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    My prognostication for the 2019-2020 season on this board: hawkswinall: 1,289 posts / 11 likes 😂
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    Do you ever wonder why I'm the only nit-wit still replying to you cause I sure as hell do! To the bolded......nowhere in my posts on the subject of Zach Smith do I imply he's a waste,I've actually listed the reasons why he could work out. The guy's a better FO guy than AA,he's a first rate PK guy and he's easily the toughest forward on the roster and the team was seriously lacking in all three areas. I sure don't consider him a steal or even a win without seeing him play here but he could help in a few ways.....nothing more and you probably don't get any more in return for AA.
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    First of all , you come off as a troll whether or not that's your intent. If that's your intent, shame on you. You haven't even established a relationship with these boards. Your approach is just poor taste in my opinion. Secondly, it would really help your cause if you could include some solid reasoning behind your prognostications. You pretty much say "Hawks stink" and that's it. Who cares what you think when you come across as you've done?
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    Oh just cut it out already 😂
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    Gotcha. Thanks Big T and OTH for the info 👍
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    Back checking to the hash marks is fine. But if the puck goes deep in on our end, that is on the Dmen and the center to handle. The forwards then need to peel off and cover the opposing Dmen at the point, not help keep opposing forwards to the outside down low. If the puck goes back to the opposing D with your forwards caught down low, they can walk in to the top of the circles and wire slap shots on net. You want any shots from opposing Dmen to come from as far out as possible, not from the top of the circles. And if your forwards are caught down low protecting the middle of the ice, even in a 2-on-1 situation, the opposing forwards can still use the boards to get the puck back up to the point. You need your forwards in between the opposing forwards and the opposing Dmen, not down low double teaming guys.
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    Google brought me to YouTube and Detroits feed, watched the last 30mins of regulation and OT, I thought it was supposed to be on the Hawks main page. They normally cover it with no commentary. Dach is a big smart kid but like you said, he's 18, if he's not ready that's not going to hurt the Hawks but if he can play it's a bonus. And another year as a leader in the WHL and playing at the World Juniors would be good for his development as well. Boqvist looked solid at both ends, he played his man tight from the blueline in and created turnovers. Of course his size has me a bit concerned, he got pushed off the puck a couple times in his own end and one rush he split a couple guys at the blueline but took a crosscheck to the head, luckily he was ok and of course got the gwg in ot. Entwistle had some mistakes but not in the defensive zone and his skating needs to improve but it's not bad, especially with his work ethic, defensemen sometimes think they have more time but he keeps chugging away and uses his reach very well. Hagel is fun to watch and he plays hard, he's tenacious at getting pucks. One play that stood out was when he was at the blueline in the offensive zone and thought someone was to his left so he passed it to the boards and it was almost out but he rushed over and outworked 2 wings and got it past them, he didn't panic when he got open ice and skated in and found Dach to the left of the net who quickly passed it to the RW, can't remember who was there, maybe Kurashev, but they just missed. Plus Hagel made a nice play early in the 3rd and found Dach backdoor but it jumped on his onetime attempt. Hagels teammate in Red Deer looked solid, Johnson stopped the Wings momentum after they scored 3 straight in the 2nd to tie it. He made a huge hit and there was a big scrum afterwards, this guy loves to battle and plays the right way. Nice to see Gilbert with the C. He's a big mobile dman who plays tough and a real leader, made some great defensive plays tonight. Moberg is rough but he's very noticeable, loves to engage offensively and has a great shot. Soderlund is one of the older guys and you can tell, he looks very poised out there and played great defensively. Plus it's not hard to miss his speed, yes he's small but I remember him at the World Juniors and the announcers really liked his work ethic and his 2way game. A lot of fight in the little guy. That's my report lol
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    Sidney Crosby will be crushed hearing this.
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    I doubt he'll play significant minutes but he'll play crucial minutes, PK, defensive zone draws, and doing things the Hawks rarely do, hit and fight. Of course I would've rather seen Anisimov go for a pick or prospect but the Hawks get a big versatile forward in his prime, his style is much better for the 3rd line than AA. If Smith can't play on the top9 it's a bad trade but the Hawks are bigger and better...on paper. I can see these guys playing hard for each other, especially with Shaw back in the lineup.
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    In the moment, that article make a LOT more sense than it does in hindsight. And hindsight is usually correct much more often than in the moment is. For example - he says the Hawks did very well in their return for Buff, which in hindsight turned out to be false. Their return ended up being basically nothing. And he projects Morin as a future outstanding top-6 forward. And in hindsight, we all know that turned out to be false as well lol. All the other stuff is conjecture and opinion, not fact.
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    ^ youre absolutely correct. Im sorry to everyone if I seem like im repeating myself, but here it is again, how is an argument that cannot be proven one way or the other be used (by you in this case) to support your argument but discredit mine? if the argument is unproven and bs, then it shouldn't be an argument/evidence to prove any point at all. so if youre argument is invalid, and mine is invalid as well, regarding whether or not any decent GM can come in and win 2 or more cups. then there is no debate/argument, correct? That just leaves the fact that SB's GM moves won him 2 cups. So to use our invalid evidence to prove or disprove a fact, is asinine.
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    I'm sure Kirby Dach has faced plenty of physicality in the WHL but I was surprised by the extent teams targeted him in the kid's tourney......he might have been too. This either hardens the player or it gives him pause......we're about to find out. There was one exception taken as was pointed out to me but if you're goin' after my 1st round show pony,I'm sure as hell goin' after yours with a 6-0 lead! I know it hasn't been the team's style but it's about time for that to change IMO. We'll see more of this in preseason games just like we saw Brandon Smith concuss Ben Smith and Marco Dano in preseason games.....this can no longer be tolerated!
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    The box score (and the Secondcity site) both show Dach’s Saskatoon wingman Riley McKay had a fight within a few minutes of Dach getting boarded, although it seems he got the wrong Pilon brother. Also managed to score between those two events. That’s the one guy there that knows and loves to do that sometimes necessary job.
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    Hossa is one of a kind. He sacrificed a lot of scoring to win, most guys are selfish and want the payday of the elite scorers. Hossa admitted this himself. In Atlanta he went for the 40 goal seasons and all the accolades that go with it. Then he went to Detroit and seen how Datsyuk did it and he admired him for that. Hossa got his big contract and started playing to win rather than points. He never really lived up to his contract in terms of scoring, but did he ever bring a complete game, and discipline. It’s very easy to take the easy way and don’t play both ends of the ice, but Hoss did it for 8 years here, and I hope it rubbed off on others!!!
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    I was just about to tell Doogs that all any of us do is state our opinions and how both players play this year will determine who’s more accurate with our opinions. IMO Kampf looked acceptable defensively because so many others weren’t last year........’where no bird sings......even a fart is a meadowlark’LOL! Could Hayden have better numbers if he wasn’t playing with Kampf,Kruger and Kunitz etc as well? There’s little grittiness in Kampf’s game from what I saw,he looked pretty content to scamper away from a scrum........he certainly isn’t gonna fight....I agree.....or score 20. If we do see 20-30 from Perlini for the ridiculous amount his agent let him sign for,he’ll be the best value in the league.
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    Perlini can't have bonuses because bonuses can be included only entry level and 35+ contracts.
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    Hawks leading 4:1 now! Hakkarinen, Dach, Entwhistle, and Hagel, I think.
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    Smith took over 800 FO's in 70gms last year,I'ts not the 1,800 JT took but it is more than any other Hawk took including AA.
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    I feel the same way about the lesser known prospects like Moberg and Teply, nice seeing them at the tournament and I like how Teply said in an interview after being drafted that he wanted to play in the CHL then he signed in the WHL. Now I can see both guys when they come to Edmonton. Teply and Moberg can both skate very well and have size and skill, great finds in the later rounds. Finding late round gems is great, especially when both guys should've went sooner. Most scouts had Teply going late 2nd or the 3rd round and I'm not sure how a mobile 6'3" dman like Moberg, who scored 13g-27a=40pts in the WHL falls to the 6th round, glad he did. Another 2 guys I'm going to follow closely, but aren't in the tournament, are Vlasic and Saarela, alot of scouts, including the Hawks scouts, had Vlasic going late in the 1st and Saarela going in the 3rd. This was a good draft for the Hawks and hopefully they actually groom them and let them play. Still frustrated over losing Jokiharju considering he was drafted at the UC with Toews and Kane on stage and I watched him play for Portland a few times. It's not easy investing a lot of time on a prospect to watch them moved before they get a chance.
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    Gentlemen, I present to you the contract that the Hawks, or any team for that matter, should be presenting as leverage as a counter from their end, Meet San Jose Sharks’ Kevin Labanc. The 23 year old winger’s last two seasons: 11-29-40 17-39-56 Coming off his ELC, he signed a one year deal for a bafflingly low $1M. Granted, this guy was a 6th rounder, but doesn’t seem like he should have signed a prove it deal after two solid seasons at that production level. Perlini, and his padded two week point run, screams prove it deal. Having said all that, this Labanc kid has gotta get a better agent!
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    Gotta wait and see on this one Doogs. Smith's a gamer who can win a FO,over 50% in the regular season AND in his 45 PO games,I liked AA but his inability to get much over 45% hurt his value some and the team some too to be honest. Smith brings MUCH needed intangibles,he goes about his business but is quick to take exception when an opponent doesn't......MUCH needed here my friend and I doubt he gets reigned in as far as that goes. He's also a solid PK guy with 14 shorties to his credit,he might not be worth 3.2M to most teams but he might to a team full of scoring but a bit light on intestinal fortitude. His last two do look disappointing but Ott traded away everyone worth anything and went to sh1t soon after a ECF appearance....one that Smith was a decent part of. Playing with some great players again in a packed barn might be the ticket. I might be lookin' for a positive here because Brassard did just signing for 1.2MX1 and that woulda left room for Maroon and Perlini but Smith is what we got and I don't think he'll disappoint us too much.
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    Smith is a center, but with the signing of Carpenter prior to the trade for him, playing center isnt needed from him. IMO, I am more curious about where he ends up in the lineup more than anyone because again at 3.2 mil, it better not be 4th line lol. If the Hawks did have interest then my guess would be the Bolts did have the leg up. All things being equal and you are Maroon, which team are you signing with? A great weather team with a legit shot at a SC this year, or the current version of the Hawks? And hell no does Reaves ignore any player running any goalie for any team he is on lol. One thing the Knights havent had to deal with since their inception is anyone running Fleury. Cant remember it happening once in 2 years. Perhaps he is worth the 2.75 mil per 🤔😂 Hell if Smith does the same job that Reaves does, the 3.2 will be easier to swallow. It's just that you can probably get guys to do that kind of thing cheaper. Like Maroon for example lol.
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    Seeing his other posts it was sarcastic 😊
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    Agreed!!! And that is why I have also called out the entire FO as well, not just SB!!!! CLEAN HOUSE!!!!! 😁