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    it definitely wasn't canada's finest hour. far from it. but everyone forgets alexander maltsev slashing the feet out from under paul henderson in game 5. :53 seconds in. he was concussed but came back to score the game winner. could've broke his bloody neck. i think stan mikita was the only other member of team canada to wear a helmet in that series. lucky. then in game 7, boris makailov kicking gary bergman (what a battler that guy was!) in the shins. gawd, how i hated makhailov back then. still do. Bergman is perhaps best remember for a dirty exchange in game 7 involving Soviet captain Boris Mikhailov. Bergman hammered the centerman into the boards late in the game, which triggered a minor brawl. Hockey fans everywhere were sickened when Mikhailov began kicking Bergman in the shins in a disturbing attempt to injure the Canadian defender. http://www.1972summitseries.com/bergman.html gig.....that series was an all out war. clarke says he doesn't recall it but asst. coach john ferguson admitted telling clarke to "take out kharlamov." fergie would later say that you don't ask a jean ratelle to do something like that. clarke would say later something like "if i couldn't give a guy a 2 hander, i'd have never made it out of flin flon" or something like that. as a 12 year old, i went into that series cheering for tony, bill, pat, stan and dennis. 8 games later i felt national pride for the first time. i vaguely recall listening on the radio in a school classroom to games 5, 6 and 7. every minute of every game.....the teachers...they wanted to hear the game too. screw the lessons. but game 8 was when they wheeled out the 3 b&w t.v.s on these high stands, pulled out the bleachers and the whole school was crammed in the gymnasium. when henderson scored in the dying seconds to win it, well...i get emotional just typing this, i won't lie. i've said it before here, if i get alzheimers, it'll be the last thing i forget. you say if clarke didn't take out kharlamov, that canada likely wouldn't have won? well, if that's the case i'm glad that he did it because it was war....plain and simple.
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    Jonathan Toews has dropped his gloves 6 times in his NHL career. He had 2 fights against Backes and single fights with Kesler, Henrique, James Neal and Jumbo Joe Thornton. The fact that Thornton may have taken it easy on Toews does not take away from the fact that the captain although badly outmatched still dropped his gloves. Two of those fights were for sticking up for Kane who was hurt at center ice and when the Hammer who was checked from behind into the boards.
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    Back with Tallon, maybe he can take Keith and Seabs with him.
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    I believe there are a few players that can make the next step but not in this no hitting system that is going on. I watched a few games last year and this year and they use to hit. This was an important game and they got ran over. Nilsson is a forward who may have a shot he likes the front of the net the Joker also looks good. Krys looked like Gus and unless he uses his size I'll just call him Edjell-o. The Hawks? Nothing a few big forwards couldn't correct. They shown they could score with substandard players. Caggulia got hurt and that's when it stopped. Nobody could do the job that he did that made Kane and Toews light the lamps. Then having Sikura on the top line? Game after game with zero results? Then Caggulia comes back and he elects not to put that top line together? In an important game like this and then puts Perlini in the doghouse and keeps Sikura with all his no show glory with Toews? Bigger forwards who can play a 2 way game will correct a lot of crap going on with this team and their backend winger experiment. Get them via FA or trades for the next 2 year's and draft bigger forwards who have some defensive upside to them for the future. Stan needs to trade in his shrimp boat for a blue fin tuna boat.
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    Playing Sikura is all on JC. He chose him over Hayden or even Luke Johnson who were are light years ahead of Sikura in their NHL game.
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    we need to find another d-man who looks like a center to go between gus and boqvist next year.
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    I feel like it's over too. I hope Stan is fired.
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    I hope the first move is to say bye bye Stan....
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    I met Tony Esposito in Midway in November -- he was seriously the nicest guy ever. It was about 5 a.m. and the airport was pretty much empty; I'm sitting at my terminal and up comes this guy with slick black hair, dressed in all black, rolling his bag, black cowboy boots (at least I think they were cowboy boots). He literally walks and stops about 3 feet from me. I ask myself, "Is that (fricking) Tony Esposito?" All of a sudden this gigantic belt buckle catches my eye, and it's this enormous Blackhawks logo that looked like it was made out of diamonds or something. Anyways, I go "Mr. Esposito?" and he goes, "Hi, what's your name?" -- and we proceeded to talk for like 15 minutes. I remember at one point (a few minutes into the conversation) I said to myself "Alright, I"m probably bothering him," so I tried to end the conversation, and he actually called me back and we talked for another 10 minutes. Seriously, I haven't met a lot of celebrities or sports stars or legends in my life, but he was the biggest class act -- just a super friendly guy. He looked utterly fantastic for his age too. Anyways, just wanted to share that; something I'll never forget.
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    To put my thoughts into perspective: in general, anyone who laces them up to play hockey isn’t a *****. Even at the local beer league level, but especially at the NHL level. To go out on the ice and fly around with the risk of a puck or stick splitting open your face, and have other athletes sometimes looking to put you through the glass takes balls. So in that respect, no Toews isn’t a *****. IMO though, comparative to other NHL players only who are all tough to begin with, yeah I feel he isn’t one of the tougher ones. That being said, I also wouldn’t consider many any of the Hawk players as “tough” by NHL standards. Again, so many of us on these boards for years now have complained about the lack of response when other teams have taken cheap shots or liberties. Probably wouldn’t be such a complaint if the team individually stood up for themselves more often, or had more of a pack mentality - either one would be just fine. But in general, I think you could say the Hawks are probably one of the softest, if not thee softest team in the league. And that would include Mr. Toews.
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    well.....if the dylan sikura experiment has accomplished anything, it's given me a newfound sense of appreciation for john hayden.
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    should've happened much sooner imo.
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    it wasn't in a fight...it was after a whistle back in february 2012. "Their animosity goes back to last season , when Thornton punched Toews after a play. That punch is believed to be the cause of Toews' concussion. The same concussion that caused the captain to miss 22 games." http://www.chicagonow.com/red-light-district/2013/02/toews-fight-with-thornton-dangerous-and-unnecessary/ this team needs more "purse swingers" like toews.
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    he's also fought martin hanzal. it wasn't much of a tilt but he did throw down hanzal pretty good despite being 29 pounds lighter and 4" shorter. you can watch them all here: https://www.hockeyfights.com/players/8136 in every one of toews' fights he has given up height and weight to his opponent except for the henrique fight. (toews is 4 pounds heavier and 2" taller)
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    Thanks Madrose..
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    You can use your torch to heat his limbs after I remove them with my sawzall and then feed out dogs. I watched that Hogs game and don't like a damn thing I seen for the future. It's a smaller weaker version of poke checking fancy passing pansies that we see as Hawks now. The defense looked like a bunch of younger weaker backend wingers that we see with the Hawks. They sat Carlsson and I hope to God they trade him cuz he can play defense and would rather see him get a chance at the NHL. Their PP ain't much better scoring 3 times in 8 games. Rockford is not the answer for players to help.
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    As disappointed as I am I won't call this team garbage. That would insinuate that all of the players are as well. The short coming is management. The inability to fill holes in the roster. The players scored goals lots of them they were dynamic in that respect. The fourth line and a lack of wingers to fill in crucial positions were the issue. As far as players go if Strome doesn't improve his skating and develop a shoot first mentality then the need for a second line center may still be there. Which brings me back to the draft there are centers in the top five said to be ready to play. our pick and even two of the lesser young players might be worth the gamble. To simply make a trade for a number two center is impossible the Hawks don't have the resources. Management of this team is garbage. Peace brother, and go Hawks
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    We don't have to now. I think we got it.😅 But great job with the updates and thanks.
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    i'm happy to report that he's playing tonight, actually. made a dandy play to steal the puck and then made a nifty pass to setup a goal. so he's dandy AND nifty in his first game. can't ask for much more than that. plus, they gave him #4 so you know he's going to be a good one.
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    Out coached last couple weeks. Tonight? Did it really take 2 periods to see no chemistry with 12 and 19 and 88? I don't mind Kampf as 3 or 4th line centre but he effectively neutered Perlini and Strome. And Strome on wing? If I see any more of Sikura I will heave. And the final straw....Hawks at bench with minute or so to play and Brookbank running play? Done.
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    All I gotta say was that OT goal was some classic Norris/Conn Smythe-level Keith. Was awesome to watch.
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    This is an old school Seabrook game, physical with good coverage and lots of blocks.
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    if everyone was giving the effort that Saad has been lately, Hawks would have won a game or two in the last week