub-par numbers. I'd say there has to be a reason you pick a game like today to hang your skewed opinion on. Maybe you have an app that only sends notifications when Crawford has a poor game, maybe you post after "only watching highlights".....I dunno....maybe Q is "idiotic" and he picks you up on the way to the weekly meetings. If he does on a "consistent" basis, buy him a cup of coffee, maybe he'll wake up.
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    Marian Hossa called Patrick Kane the best player in the league in the post-game interview and MH is one of the best two-way players ever.