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  2. Free Agency List

    Me neither, both as a backup and a starter.
  3. Free Agency List

    But he's originally from St. Louis. Could we cut him some slack?
  4. Free Agency List

    I'd be fine with Maroon. Some depth scoring would be a positive for this team. There's not going to be "one player" or series of moves in free agency that suddenly guarantees we make the playoffs. That is laid at the feet of Q, Toews, Kane, Keith Seabrook and Crawford.
  5. Well, if he’s getting facts wrong, “he must know what he’s doing”. That right there loses all credibility to me, didn’t even fact check or anything!!!
  6. The writer even said that the Wise and Nordgren picks were in "the second round" which was incorrect. They were both third rounders. Maybe he gives the Hawks a solid "A" grade rather than an "A-."
  7. That's just one example (that I can think of; I'm sure there are more). It's been said before and I'll say it again: if Gretzky could be traded, anyone can. Once a player realizes that their team doesn't want them anymore, that will eventually motivate them to waive. Even if the team is a cellar dweller, if the roster consists of ex-team mates of said player, it could be an attractive destination -- much like Florida was for Campbell and his familiarity with the roster. I'm sure part of Tallon's pitch was the fact that he was assembling many former Hawks.
  8. Tavares

    That oughtta do it! How about some Chicago proprietor offering him lifetime deep dish pizzas?
  9. Free Agency List

    I know that there are slim Pickens in terms of ufa’s to choose, but the Hawks need to do something to balance out this lineup in some capacity.
  10. Another similar read https://www.thescore.com/nhl/news/1562349 Maybe that clown Bowman knows what he is doing.
  11. Tavares

    Toronto is trending upward and onward as we have not seen since 1967. I wouldn't be surprised on bit.
  12. Free Agency List

    It’s easy to that Merp, but tell Rocky that.
  13. Free Agency List

    They do have a direction ......we all seen in the draft ....a commitment to skill and perhaps speed over Hairdo Power ...which means they are in rebuild limbo until the cap stress is relieved ..... 16 players on cap roster 8 mil to spend 1 maybe 2 mid range free agents at best ...... two guy unsigned Vinny got a substantial raise
  14. Tavares

    Yes, we can't forget what an albatross it would become if the other JT wound up in our division! I know it's usually poor strategy to make moves to also keep others from getting the superstar, but this might be one of those moves you have to make.
  15. Today
  16. However Granny, it took an almost miraculous (I think) "I'll do it" from Soupy in order to have his $7 million contract taken by what was then a struggling franchise in Florida. Unfortunately, it's those kinds of teams (think Arizona) that don't mind those huge salaries, but how many players would choose to go there?
  17. Blackhawks acquire Chaput from Vancouver

    I only listened to the Hogs games on the radio during the playoffs and Luke made an impression on me, Bouma also raved about him in an interview. If the Hawks don't get a legit 2C I can see Edjsell playing there, Schmaltz sucks at faceoffs and better on the wing anyways.
  18. But, John Tavares and Jonathan Toews also have the same initials! That's it!
  19. Blackhawks acquire Chaput from Vancouver

    GT and bob; your're right, competition is always a good thing. Unless you're having two Christobal Huet's fight for the backup spot. I had forgotten about Edjsell; since he has a higher ceiling let's hope he can build on the postseason he had. In one of the videos, Q was asked about some of the kids he watched at Rockford and he mentioned Luke Johnson, so apparently he made an impression.
  20. I mentioned this before: I don't necessarily believe that simply because a guy has a NTC, it's utterly impossible to trade him -- but let's say that is actually the case: even if it is, a GM can still perform a tear down: AA (who only has a limited NTC), Murphy (none), Saad (none), etc. You can move these guys. If the core sees that this is the direction Bowman is going, why would they want to stay? In addition, if Bowman really is "thinking about the future," why in the world would he re-sign two guys like Guss and Rutta? My point is, even if you have to keep Toews, Kane, Keith, Seabrook, you can still begin the tear down right now by moving guys like Saad, Murphy, and AA; and shedding the former 4 gradually over the next couple or so years. There's no better 4 players to serve as mentors for a rebuilding team all the same anyway. Who knows, maybe that's what Bowman will do this off-season -- in which case, I'll shut up -- but right now, the totality of his moves this off-season make zero sense. Something that everyone seems to be missing and the truth of the matter is this: Bowman isn't necessarily "handcuffed" with these contracts as much as he is "handcuffed" by putting fans in the seats -- that is the main catalyst why he/McDonough/the organization is too chicken zit to at least start a tear down. They don't want to go back to the dark ages.
  21. Well, he shouldn't have been. If he's all but handcuffed with this core and he honestly can't rebuild until all their contracts are up (which I doubt is the case, but I digress), then he should be thinking short term and he should have picked the player that was able to have an immediate impact. He needs to zit or get off the pot.
  22. Tavares

    Does this seal the deal for the Isle?LOL! https://www.nhl.com/news/john-tavares-gets-free-bagels-if-he-stays-with-new-york-islanders/c-299260988?tid=281396148 GO HAWKS!!!!!
  23. I don't necessarily buy this. Didn't Campbell have a NTC too? It's fair enough to point out that they might not waive their NTC's, but to act there wouldn't be a market at all for Kane or Keith is inaccurate. Seabrook would tough to move, yes. Toews could be moved, especially if some salary is retained.
  24. Blackhawks acquire Chaput from Vancouver

    I like what I saw from Victor Edjsel and Luke Johnson in Rockford's successful postseason too,but I guess competition never hurts. GO HAWKS!!!!!
  25. Free Agency List

    This is a list of UFA's from CapFriendly ranked by last year's cap hits...….. https://www.capfriendly.com/browse/free-agents/2019/caphit/all/all/ufa I wouldn't mind kickin' the tires on a 29yro Jonathan Bernier. GO HAWKS!!!!!
  26. You Be The Gm

    my feelings as well. if they're going to keep one i'd say duclair but he did very little to impress me last season.
  27. You Be The Gm

    I voiced my displeasure with the first two picks due primarily to a system-wide lack of size,in the FO's defense,they both might be good players in a few years. My question is this,what part of Even Bouchard's 25gl 87pt campaign from the blueline in the OHL shows anything but top end talent? As far as UFA's,I'd sign Brodziak for a bottom six center role,he's commin' off a 33pt season,he was 53% at the dot,he's an actual NHL player who's good defensively and he's tougher than a two dollar steak. He's 34 but he skated in 80 tilts last year and he did those things for 950K. GO HAWKS!!!!!
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