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  2. 3/24 Hawks vs Islanders

    http://suphd.club/stream/5ab66ac1e8124/chicago-blackhawks-vs-new-york-islanders (isles feed) http://www.nhlstream.net/chicago-blackhawks-live-stream/ cheers ms. madrose. !!!!!!! GO HAWKS !!!!!!!
  3. Around The League - Other Teams' News

    meanwhile in Canada ...
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  5. Hawk Moves (Real Time)

    T, maybe you should write email to the team scouts, Dipietro is a very good goalie, how will he be in the NHL is another story, but I do like your insight on the goalie situation, Hawks are very thin in that area, as we saw this season.
  6. 3/24 Hawks vs Islanders

    Looking at the remaining schedule, does anyone else think that tonight's game might be the only chance for a win?
  7. Do the Blackhawks deserve a pass?

    I will continue to watch too , but I don't live in Chicago so I am sure its a lot different for those going to games and buying tickets. Getting a pass ? I don't know - But as LordKOTL mentioned at the end of the above post "t will be interesting how, and when, they right the ship" If can't see a quick turn around that will unfold in the Hawks making the playoffs next year - it's gonna be painful next year too I think.
  8. 3/24 Hawks vs Islanders

    Yeah , .e too I wanna watch what I can. I would still like to see a better compete level out of a few more guys especially Kane
  9. Hawk Moves (Real Time)

    One move I’d like to see the Hawks make is a move for a good young goalie. Vancouver is going to be looking to get some prospects that are either ready or need very little seasoning. Draft picks and underdeveloped players are not on their radar at this moment. They have a goalie prospect in Michael Dipietro. I’ve seen this kid 100 times. He’s the real deal. He’s won the Memorial Cup, and led a horrible Spits team that traded anything of value to the playoffs. We are unbelievably thin on goalie prospects and goalies in general. I think trading a Hino or something like that could land a Dipietro. The Spitfires would have been dead last if it wasn’t for him. One thing is for sure, we need to get a few decent prospects in net, everything we’ve got look like life long AHLers or fringe pro tenders!!!
  10. 3/24 Hawks vs Islanders

    Tnx Madrose, I don't know why, but i can't help myself from watching every game I can, even now , So , go out and have some fun . Hawks, , it's a humpty dumpty story
  11. Joel Quenneville

  12. Joel Quenneville

    I don't think those 3 stooges were really a problem this year. They played on disfunctional team, lacking leadership, coaching etc. Maybe on a real team they would play much better. Some of posters here are saying that core played the way they did because of kids. Maybe those stooges played the way the did because of team in front of them. Don't make mistake, they are no Crawford, but it's really hard to get motivation from that team this year, especially with their limited NHL experience.
  13. Around The League - Other Teams' News

    Very weird indeed. I’m not a fan of it being called a goal. I see the science of why it was called a goal. However if the ref loses sight of the puck, the play should a been dead, and not waiting for the puck to appear. Imagine that happened in a playoff game? Not the way you want to see your team go out!!!
  14. Around The League - Other Teams' News

    Sieloff is a former Spitfire. The kid has wheels, he’s a good mobile dman, he’d be a nice prospect to have. If Stan wants American kids, I’d rather him go after kids like this, he’s 6’1” and 210. He hasn’t fared well at the pro level. But I feel he’s been stunted in his growth from the decision not to come back to jrs and play in the AHL. I think he could be a diamond in the rough. Reminds me of a JM Liles or someone like that. A good serviceable dman!!!
  15. Around The League - Other Teams' News

    ref must've saw it lodged in his skate i guess and deemed it not under control.. i don't know the exact rules, but i doubt there was a precedent for this one. pretty sure i'll be worm food the next time another one like that one rolls around.
  16. Around The League - Other Teams' News

    strange goal indeed. I wonder why the referee didn't blow the whistle for stoppage as he lost sight of the puck or it had been removed for play by the goaltender. Curious.
  17. Joel Quenneville

    Better yet replace the GM who was responsible for the 3 stooges you speak of! Unfortunately there are about 10 more stooges who would be playing on any other NHL team...and it would be the GM who is responsible for them as well!
  18. Joel Quenneville

    You might be able to call most of these guys talented if they played in a junior league in the US or Europe...not in the NHL!!!
  19. Around The League - Other Teams' News

    HUGE comeback,playoff clinching win in Dallas tonight for the depleted Bruins! GO HAWKS!!!!!
  20. 2017 IceHogs

    i'm sure his presence is appreciated in the hogs' dressing room but that'snot why we signed him obviously. if we do indeed "clean house"....maybe he'd consider another go, but i doubt it.
  21. 2017 IceHogs

    He has to feel he made a massive mistake turning down other offers to play here,he was a starter for eight straight seasons and reportedly good in the room from what I heard. I know he's pretty dam far from a difference maker and I also know he cleared waivers but waiving an older player half way through the year probably spooks a lotta teams and may have ended his career. Nobody will convince me he wasn't a number seven here(at least) and your always better off sittin' a vet instead of a kid anyway. CLEAN HOUSE! GO HAWKS!!!!!
  22. 2017 IceHogs

    agree on both points...franson in particular. i hope they have him back next year but i'm not sure he'd want to resign to be honest.
  23. Joel Quenneville

    You're on the cusp of a playoff spot and your best player went down in December is accurate,it's also accurate to notice your best player was replaced with crap.....period. Man up,take the reigns and show the three stooges how it's done.....better off showin' them the door! There's no bigger Hossa fan than me but he was on the team that made consecutive 1st round exits if I'm not mistaken and he played on some great teams,with some great players before he joined Toews,Seabrook and Keith with nothing to show for it. CLEAN HOUSE! GO HAWKS!!!!!
  24. Hinostroza

    Vinny Hinny was the most noticeable Hawks last night bar none. Sometimes Schmaltz does it too where he is in on the offence and everywhere else - just seems to be the first gut on the puck. Vinny has improved a lot
  25. 3/22 Hawks vs Canucks

    One of the best games from "Vinny Hinny" he was fast and noticeable all night.
  26. 2017 IceHogs

    Not that it matters now but the Hawks didn't have six better D-men when they sent Franson down and they still don't,Bouma was more effective than a few of the forwards too. Decent game for Glass,I guess stooges seek their own level just like water! CLEAN HOUSE! GO HAWKS!!!!!
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