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    I think it's time he gets his own page, another multiple point game vs the Canucks, 3 assists, and going into the game he had 24pts in 30gms with the Hawks, also his +/- was terrible when he came here and now he's close to 0. Great passes on Debrincats goals, especially the 2nd when he jumped into the glass to thwart the Nucks clearing attempt and nice play by Murphy to pull it to his backhand and feed Strome down low and he knew where Dcat was and quickly fed him a perfect pass. I like how the Canucks announcer accidently call Strome Toews 👍 I feel confident with these guys as the 1-2C, or 1a-1b 😁
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    Tazer standing in front of the GT didn't hurt either.
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    If he was getting a "bust" label in the desert, he's certainly shaking it now. Smart player who's getting back that confidence again, and kudos for Bowman for getting him as well. I had nothing against Schmaltz but this is a trade that both players might have needed. Strome and Dcat have that chemistry they built up in those Otter years and it's really showing now. Maybe he's a bit slow of feet but more than one center has done OK with a basket full of smarts and a couple of speedy wingers to feed.
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    Fun game. Night Hawkies! Thanks as always for the hospitality! Regards N.
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    Kane now only 3 points back of Kucherov, who by the way has been sliding away from his once torrid pace. I think this is amazing, he was well over 20 points back about 7 weeks ago and catches up. He’s been the best player on the planet the last two months, I hope he keeps it up, cuz if he goes, so do the Hawks!!!
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    The Kings need help bad but they never brought this guy over at 23 and only in Chicago is 179lbs good size. I've learned to wait and see after spending a lotta capitol around here touting prospects in the past. GO HAWKS!!!!!
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    Kane has always been and still is an elite player. It's been said before but bears repeating: the fact he doesn't skip a beat no matter who his linemates are (Schmaltz, Panarin, AA, Strome, D-Cat, etc.) just shows what a force the guy is. I loved how he showed a little snarl against Ovechkin yesterday too; great stuff. Nobody was backing down yesterday; Kane, Keith, Seabs, etc. -- it was great to see the veteran leaders successfully responding to a team trying to intimidate them physically.
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    The first sweater toss in Edmonton. Hope it was a knockoff, expensive protest. Never want to see that in Chicago.
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    Toews is on pace to have the most productive season of his career. His previous high was 76 points and right now he's on pace for 80!!!
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    So why is he the one forced to confront the reporters about this issue? Why did Keith have to do the same thing last week? Where is Bowman? Is he so busy that he could not have put together a quick press release stating this fact so the players would not be hung out to dry here? I don't see the leadership.
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    It seems pretty clear to me that someone in the general manager's office has deliberately set up both Seabrook and Keith here. The rumours are all over the internet, and now the pressure is building on both of these future Hall of Famers to agree to waive their no-movement clauses for the "good of the team." There is a reason why the rumours were leaked now. It gives Bowman three weeks to find a deal, and it ratchets up the pressure on the players to give in. If either blocks a trade, many within the fan base will see the move as "selfish." All it takes is a quick read through the comments section of the stories online. Personally, I remain disgusted by how these players have been handled here. Even if Bowman is not at all responsible as the source of these rumours, he has not bothered to extinguish the flames. There is another option here - i.e.) trade Gustafsson now and buy out Seabrook in two or three years. .
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    Connor Murphy CHI 98gp 4g 16a 20pts 58pim +5 averaging 19:35 mins Niklas Hjalmarsson ARI 98gp 1g 14a 15pts 46pim +5 averaging 19:43 mins Hawks have vastly improved since Murphy has been back 10-8-4 which is a .545 points pct. he's been pretty steady in my opinion
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    one thing I know for sure, with the way 88 and 19 have played this year, there d@mn well better be some help brought in this summer, especially with the cap going up.....
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    Gotta keep Murph and Dahlstrom together and give all the minutes they can handle IMO. Keith and Seabs look a hell of a lot better with fewer minutes and as the song goes...."I'm not as good as I once was but I'm as good once as I ever was"!LOL! I thought Murp was the team's best D-man the last two months last year and he looks better than that now to be honest and I know Dahlstrom's a RFA this summer but I'd like to see the FO stop fartin' around and extend him now...…..20mins a night the rest of the way will up his value. I liked the big Swede in his first two kiddie camps and I thought he might have plateaued at Rockford but all he was doin' was developing properly and it shows. I know there are some exciting offensive D prospects but this kid might be as important to the team's future as any of em! Nice game from everybody last night and kudos to JC for havin' his team ready to roll after a long layoff! GO HAWKS!!!!!
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    More stickin up for each other tonight, than all the games combined, moving in the right direction
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    I'd have to think they do. I feel like the whole core has been approached by management already. That's pure speculation, but nonetheless. That would be the ultimate slap in the face for Keith to find out via the media; I know Bowman is stupid, but I can't believe he'd be that stupid; or even cruel. You never know of course, but that's my opinion. Hah, Bowman knew this wasn't a playoff team the minute he signed garbage like Kunitz, Manning, Davidson, etc. He just needed to pretend that was the case to justify the Q firing and pin all the blame on Q this season. He's an utter boob.
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    More than a few eyebrows were raised when Bowman fired his Hall of Fame coach, Joel Quenneville, earlier this year. There is no way Bowman could have done it earlier (and if he waited much longer into the season, he might not have been able to do it either). Last season was a write-off the minute Crawford went down with an injury (and the team had no real replacement for him). As Granada points out above, if anyone should have lost his job for the poor decisions post-Nashville it was Bowman. Besides convincing ownership that a coaching change was necessary, Bowman had to factor in the public relations of the move and the reaction of the core players. I believe the general manager never entirely convinced his star players that this move was warranted. They sulked for an entire month after Quenneville was shown the door.
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    That is awesome. John Scott should be a commentator, he's hilarious.
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    tweet from John Scott, the ASG Legend.
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    trotz must be enjoying the out of town scoreboard lately.
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    Yes, and honestly, I haven't seen Keith that fired up in a while (perhaps against Nashville/Salamaki this year). He throws a solid hip check on Wilson (who had been running our guys all game), then he chirps Wilson while both were in the box for a very long time -- it was utterly fantastic, and no doubt the team recognizes that and gets fired up as a whole. I mean, when is the last time you saw Duncan Keith throw a hip check? It sure fired me up as a fan; I could only imagine what it did for the team.
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    Different perspective again I guess. Sure the cliche of your best players need to be your best players on the ice applies. But do me a favor - check the team stats, look at the number of goals the team has scored as a whole. Then do some quick math and figure out what percentage of those goals were scored by only 3 players. My math comes up with just about 50%. Then explain to me again how this team isn’t that far away from being consistently competitive, with only 3 players accounting for half of the teams total goals scored. 🙄🙄🙄 No forward depth and still giving up way too many goals. You say they aren’t that far away. I say at least 6-8 legitimately NHL level talented players away. And unlike you, I can’t put a time frame on when those guys show up and who is left from this roster when they do with Bowman running the circus..... I don’t have a crystal ball so maybe not that far away is correct, at least I can admit that. But unlike you, I can also admit it might be a long long while. Not impressed with 1 win over the Caps. For reference, the Rangers went into Boston’s arena yesterday and beat them on their home ice. But ya know what? The Rangers still suck and the Bruins are still gonna be a tough out in the playoffs. Kudos to the Hawks for their 1 game winning streak against the Caps, but they still suck too 😂 And by the way, the last two sentences of your quote are polar opposites. Pick a lane already. Not sure I’ve ever heard of a team keeping pace for the top pick in the draft, yet being on the cusp of “being consistently competitive again” 😜