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  2. The Panik Thread

    Panik is extremely bad, you can't even measure it with any charts. The only time he was a little useful was when he tried to play physically, but now he is even refusing to do that. Though I have to say Sharp is even worse now so I would probably rotate them on a bench I didn't know he goes by D..k Panik
  3. The Panik Thread

    **** Panik has always been a borderline NHLer, but when you’re on a top line you have to score like a top line. When he’s on the 3rd or 4th lines he’s absolutely useless, to me, I’d look for a trade, and if it didn’t involve him, I’d put him on waivers. I’m not sure he really does much with his compete factor. There’s 3 levels to compete factors. 1) The forecheck. 2) The fight to retrieve the puck in offensive zone if possession is lost. 3) The backcheck. I only see 1 out of the 3 from Panik. He’s just not going to stick in the league with that type of effort. The only thing he’s been consistent at is no compete factor!!!
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  5. The Panik Thread

    - I dont agree with fans who say he's so bad bc. they evaluate players only via scoring sheet. - I agree he deserved go to pressbox for a while because he stopped use his typical play, go hard on opps and storming the net.
  6. Jan Rutta

    Caps goin up, so are salaries. Yes it’s only half way through this year and his first, I’d be all for giving him a medium term deal at reasonable dollars. He’s not 21, he’s 27. No way he wants to take a terrible low money low term deal. Would you? I know in his skates, I’d want a 4-5 year deal at reasonable dollars. He’s not RFA, he’s a UFA. Murphy will have to be moved at all costs. And Rutta will have to be re-signed at all costs. He’s kinda like Hammer, and probably has his best days ahead of him!!!
  7. Chicago Bears 2017/18 season

    i actually set my alarm for 4:15 am and watched the game. 2 untimely penalties in the first half doomed the team. we had them 3rd and long deep,,,stafford throws a bad pass and i can't remember....was it pass interference or defensive holding. doesn't matter...they marched it all the way down. then....cohens long return was nullified by a hold. it could've been 7-6 bears at the half.
  8. Chicago Bears 2017/18 season

    not much longer, Bears fans. soon it will be over....
  9. Jan Rutta

    I dunno if I would go over 4 per for him. one good season is nice but not nice enough to warrant more than 4. not to mention we aren't even half way through this season.
  10. Joel Quenneville

    ^...and becoming almost as rich!
  11. Jan Rutta

    I am reading posts that believe Hawks should walk on a deal at 4 or 5 million for Rutta, yet these same posters are the first ones to cry foul when Seabs and Keith are playing like crap or making mental errors, the fact is the Hawks defence need a turn over and quit frankly, It don’t matter how good Snuggard can or will be, we have not seen anything yet from him, there have been enough praise for defencemen that have come through the pipelines and where are they now. You keep what you have, especially when you know what you are getting from that certain player. Rutta was a question mark entering the season, however he has certainly proved many wrong and has become the Hawks best and most reliable defencemen.
  12. Joel Quenneville

    With every passing year, I think Q is looking more and more like J.P. Morgan.
  13. Jan Rutta

    I agree. those 2 may well be the top pairing next season, as far as who they line up against.
  14. Joel Quenneville

    It is also extremely difficult with all the travel in the modern game for players to get "up" for every match. In earlier eras, players used to indulge in the "beanies" and other nice little pills to gain the necessary emotion to play. Similarly, rock and country music artists would abuse the cocaine and other party drugs leading into their performances. Nowadays, most of these players pay much more attention to what goes in their bodies. They need to find this intensity naturally from within, and it is not always easy. When Quenneville talks about a player needing to find "consistency" in his game, he is at least partly referring to the player's concentration and focus. It often takes years for young players to develop a system where they are ready to play most nights. Some, such as Bryan Bickell and Richard Panik, struggle with this part of the game their entire careers. Others, like the present Hawk core, tend to get up for the big matches only. They quickly lose interest if the game goes sour. They "play down" to their competition and have for most of their careers.
  15. Joel Quenneville

    Funny, I thought about that after I posted and saw how it might be very difficult for one teammate to go to the GM/Coach and ask him to get rid of Mr. X. Your post is a good one and explains the situation. Thanks.
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  17. Joel Quenneville

    that's a good analogy. btw, i'm no sailor but i follow heaps of sailors on YT. i'm not fluid enough these days to buy a sailboat, but i wish i'd caught the bug 10 years ago when i was still working.
  18. Joel Quenneville

    A couple of summers ago, I took my old Laser dinghy out for a sail. It was a shifty North Wind that day -- gusty and unpredictable, with big whitecaps--- perhaps 15-20 Knots, maybe more. I used to love the physical challenge with these types of winds, but on this day, I tipped it on a run and could not get it back up without it rolling back over again. At one point, the boat had turtled perhaps for the fifth time, and the centreboard had fallen out. I was lying on the top of the hull, completely out of breath, struggling to disentangle myself from the main sheets. I realized at that moment I was too old to be out on my own that day. I have never taken the boat out on a North Wind since. It is not so much that my sailing skills have deteriorated. But I just don't have the energy or stamina any more to deal with these types of crises. This is what happens when we age. My feeling is that Toews and Keith and Seabrook especially are starting to feel their age. They still have the skills, but they wear out more easily. What was a challenging assignment for them at age 24 now seems at times almost insurmountable. They give up more easily, mostly because they just don't have the energy. They make poor decisions. I want Bowman to add a centre so Toews can relax a bit and focus on offence. I believe his game would rejuvenate very quickly. If the team is going to contend, he needs to be a star player like he can be.
  19. Jan Rutta

    I think SB signs Rutta 5 years for 20 million. Big physical defencemen, has shown he can handle the oppositions best talent, regardless of what’s in the system Rutta is needed and will only get better. With Seabs on the decline and Keith slowing down, the Hawks need to think replacements and Rutta and Forsling will be the first 2 that stay on board.
  20. Jan Rutta

    at least if oesterle and kempny keep playing the way they do there's no real rush to get either back. rutta/franson wouldn't agree, but their injuries have a definite silver lining quality to them.
  21. 2017 IceHogs

    i believe so but i'm not 100% sure. i'll try and post the lineups here from now on if i see them on twitter. maybe bhawksprncss will see this and chime in.
  22. Joel Quenneville

    Think of it this way. You and I are on a team together. We’re very good buddies and hang out all the time. You’re the older vet, and I’m the younger guy who needs time and seasoning. Would you go to your coach or GM behind my back and tell them that I need to be replaced by someone else? Or would you let them do their jobs, and try and help out your buddie? What most don’t understand, coaches and GMs are managers of peoples lives. They could send a guy down and he gets depressed and it could ruin their life. A GM has to be very respectful and classy when they trade or send someone down. Also, GMs have a fine line to walk when dealing with prospects or draft picks. No GM wants to be the reason why a kid didn’t make it. And players don’t wanna ruin their buddies career either. Right now, Stan is going with the kids, like it or not, I don’t think there’s much help on the way!!!
  23. Chris Neil Retires

    I’m sure the drug abuse has helped his downward spiral. We will never know, but just from reading rockstars downward spiral into drugs and not caring about the ones closest to them, it sure does sound like that. The head trauma may also aid into that, but what people don’t see is the party culture in sports, it’s not for everyone, and some get lost along the way. I’m sure we’ve all had a buddy or 3 that just werent good with drugs and alcohol but felt the pressure to soldier on cuz everyone else was doing it and having a solid time. Anyways, I hope that Matt Johnson gets his life back, it’s too bad!!!
  24. 2017 IceHogs

    Has Dauphin been in the bottom six all season?
  25. 2017 IceHogs

    I will say one thing about this team, they like to shoot. It seems they always have the upper hand in that regard. Fifteen shots from their first line, thirteen shots from their defense, I like the way this Colliton seems to want to play an upbeat game.
  26. Joel Quenneville

    It just occurred to me that they (Q and players), as recently as last season, used to use words like "you can't make the playoffs early, but you certainly can lose them," "we want to get these points out of the way early," etc. There has been no such talk that this listener has heard yet this season. Has anyone heard such language? If not, then I think it holds as evidence that there is a different strategy this season.
  27. Joel Quenneville

    I wouldn’t think this regular season “pace” is the core’s plan alone...without Q and the brass involved. That’s a big IF this is even the case. Not sure I buy it...but it's very possible there is a new approach/strategy.
  28. Joel Quenneville

    I am not being critical here. But, the way you describe things is kind of odd as it makes it seem like the core can't discuss these things (like the need for a 3LC) with Q or SB and have to keep quiet and keep hoping. If the players (the core) sense that they need x or y to get them going, wouldn't they be able to go to management and inform them of their need/belief and try to get something accomplished. I would expect there to be an ongoing dialogue. Or, is it like North Korea where there is strict dividing line between "management" and the "workers"? Maybe I am reading some of this too literally and there really is a back and forth between the players and management, but I certainly don't have a clue.
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