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  2. Chicago Bears 2017/18 season

    hey, at least it looks like things are starting to move in the right direction... a nice change from the past few seasons...
  3. Okay Our Defence?

    would the numbers be the same if the players were on opposite teams. i'm not sure myself...just asking.
  4. Today
  5. Okay Our Defence?

    it doesnt look like Murphy would be getting better over time...
  6. Okay Our Defence?

    it was not 100% serious comment, my point was that more leadership is nice bonus to have but can't stop opps forward and prevent him score goal against.
  7. 10/09 Hawks vs Leafs

    My advice to you son is to drink heavily! Did you have the surgery done at the mine? GO HAWKS!!!!!
  8. Okay Our Defence?

    hard to put a price on that particular intangible.
  9. Okay Our Defence?

    Same with Toews, so we got three leadership players.If Seabrook's pure performance value would be let's say 4M and Toews 7M, then it seems 6M of Hawks cap is invested only on leadership.
  10. Okay Our Defence?

    Same with Keiths, that's why I think it would be better to split them up to mentor the younger guys, hard to do that when they're playing together.
  11. Okay Our Defence?

    Seebs leadership cannot be undersold.
  12. 10/09 Hawks vs Leafs

    can you still hitch hike in both directions?
  13. 10/09 Hawks vs Leafs

    Yeah, I don't understand what the hell is wrong with my thumb now. It is wrapped in a plastic cast yet there is a pin starting to push out of the end. The nail and the incision are throbbing as well. Good God!!
  14. '17/18 hawks outlook

    You betcha, bubbles!
  15. '17/18 hawks outlook

  16. '17/18 hawks outlook

    The other rule, too, hey ikp?!
  17. Okay Our Defence?

    I caddie I am not knocking him down, he was instrumental in winning 3 cups, he is still a great leader for this team and yes he was mr. Clutch, I totally agree with you on all fronts. I am just saying at this stage of his career and all the defensive changes this team has gone through, you simple get what you get from Seabs at this point. We have all seen the good bad and ugly from him, there is currently no surprises left from Seabs, that’s all I was stating.
  18. '17/18 hawks outlook

    i agree. anyways, i still think the top 50 centermen (faceoffs) from last season will be very similar to the list at the end of this season. edit: i wouldn't exactly "take that to the bank" just yet. i've been wrong a lot more than right over the years.
  19. '17/18 hawks outlook

    MJ makes a good point. Number of actual face offs taken and percentages for centers may be skewed. Winger percentages may be in trouble!
  20. Adidas Hawk Jersey

    Just noticing that NHL apparently signed off on Fanatics (which is essentially the official NHL store) to offer cheaper Fanatics branded NHL “breakaway” jerseys, which look like the new Reebok’s including new collar. Material: 100% Polyester FanFit (mens): The authentic on-ice look with a more tailored fit FanShield: Incredibly light and breathable fabric that will keep you cool and dry FanTex: An all-new super comfortable soft fabric FanFlex / Flexible Shields: Lightweight, flexible crests and patches that fold easy Machine wash Officially licensed Imported Brand: Fanatics Branded Wondering about the quality of the crest and tomahawks . If they’re better than the old premiers, these could be worth a look for those on a budget. Has anyone seen these in person to offer a review?
  21. '17/18 hawks outlook

    I know, he and other centers have to adjust but my point was these stats are not fair ATM, bc. all successfull attempts go to centers stats but all failed tries go to wingers stats ... it could would be more "fair" - if a player is kicked off FO, then it should be auto counted as lost FO. .. (again, for all centers/players)
  22. '17/18 hawks outlook

    i think all teams will be acclimated fully with the new rules very soon, if not already. pretty soon, i think everyone will forget about that particular new rule imho.
  23. '17/18 hawks outlook

    that was just one game he's done that (toews). i would be prone to believe that it had as much to do with a linesman because it's strange that it happened so many times in just one game. or at least a combination of toews/linesman adjusting to the new rules.
  24. 10/09 Hawks vs Leafs

    Remember, the 1st ten games are usually for the pretenders. I doubt LV, NJ will be where they’re at come Yanksgiving. The cream will always rise to the top! Hope you’re feeling “thumbs up”!!!
  25. '17/18 hawks outlook

    What a mess this new rule is making of things.
  26. '17/18 hawks outlook

    heh, these stats should also include failed face-off bc "cheating" (ofc for all league centers, not only Hawks).I remeber one game, when Toews was kicked off 8 or 9 times and Saad as "backup" lost all 8 faceoff.So in the end Toews looked good with 52% FO and Saad with 0-8 0%FO looked like ... like someone who doesnt need practice FO bc he's winger. But IMO Toews was also responsible for those Saad's faceoff so in fact his total FO% was 34% then : )
  27. Chicago Bears 2017/18 season

    The sad thing is that they gave up the Falcons and Vikings games. Would be a very difference season. Oh well.
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