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  2. 12/14 Hawks vs. Jets

    Damn, missed a good one. I was too busy watching the Oilers at Rogers Place stink it up against the Preds.
  3. 12/14 Hawks vs. Jets

    jets 3rd best faceoff team in the league and it showed tonight. our 4 centers: toews 10 of 21 for 48%. AA 3 of 9 for 33%. hino 3 of 8 for 38%. wingels 3 of 9 for 33%. other than that, not much to complain about today.
  4. 12/14 Hawks vs. Jets

    this is insane.
  5. 12/14 Hawks vs. Jets

    every hawk was on the plus side except for hayden whose +/- was 0. kempny led the team with +3. good for him! edit: hayden did lead the team in recorded hits though with 2. in second place was the rest of the team at 0.
  6. 12/14 Hawks vs. Jets

    i am super curious what Toews and Kaner where talking about at the 5 min mark 3rd period .......the conversation was out of the Blues brothers
  7. 12/14 Hawks vs. Jets

    yea was a fun game for me because i read a hit job on Kempny and heard a above an above average piece ripping Kieth on that friendly radio station ......one of the ideas were the secondary assist being a weak stat .... the the 1005 mark of the second that is Blackhawks hockey ...no goal but a long pass with a clear line of site open look shot with the crasher just late ..... that goal draw a double team and than backpass for an open look THATS Blackhawks Hockey...(it was a bang bang lighnigh pay with a high skill level but it was a drawn a double team and back pass he was clearly thinking that the whole way) the drop to the trailer with speed thats Blackhawks hockey ....Kaners magic is Blackhawks hockey ....so yea i am glad they had a good game How about the Defense really listening to criticism adjusting their games and stepping up even if our buddy fell down a few times ....yea some flubs but the score seeks for itself we got a great 4th line this 3rd line .... i used the word B 12 ....Hinny brings b 12 to the Hawks ...but now that third line with Sharp fast enough to play Hartman guys enough to go for it ....the speed and gusto of that line should out play other third lines and really shock troop speed dial some 2nd or 3rd period 1st lines .....lot of scoring potential there ... 2nd line 1st whats left besides winning ...
  8. 12/14 Hawks vs. Jets

    If these guys get excited and pumped, they should be sky high for Minny on Sunday after this game. This was a superb game and they made the Jets look like some AHL team. To me, it was all due to a very determined effort and hard play throughout.
  9. 12/14 Hawks vs. Jets

    pretty amazing. it's almost like kane was expecting it. boy they looked good together tonight.
  10. 12/14 Hawks vs. Jets

  11. 12/14 Hawks vs. Jets

    minny plays the day before we get 'em as well but unfortunately it's at home and it's an afternoon game. every little bit helps, though. fingers crossed.
  12. 12/14 Hawks vs. Jets

    Jets, Schets, what the hell is so good about them when they face a Hawk team that is motivated and plays hard. Hard to figure out this Hawk team. I thought they looked like crap against the Sabres/Yotes/Panthers. Tonight, they looked great. Top notch effort and great defense----too bad Crow lost his shutout. How can they go from crap play to looking like world beaters? I don't get it, but it was certainly enjoyable. The Jets ain't got nothing on these guys. On to the Wild with Dubnyk out. Could be a five game win streak. Congrats to them for a great game and superb effort.
  13. 12/14 Hawks vs. Jets

    good for you, Illinois.
  14. 12/14 Hawks vs. Jets

  15. 12/14 Hawks vs. Jets

    Another long work day and THIS is what I get home to. SAWEEEEET! Unexpected and totally freakin' AWESOME! Can't wait to check the highlights. Well done Hawks.
  16. 12/14 Hawks vs. Jets

    Agreed. Hopefully they have that kind of effort and execution a lot more this season and in the playoffs.
  17. 12/14 Hawks vs. Jets

    Passing was very good and so was the compete level to get to pucks to make those nice passes.
  18. 12/14 Hawks vs. Jets

    Wild won again against the Leafs... Hawks gotta keep winning... catch up wil;l off of ya on Sunday! Good Night!
  19. 12/14 Hawks vs. Jets

    Well they played like a team competing for a playoff spot!
  20. 12/14 Hawks vs. Jets

    Yeah, but the Hawks were without Panik.
  21. 12/14 Hawks vs. Jets

    I just realized that Buff was out of the line-up tonight. That helped the Hawks!
  22. 12/14 Hawks vs. Jets

    Right, I think I'm just going to stop trying to figure it out
  23. 12/14 Hawks vs. Jets

    I think one could argue that this was a playoff hockey type of performance.
  24. 12/14 Hawks vs. Jets

    And the passing was half decent as well.
  25. 12/14 Hawks vs. Jets

    Maybe this is actually another great sign in that the Great Hawks also tended to play down and up to their competition.
  26. 12/14 Hawks vs. Jets

    This was the best game they played for all 60 minutes since the 1st game of the season. Very impressive team effort. Lots of good stuff.
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