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  2. Stan As Gm

    The thing I'd tell you and puck is this,no one has more respect for the hard working kid and the Canadian junior system than me.....just supportin' my peeps!LOL! GO HAWKS!!!!!
  3. Joel Quenneville

    Don't get hurt and get more ping-pong balls! GO HAWKS!!!!!
  4. Joel Quenneville

    If this was an unaccomplished group like the Caps,the Blues,the Sharks or one of the many other good teams that won nothing,I'd be a lot quicker to point my finger to be honest but they proved they could do it all with the proper leadership and support many times in the past. Sure there's a responsibility to earn that big paycheck but there's also a responsibility to be healthy and ready to go next year at this point and I think there's a good chance of it. I've pointed out countless examples of elite players having solid,bouce back seasons and those elite players are no better than ours and in most cases they're older than ours! I think we all realized this was a lottery team weeks ago,did anyone think it wasn't gonna be ugly? Every season is a re-birth! GO HAWKS!!!!!
  5. Stan As Gm

    If the majority of kids who are playing hockey are already from wealthy backgrounds, doesn't your main argument collapse on itself then? The majority are already privileged.
  6. Stan As Gm

    I thought I was reading things same way too, 😁, and thanks, Bob
  7. Stan As Gm

    I've run into middle class folks who wouldn't pizz on me if I was on fire and I notice a lot of wealthy making massive charitable deductions.....er.....I mean donations LOL! They certainly do improve peoples lives though. I try to judge the individual my friend. I'd ask Foligno if Hayden cares about anyone but himself and then I'd ask him why he felt comfortable knockin' Rutta out of the game the next time the teams met,could be Hayden was busy caring about his team mates in Rockford at the time. . GO HAWKS!!!!!
  8. Stan As Gm

    With privilege should come responsibility. I don't see it very often from the wealthy, especially these days as income equality levels rise beyond any time in history. I do see selfishness, entitlement and a sense of superiority. Hayden might be different. Who knows? He is big, and he is tough. But does he care about anyone but himself? We will see.
  9. Stan As Gm

    They've exhibited the upmost in accountability many times in the past,we can only hope they do again after this. I still see no reason this team can't do what the other cup winners teams did after their shitshows. GO HAWKS!!!!!
  10. Joel Quenneville

    Getting "up" for meaningless games has been a problem for this core group since 2008. We all know that. They are going to need to find a way to adjust how they approach these games moving forward.
  11. Stan As Gm

    I appreciate our back n forth and your intellect level enough to say I'm surprised that you subscribe to a stereotype of any kind to be honest. Doesn't an Ivy league star,captain of his team rackin' up 103 big hits in 39gms and bustin' up the face of opponents who take a few too many liberties blow this stereotype out of the water? I don't know if Hayden's different and I don't know where his career takes him at this point but is there any doubt the kid's a tough SOB? GO HAWKS!!!!!
  12. Stan As Gm

    Except of course for the 2018 Chicago Blackhawks on every single level.
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  14. Joel Quenneville

    With respect to the underlined, That's a major issue--especially since their mentors back in the mid-2000's broke a sweat for them even if their mentors didn't have much talent to begin with. Essentially, our core is short-changing the new guys. It's why I was hoping at some point Debrincat, Hino, Schmaltz, etc. would have called out the core like Toews did circa 2008 when the team was choking far less than what this on is. IMHO there's no excuse for that. If us average jagoffs tanked at our jobs like the core has this year, we'd have been canned long ago. I'm really hoping some hard questions are asked at the convention. Its not like tough questions there have been unprecedented but it would be nice for the fans to show their displeasure with the greasy turd called this season that the team at all levels laid on the ice for us (players, coaches, and GM).
  15. Stan As Gm

    I'm more of a feed the poor guy than an eat the rich guy but income inequality will blow up in our faces.......it's only a matter of time. I do know quite a few middle class folks who absolutely screwed themselves into the ground becoming very successful,so it does happen and God bless em. I also realize that NOT having to screw yourself into the ground becoming successful due to privilege is a massive benefit and an unfair advantage. I do see Hockey as a great equalizer though,where else can middle class guys like us push some Ivy league kid's F'n face in the glass and beat the hell out of em if he doesn't like it?LOL! Might not try it with John Hayden though! Accountability is demanded on the ice no matter where in the world a kid plays IMO. GO HAWKS!!!!!
  16. Stan As Gm

    Given Hayden's socio-economic background, I am concerned that he might not have what it takes. I recognize, however, that not everyone who comes from privilege is exactly the same. Hayden is the only player the Hawks have with size right now. Let's hope he is different and rises above the stereotype. Moving forward, I hope the team diversifies where it gets its players and follows the rest of the league in selecting more players from the CHL.
  17. Joel Quenneville

    My feeling is that the core players have largely been coasting this year, especially since Crawford became injured. They are smart and talented players, but they will not break a sweat without incentive or cause.
  18. Joel Quenneville

    Maybe I'm misreading your post, but you emphasize "talent", "Top 6" and "Keith and Seabrook" as if they've shown any this year. Maybe Kane and Debrincat, but at best the rest have played like they're "just a guy".
  19. Stan As Gm

    Our philosophies don't differ very much on this issue but one of the life lessons I've learned is,everybody stands on their own two feet when they're 'before the man' regardless of social status. can a privileged upbringing result in a pampered individual? Yes,if the upbringing is faulty. Does pulling yourself up by the bootstraps result in a more determined individual? Yes,once again if the upbringing is a proper one. There's scores of middle class kids here who no longer have interest in construction/labor related jobs because they can't do em from behind a device and we're talkin' about good paying jobs. I've asked friends if their kids had any interest in coming out and helping me around my place for a 100 bucks.....never got a call back. I now have a Mexican guy who's here legally with three kids of his own and his only question is,"what's next'? He broke his ass to learn the langue and he told me that the Mexican work ethic is disappearing with the younger generation of Mexican/American kids,which leads me to believe were talking about a generational issue. I do see the advantage of the tough-nosed Canadian player and wish we had a few more myself and I see the differences between the CHL and other feeders but that still has nothing to do with John Hayden's parents owning a successful business because he'll have to stand on his own two feet now too. Hockey is a great equalizer! GO HAWKS!!!!!
  20. Hawk Moves (Real Time)

    I think it would take more than just 'shrooms...maybe smoking the corpse of Keith Richards.
  21. Pat Foley

    Watching it on TV you could barely tell there was a game on...not because Pat & Eddie were back to their shtick, but because the 'hawks distill goatloads.
  22. Stan As Gm

    We have discussed our music heroes. Nobody who grew up on a steady diet of the Faces and the Sex Pistols does not have a little bit of an anarchist streak in them somewhere. Eat the rich!!
  23. Stan As Gm

    I understand that and I enjoy our back n forth even when it's contentious because you delve into issues that matter. As far as Nationalism,considering the American hockey development system and the NCAA a soft environment,unable to produce tough minded players is a very unfavorable comparison.......isn't it. As far as Big Buff,I agree. I had a chance to make his 'day with the cup' and the party afterward(along with the rest of Roseau LOL) and meet his Mom and Grandma. He was a kid who received a lot of community support but Grandpa did own a sizable trucking business which helped a lot! Buff was drivin' a Maserati Quatroporte(elite bastard)LOL! GO HAWKS!!!!!
  24. Stan As Gm

    I do also believe those who come from wealthy backgrounds (in both countries) tend to be soft and selfish and avoid personal responsibility. In the words of the great writer, F. Scott Fitzgerald: “Let me tell you about the very rich. They are different from you and me. They possess and enjoy early, and it does something to them, makes them soft where we are hard, and cynical where we are trustful, in a way that, unless you were born rich, it is very difficult to understand. They think, deep in their hearts, that they are better than we are because we had to discover the compensations and refuges of life for ourselves. Even when they enter deep into our world or sink below us, they still think that they are better than we are. They are different. ”
  25. Pat Foley

    Sometimes the banter gets a bit much but we could do a lot worse and last night was understandably emotional. GO HAWKS!!!!!
  26. Stan As Gm

    My favorite player is Dustin Byfuglien. He is American. This has nothing to do with Nationalism. it has to do with an approach to developing players and my distaste for the upper class.
  27. Stan As Gm

    It is becoming that way, certainly. If you go back a few pages in the thread, you'll find links to some great articles about this very topic. The extreme wealthy families with their heightened buying power (and ability to pay for ice time/off-ice training/equipment/tournaments etc.) have crowded out even the upper middle class in many of the suburban leagues. Most parents don't have either the time or money to invest in their kids to compete with the rich kids. There are still some kids (the natural athletes) coming from the small towns and farms, but not nearly as many as a generation ago. It is sad.
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