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  2. Chicago Pro Hockey League

    Sorry....you've lost me.
  3. Chicago Pro Hockey League

    well why dont you sign up Cuomo ....call it the political league of .......
  4. Stan As Gm

    Thanks, Creature, great post. I agree a lot of talent is in a pipeline and many of them not even in Rockford yet. It is up to coaches now to make it to work.
  5. Stan As Gm

    I'm glad you know how easy to build team from ground up, and Stan doesn't. 3 CUPS!!!
  6. Around The League - Other Teams' News

    you're a bit off here MJ. it's winnipeg that's in the middle of canada. calgary's out west, closer to the pacific than it is to winnipeg. winnipeg is freezing cold in the winter but the summers are hot as hell. calgary's is a much milder winter....much milder than edmonton's even (edmonton is a 3 hour drive to the north.) calgary's summers aren't as hot as winnipeg's but still very nice. i don't know about the quality of life in switzerland...i've only been to an airport in zurich....but i imagine it's pretty good.but calgary is a pretty cool city. clean and safe and very metropolitan in my opinion. i lived there and around there for about 15 years. the rockies are less than an hours drive away and easily visible on a nice day. anyways.....do you have any idea what those guys would be making in switzerland? just curious.
  7. Stan As Gm

    NO, I believe Toews should have been moved for futures, Hossa shoulda been bought out, Seabrook not re-signed Sharp dealt for more smaller forwards, and Crawford should of been allowed to walk. Then Stan could build his own team, and you could see first hand how easy it is to build from the ground up!!!
  8. Around The League - Other Teams' News

    true, but you have to consider not only what teams/NHL want/could do but what they [W+B] want.To stay whole life in ie Calgary and stay life time 4-liners, they never knew if they will play next game or will sit in the pressbox.There in Swiss they will be leaders of their teams, they will have fixed spot in every game in one two top lines and if they have famillies, I guess it's better quality of life in Swiss than in all year cold Cgy in the middle of Canada.There is mild climate all year, great opportunities for winter activities but also 1-2 hours flight away of ie Spain and Bealearic islands beaches ... Maybe they will be back in the next year and this leader position in the team could help them gain big selfconfidence, do you remember new Bickell after he returned to Chicago after he played 1/2 season in Czech rep. in 2013, he got great reast of the season, even better playoffs and was rewarded with big contract..
  9. hawks unsigned prospects

    In a Soviet Russia, woman iz plow! This is why a Maria Butina could never have been a spy, she does a plow at 5am till 4pm. Investigations over!!!
  10. Stan As Gm

    Here's an interesting comparison between not only Tallon and Bowman for the 2010 and 2013 championship teams, but the hand in those teams of Mike Smith and Scotty Bowman on those rosters and decisions leading up to the championships. https://www.hockeybuzz.com/blog/John-Jaeckel/Tallon-Vs-Bowman-Settled-Finally-Sort-Of/128/66064
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  12. Stan As Gm

    Scotty Bowman once compared Hjalmarsson to a young Nicklas Lidstrom of the Red Wings early on in his career. http://www.chicagonow.com/one-goal/2010/07/hjalmarsson-signs-an-offer-sheet-with-san-jose/
  13. Around The League - Other Teams' News

    kris versteeg is off to russia. https://lastwordonhockey.com/2018/08/17/kris-versteeg-signs/
  14. Chicago Pro Hockey League

    anthony lewis (#45) looks huge out there at first glance but the gal who scored is just 5'2"and 125 lbs. the poor guy is going to catch a lot of grief over that play.
  15. Share Season Tix/Find Partners

    Multi Tier Pricing...based on my 300 level yellows ($80.64 STH price including all fees and taxes), the following numbers of games are priced accordingly PLUS fees and taxes which see to run about $20.00 per ticket 8 are @ $134.00 (10/7 Toronto, 10/25 Rangers, 10/28 Edmonton, 12/9 Montreal, 12/27 Minnesota, 1/12 Vegas, 1/20 Washington, 2/10 Detoilet) 11 are @ $108.00 8 are @ $90.00 13 are @ $81.00
  16. hawks unsigned prospects

    As if there isn't enough Russian collusion going around Stan will be next in line for investigation
  17. Stan As Gm

    And I think they are only going to get better. This is coming from the development from the bottom up. Teaching these prospects how to play Q's system and be ready to take the next steps to make the big club. Rockford was good but they are still learning. When you look at how they improved and where they improved it is what the big club needs ASAP .....winning board battles and Rockford improved ten fold from the year before and why they did so well in the PO's they were able to keep possession a lot. Rockford is not there yet but more and more they mirror Q's system and why I'm guessing they are going to go with the youth to get back on the right track.
  18. Stan As Gm

    I'd say it cost us Niemi and Reasoner. Ladd was gone either way.
  19. Stan As Gm

    The two are one and the same. Also, when was Hammer ever expected to have "O upside"?
  20. Stan As Gm

    So you are saying he should accept offer for Hjalmarson? Those trades sunk Hawks? In 2010? I remember "2 Cups" after that. 3CUPS!!!
  21. Stan As Gm

    You’re basically right. These are the trades that sunk the Hawks. Yet all I hear is “3 Cups”. Which is fine, as long as the plan allows the 3 Cups to carry on, rather than gloat over past experiences!!!
  22. hawks unsigned prospects

    I doubt they’ll be team mates in Russia, I believe they’ll be team mates here. I also believe that Panera will be a Hawk again!!!
  23. Stan As Gm

    this writer. whose sole job is senior nhl prospects writer for "the athletic", has the hawks' farm system ranked at #14. (up from #27 last year) i thought that was pretty decent considering where we've been drafting from. unfortunately you need to subscribe to read the article, and even more unfortunate is that i'm a cheap SoaB. https://theathletic.com/459786/2018/08/16/pronman-2018-19-nhl-farm-system-rankings/
  24. Stan As Gm

    If I remember correctly matching the Sharks offer sheet of Hjalmarsson cost the Hawks Niemi, Ladd and Marty Reasoner as well...even the recently acquired from ATL Reasoner at $1.5 million was too rich for the cap strapped Hawks so he was traded for Jeff Taffe...Huet was hidden in France and Marty Turco(over Theodore) was brought in to help Crawford along...Ladd was moved to ATL for nothing(eventually Forsling)...
  25. hawks unsigned prospects

    Maybe they’ll be team mates one year, but will it be here or for CSKA?
  26. Stan As Gm

    Even if ability was at the forefront (which I'm 100% sure it was), the pick compensation would still be a factor. Maybe not a major factor, but a factor nonetheless. I'm sure Stan partially weighed the chance Hjammer would disappear like Samsonov vs. the chance Niemi would peter out vs. the chance that SJ's 1st and 3rd would end up being a force. IMHO he chose right...especially considering what the Sharks 2011 1st and 3rd picks turned into (I don't think Zach Phillips or Justin Seffon even got their cup of coffee). But I distinctly remember the fit hitting the shan *because* we lost Niemi, specifically, not because of the laconic attitude of Stan to being offersheeted. He (Niemi) just helped us to a cup. Meanwhile Hjammer never had the O upside he was projected to have materialize, and we were paying 3.1M in 2011 cap dollars for him to be a D specialist vs the 2.8M Neimi would have cost via arbitration while being as cap-strapped as we were.
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