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  2. 2018 development camp roster

    They were probably tidbits 😊
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  4. 2018 development camp roster

    ^^ Thanks for the link. Those were interesting snippets about some of the prospects. Or were they nuggets?
  5. If rough start, who is first to go?

    Neither. The Blackhawks are in a full out rebuild and everyone knows it. We need to give it 2 years, before they compete for the Stanley Cup again.
  6. Toews

    Even if he s done, I would n't worry to much about Crawford. What does he have left on his contact 2 or 3 years? By the time his contract expires, the Blackhawks will hopefully have a team capable of compete for the Stanley Cup again. Until then it is all bout the draft and accumulating as much excellent young talent as they can.
  7. You Be The Gm 2018/2019

    The rebuild goes on. Hopefully in about 2 years the Blackhawks will be ready to compete for the Stanley Cup again!
  8. 2018 development camp roster

    Pretty good read about camp for those who wasn't able to be there. Seems like future as not as bad as some of posters are trying to convince everyone https://www.nbcsports.com/chicago/blackhawks/12-takeaways-blackhawks-prospect-camp-evaluating-adam-boqvist-and-henri-jokiharju?amp
  9. 2018 development camp roster

    Apparently Mitchell had similar thoughts, at least for a little while. There was an article in the Athletic dated March 29, 2018 about Mitchell returning to Denver U. for his sophomore year. It mentioned Mitchell himself said he had spoken to the Hawks about signing but both sides decided it would be better for him to return to school for this upcoming season. It sounds like there's a good chance he will be signed next offseason.
  10. Toews

    I think Toews' issue was his abysmal shooting percentage and not lack of opportunity. It's not like Toews wasn't shooting the puck last year. He put up the second highest shot total of his career. The team and coaching staff knows that they need more production out of him and I think Kruger gives them the ability to free him of some responsibilities that hinder it. Last year he was really the only center capable of playing both ends of the ice, and now that won't be the case.
  11. 2018 development camp roster

    As far as Boqvist, I believe he was drafted by London in the import draft, so they own his rights if he chooses to come over. My guess is that Brynas is probably the best jr team in Sweden and there’s no competition like the the OHL. Plus his parents/agent/Hawks all had discussed at the draft that this would be best for him. They asked him at the draft where he was playing, he said he had a one year contract with Brynas in Sweden so he expected to play there. So they probably discussed and took a couple weeks and decided it was better overall for his development, and it is. As far as Mitchell goes, I believe we’ll see him for the WJC over the holidays, he’s a phenomenal skater and he’s really got a good hockey IQ, probably not NHL IQ but it’ll get there over the next couple years, I know they’re only numbers, but 30 points in 41 games in the NCAA is not that bad for a rookie Dman. I feel it’s best for him to make the jump to the AHL, as I feel the NCAA won’t provide what he needs next year, but if he does go back next year, that should be it!!!
  12. 2018 development camp roster

    got something big.
  13. 2018 development camp roster

    I appreciate your comments about Mitchell. I don't know if it was due to being a 2nd rd. pick and/or being overshadowed by Jokiharju, but Mitchell seemed to get a little bit overlooked when people would talk about the future of the Hawks D and the young D prospects. I didn't know much at all about him except he was a smallish size, and wanted to learn more about him so a couple of months ago I searched for articles about him; sort of a combo of a scouting report and eyeball observations. I think the article may have been from SBNation. I do remember the person said some very good things about Mitchell and I do recall he thought Mitchell had the ability and potential to become a good second pairing d-man. He did mention his good skating and agility and that he saw the ice well. On Boqvist coming over this season to play for London; I'm curious if the Hawks suggested it to him as good for his development or if Boqvist himself had been considering it and brought it up first. I wouldn't be surprised if the Hawks were the ones that mentioned the idea. I'm guessing playing in the OHL will a good measuring stick for Boqvist.
  14. 2017 IceHogs

    Jardine spent most of last year playing for the Orlando Solar Bears of the ECHL, but did end up getting called as a Black Ace for the Toronto Marlies Calder Cup run, and can be seen celebrating with them on the ice after they won. He's actually the one who handed off the Calder Cup to another former Hog, Kyle Baun, as they were passing around the Calder Cup celebrating. Sam is a sweetheart, I've seen him a few times since his departure from Rockford and he still remembers me and is always willing to have a chat (I love catching up with former Hogs when they return to town, especially the ones that I got the chance to know). It'd be nice if they were all like that, most of them are, but unfortunately Matt Tomkins is of the other variety. And I am absolutely kidding about the Buckeye thing, you're just talking to a former Illini so I had to take the shot lol P.S., just FYI: My favorite current and former Hogs, based on them being good people: Kyle Baun, Ben Smith, Sam Jardine, Dennis Rasmussen, Pat Mullane, and some up and comers because I'm still getting to know them: Luke Johnson, Nathan Noel Kyle Baun is my favorite all-time, but I will always tell people that Ben Smith is truthfully the nicest person that I have ever met (not just as a hockey player). My least favorite current and former Hogs, because they are absolutely horrible people: Matt Tomkins, Theo Peckham, Matt Carey Peckham was a womanizing drug addict and Matt Carey could just be straight-up rude to people (especially fans) for no reason. We have have far more of the good ones, and I could continue the list, but I had to end it somewhere. The list of my top 5 are all ones who went above and beyond to show that they were genuinely good people in addition to being good at hockey (coincidentally the first three I listed were all on the Marlies this year).
  15. Toews

    With the western teams getting better, majority in the central I can’t see the Hawks getting out of the sellar this season with the current lineup. By Christmas I can see majority of the players throwing in the towel. Let’s hope I am wrong.
  16. You Be The Gm 2018/2019

    I guess that is the plan, I have a feeling Hayden will be lost in the mix, be a 4th liner at best and they send him down and we won’t here much about him.
  17. Share Season Tix/Find Partners

    i had the hull plan since they started....and now season tix.....and i have never seen so many available and even mikita plans are there also....which we havent seen for a few years
  18. 2018 development camp roster

    will do
  19. 2018 development camp roster

    check back with your thoughts if you don't mind. thnx in advance.
  20. 2018 development camp roster

    i usually take the week off work and go for 3 day but last year they stop scrimmaging each day so i will only be going friday looking forward to it!
  21. 2018 development camp roster

    I’ve actually watched Mitchell play quite a bit on the inter web and when he was in Bantam a few years back, I watched him at the under 17 and 18, he was probably the best dman on the ice at all times, he’s one kid I’m actually feeling “it” move for. I think he can develop into a Keith clone. His skating is getting better every year. Also let’s not forget how erratic Keith’s skating was when he came into the NHL. He had his “Chinese fire drill” going on. I think Mitchell and Beaudin May actually have more upside than Boqvist. To me Boqvist is kinda like Stalberg, but on defense. Fast, but in the nhl gets neutralized with their “shake and bake”, but at least Boqvist is young and has time to develop, going to London is a phenomenal move in his development, the Hunters will get him on the right track. But watch YouTube videos on Beaudin, he’s got a great offensive mind and can skate. But Mitchell is right up there with him. Mitchell had 2goals and 28assists for 30 points in 41 games at U of Denver. That’s very good for an 18 year old forward, let alone an 18 year old dman, you can quote me on this too, last year I was right about Dcat, and this year I’m telling everyone Mitchell is the real deal, he’s probably our best d prospect right now. 5’11” 175 isn’t huge, but he can fly and gets the puck up ice. Like Keith used too!!!
  22. Stan As Gm

    I believe there has been a plan. SB and company have a plan and they seem disciplined to execute it...based on drafting, free agency and trades so far. SB is getting the org out of cap hell and creating cap space for the future. It’s not the way I thought it was going to go but I get the approach. Now it needs to work. If you need SB to come out in a presser to tell you they are trying to rebuild on the fly then the obvious must not be so obvious to you!!! Some just want to complain to complain!!!
  23. Stan As Gm

    I don’t see the team any better by then. If anything, the core guys may be all but done by then and we just don’t have enough quality coming down the pipeline to make this thing relevant again. I think the best course of action is to keep Toews, Kane, Keith and Seabs. Trade everything else that isn’t nailed down for picks and top prospects. Create cap space and have the picks constantly coming in. Do it right this time, build from within and keep her going. When a fringe core player wants money, trade them for picks and prospects, rinse and repeat. When this team fails again this year, there’s really no plan in place at the moment, just band aids and hoping smallish children will save the team, unless those children do save the team, I feel it’s back to the lotto drawing board again!!!
  24. Share Season Tix/Find Partners

    Actually, from my own experience with having the Hull plan some 14 years ago, you WILL be ahead of the waiting list if you upgrade to full season in the future. Once your foot is in the door the waiting list no longer applies to you. Next season they will ask you if you want to upgrade to full season before they go to the waiting list and you will get better seats than those on the waiting list. Renewals and upgrades come first and then they go to the list. Your best bet is to clarify with your rep.
  25. Toews

    I’m not saying it’s not any of this post. But again, the team is a shell of its former self. I’m hoping some of these kids catch fire, cuz it sure as hell looks like pretty much the same bunch coming for another shot at it. I think management feels that having another year under their bonnets is gonna help that much more. We’ll see. The main group of guys here may just be past the pinnacles of their careers, and this is what you get from here on in. Call it terrible leadership or whatever, but the team is being exposed. I’m not personally sold on the 3 moves the team made, I think another injury or two and this team is in the lotto again anyways. After Toews, the centers don’t score much, if at all!!!
  26. Toews

    Toews doesn't need youthful enthusiasm or motivation. He just needs to show up and play like a leader. Be the adult that the young players need. Hossa comes to mind. Toews' hockey IQ has NOT grown at all over the past couple seasons. He has achieved so much before turning 30, he may be forgetting that being a captain/leader is about those who need your leadership. It's not about your desire get to the top again. He is already there. Correct me if I am wrong here, but I seem to recall Jamal Mayers saying that Toews put the team on his back and willed the Hawks to victory against the Bruins. Something of that ilk.
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