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    Hayden may be a marginal NHL player like some have said, but I’m thinking I would have heard his name more tonight, there would have been more chaos in front of the Ottawa net, and it would have been more interesting with him in the game tonight over a couple of players who should have been sat. JMO.
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    Maybe forsberg has improved his play in this years offseason. I'm not sure this would have happened last year. Thanks ms. Madrose!!! !!!!!!! GO HAWKS !!!!!!!
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    Agreed Granada. Two years ago they had the best regular season record in the Western Conference and ran into a freight train called Nashville in the first round; StanBo throws a temper tantrum and fires the defensive coach and blows up the D; which results in the defense being full of rookies and other assorted $##t show contestants for most of the season and a last place finish in the Central. How does he respond to that... signs #6 and #7 Dmen and adds another rookie. The man clearly has no plan. Because, as we have learned, Hope is not a strategy.
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    As I said in the GDT,I'm obviously in a slim minority here but Hayden's a lock IMO and should get a much deserved top six shot and a look in front on the PP...……..especially in a 1-3-1. He has the size,strehgth on his skates and seems to have the necessary warrior mentality,he exhibited the hands on Kahun's sweet dish that could knock home some loose change too and does this team ever need some loose change! If it doesn't work,he can once again be relegated to the 6-8 4th line minutes every other big,physical player sees here I guess. Maybe that's all John Hayden is and maybe the speed on the rush and puck retrieval I see on the dump in has been a mirage. It looks like the big kid has worked real hard on his skating this summer! GO HAWKS!!!!!
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    I know it's only game 1 of 82... but if they can't even beat the Ottawa Freakin' Senators there's truly no hope for this team this season. Everyone should boycott the UC and send a message to management this will not be tolerated. On a side note, how bad is Stan Bowman at his job? He honestly thought Cam Ward was an upgrade as a backup goalie and could fill in admirably if Crawford misses time AND he included a NMC in the contract??? When Bowman gets fired I'm going to throw a party.
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    The first Saad trade was due to necessity before anything else. He wanted more than the Hawks had at the time. So it was understandable. I don't remember it as you do. Saad was definitely a power-forward and even drew comparisons to being a "Hossa-lite." His nickname was "Manchild." He was 6'2" and 200 pounds, had solid speed. Sure, he didn't "check" often, but he was still a power-forward as far as being strong on the puck and along the boards, etc. -- and he was, at least before the trade. Hence, why he was brought back. He was also a proven playoff performer; he was fantastic in the 2015 Cup run. And I'm the last one you'd call a "Bowman defender."
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    Once you get older and lose a half step, your ability to remain a team leader diminishes too i guess.
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    What is being missed here with all the talk of "blow it up" or "Ride it out and Hope" is that just 18 short months ago, this team finished with the best regular season record in the Western Conference. Last season was a disaster, yes. A disaster caused by StanBo overreacting to an embarrassing first round pounding by a run-away truck from Nashville. His dismantling of the Defense, including the two time Stanley Cup winning coach (which infuriated the Head Coach), left the team with a roster full of inexperienced and ineffective defensemen. Note: Five of the D men they used had less than a full NHL season of experience between them. The D was shaky at it's best; and when Crawford went down with an injury, things went from bad to worst. This team is not as bad as it appeared last season and with a few key additions and a healthy Corey Crawford could be competitive again. So what gives with this offseason? Has StanBo lost his nerve; realizing that he has no idea how to make a beneficial hockey trade? He cleared cap space and then... Wawawaaaa! Nothing. Or, is he not adding the needed help in order to keep the team under performing so as to finally rid himself of Joel Quenneville. Either way, it is the GM's job to do everything possible to make the team better (ask Doug Wilson). It is a simple as this: did StanBo do everything possible to make the team that finished 13th in the Western Conference better... competitive again... anything at all???? Negligence? Incompetence? Hidden agenda? We may never know.
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    I'm sorta hoping they go with Delia instead of Forsberg for the backup role, even if Forsberg has to pass waivers.
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    Kevin Lankinen made a few insanely good saves and Delia had a few dandies himself. Sykura and Edjsel looked REAL good together,I'd like to see both make it...…...a large framed player to go along with a small framed player. Kruger's line looked pretty good out there and he skated well,Hayden looks determined and Martinsen can play some too. Kane had a few and the captain had a nice tally himself………...great to have Blackhawk hockey back! GO HAWKS!!!!!
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    If CC misses most of this year, I doubt he makes a full comeback at 34. His reflexes are gonna be beyond rusty and on the downside. I have no doubt CC could play till 40. But he’s missed a lot of time and I believe he’s had many concussions and never said anything. We’ve discussed many times in the gdts about CC being slow to get up after taking pucks to the head. I think it’s finally come to ahead. I hope he makes it back, but his health is most important!!!
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    I'm not happy Stan signed Ward, but I am happy with Ward's play in these last two periods.
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    Or he's simply just not doing what the coach is asking him to do. Sometimes, it's not always so complicated. I sincerely doubt that Q sits there and goes, "you know what, this kid comes from a different socio-economic background; think I'll play him more." I like Hayden -- had high hopes for him too -- but I do think he's a bit over-rated around here. He played well in a 4th line role last year (good for him, seriously), but if that's his ceiling and the rest of his game doesn't develop, he's expendable.
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    Ultimately success is winning the cup, but if it was just cup winners it would be a much shorter list so I added the teams that made it to the cup finals from 2009-present. So from 2009-2018, the number of draft picks per team that have played at least one game at the NHL level: Chicago Blackhawks: 27 Boston Bruins: 23 Tampa Bay Lightning: 22 Detroit Red Wings: 21 Nashville Predators: 19 Vancouver Canucks: 18 Philadelphia Flyers: 18 Washington Capitals: 16 New Jersey Devils: 16 San Jose Sharks: 13 Los Angeles Kings: 11 New York Rangers: 8 Las Vegas Golden Knights: 0 (obviously) I realize one game at the NHL level is a "low bar", but every team is really in the same boat when it comes to wanting to see their draft picks pan out.
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    Considering that the team D once again looks to be anchored by clones of Lyle Odelin and Deron Quint, no rush. If he is medically and physically ready, great. If not, no reason to put him in the middle of a shooting gallery while on the mend.
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    so basically you would strip our captain of 10 seasons of the captaincy and then strip one of our other lockerroom leaders of his A OR just completely strip Toews of a letter altogether? for why exactly? cuz Kane is a better offensive player? cuz players are getting older?
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    When I see how Hayden can get the puck and protect it so well and then make a play I still believe he has some higher upside than fourth liner.
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    here comes round two vs the wangs.... and of having a longer game day thread than galaxy's. 😅 cam ward will man the net for duration. https://www.secondcityhockey.com/2018/9/25/17901536/chicago-blackhawks-detroit-red-wings-preseason-2018-start-time-preview-tv-info-lineups
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    I'm hoping for 3rd line time still. I still think there's a some Secord in that boy. Just needs a Savard to dish it to him.
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    It seems clear to me now that Martinsen has won the job as an everyday player on that fourth line. He plays physical and has some obvious speed and talent, including as a penalty killer with Kruger. If Hayden is the winger on that line, the fourth line is basically set. Given the injuries on the back end, Quenneville might choose to go with eight defencemen to start the season. If so, Dylan Sikura and/or Edjsell might not make the opening lineup. Kahun and Kampf should both make the team and be playing most nights on the third line. Tyler Johnson or the older Sikura brother might be a better fit as the rotating 13th forward.
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    This is a good beginning but of no use if they do not correct the other problems with the PP: (1) cleanly losing the initial faceoff, (2) allowing the opposition to shoot the puck around the boards uncontested down the ice (3) wasting time getting the puck from own goal line to outside own blueline (2 or 3 back passes from just inside blueline back to faceoff dot). What happened to the stretch pass? The benefit of the pp is that when exiting ones own end someone is left open for a pass. (4) no speed through the neutral zone (not making use of the forward pass). (5) not attacking opponents blueline with speed and numbers as too many players are standing still waiting for Kane to slowly skate the puck just inside the blueline and make a short pass to the defenceman (6) not driving the net.
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    You’re right, if Schmaltz (malt liquor) decides to not shoot, he’s going to to be “pointless” on the PP. See what I did there? Eh? Eh? Thought I’d liven up the morning for ya!!!
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    I watched a video of Brent training this summer and he looks very focus, last summer he lost his best friend and old personal trainer since juniors, I'm sure that played a part in a bad season. He looks leaner and was biking a lot and followed a strict schedule Goodman made for him.
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    Can't argue with that, I'd prefer him on LW but if he's going to play center Saad is a good winger for those 2, just digging pucks out for those guys and crashing the net he should be able to get close to, if not, 25 goals. That's reasonable considering his strong 2way game. I watched yesterdays scrimmage and the guy that impressed me the most is Burish, he's a perfect color commentator. He said he noticed Knott wearing 37 but he was told that number was going to be retired 😂 Seriously though, Edjsel has improved his skating and looks more comfortable out there, him and Sikura look good together. Gravel really impressed me, he's only 18 and already 6'3" 220+lbs but moves really well for a big guy and seems calm in there, plus a right handed goalie is rare. Henri is fun to watch and seemed to compliment Keith very well, he's a great skater and smart with the puck. Kurashev really impressed me as well, he played great in the Traverse tournament despite not putting up points but in the scrimmage he was flying and had some great chances, got an assist on his breakaway chance, nice backhand finish by Highmore who looks very solid. His former Seadog teammate, Noel also stood out with his physical play. Kane looks better than ever and I was skeptical about Kunitz playing with Debrincat and Toews but he's a smart old vet who can still play, late in the game Edjsel played with those 2, the team seems to have good balance up front. Gus looked like he's ready to take on a bigger role, he's a smart guy who isn't affraid of the physical game and has a wicked shot, plus great chemistry with Kane, the PP should drastically improve. Delia and the Finn goalie looked solid as well.