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  2. Aye, maybe by moving up to the AHL they'll have more resources there to help him improve. I hadn't heaed about him playing in Youngstown. Good to know, hopefully he is in Rockford sooner than later, I'd hate for him to lose his taste to America having to live in that dump for too long...
  3. I haven't seen him play so I'll take your word, maybe working with a sports psychologist would help with his mental lapses, Crow said it really helped him. Wouters is supposed to play for Youngstown in the USHL but it'll be nice to see him with the Hogs and learn the system. Crazy how fast he's progressing.
  4. Last year the Hawks surprised some people drafting the 17yr old goalie in the 3rd round. The Chicago Tribune did an article on him last summer talking about the obvious, his size, 6'4" 205lbs, but they also said he impressed everyone at the prospects camp with his work ethic but it might be a while before we see him in North America, well after his season ended in Jokerit he signed a try out contract with the Hogs so he can come to North America and train with the Hawks staff. This year he'll be playing for the Youngstown Phantoms in USHL, smart move by the kid to come to North America. With the way he's going he'll have a good shot at playing with the Hawks in 2-3yrs.
  5. True. I just have never been terribly impressed with him. I'm with ya on Wouter, I am hopeful he ends up playing in Rockford this year.
  6. Well goalies, especially bigger guys, usually take a while to find there game. He's only 23 and I remember Crow at that age had mental lapses and was inconsistent, mainly because he let his emotions get the better of him. Hopefully one of the goalies the Hawks drafted pans out, Tomkins, Namilov, Peters or Carruth. Wouter is a goalie I have a good feeling about, he was 17 when the Hawks drafted him and already 6'4" 205lbs, then he played in the Swedish elite league and at the end of last season came to North America to train with the Hawks staff and now he's staying in NA.
  7. Tomkins was pretty much meh until his senior year, during which he was carried by an upperclassmen laden team. He has some size, but has mental lapses. I won't be shocked if he ends up in Indy.
  8. if it's true he's terrible w/o the puck (moves like chased by swarm of wild bees), then there is no chance Q would be interesting on him.
  9. Gagne at 2-3 per for a few years sounds like a good idea to me. Then trade AA instantly becomes trade bait. Alzner is a pipe dream, no way he signs for 3 or less and that mean we can't afford him.
  10. I know, I was just sayin. The Cap friendly numbers get posted here frequently and I feel like a fair amount of the time, at least during the off season, they are not correct. For example, they have Hinny on the roster and not Debrincat. Of course, we don't know which of them, or either, will actually make the roster...
  11. I misread that, for some reason I thought you meant 5mill per year, 3 sounds better, definitely not 15 đŸ˜‚
  12. Blackhawks agree to terms with defenseman Ville Pokka on a one-year contract that runs through the 2017-18 season. m...
  13. I didn't mean 15 million per year. But 5 years and 15 million total, AAV of 3 million per year. I think he'd do it, we'd save 1.5 million on that posistion. As for Alzner, I'm sure the Hawks have interest, but I'm sure they can't afford that. Actually, I'm positive they can't. Alzner will get 5-6 million!!!
  14. I don't think it would cost that much to sign him but 5yrs at 3.5-4mill should do it. I'd much rather have him over AA and if he had 50pts last year I can see him getting 60-70pts playing with Kane. As for Alzner, he was only making 2.8 the past few years, if he'd sign for around 3 for a couple years that would be a good deal, he's like a bigger Hjalmarsson.
  15. damn you zawaski ! what are we supposed to talk about now??
  16. FWIW - Zawaski's tweets over last few days...... Regarding any interest in James Neal..... Regarding Sharp...... Evander Kane...... Karl Alzner......
  17. 50 points is a lot of points these days. That's the same as 70 a few years back. Now 70-80 points gets you in the top 10 in scoring maybe even the top 5. So I'd have to think that 3 million per year is relatively cheap for a guy who's 28 and looking for some stability. We can go 1 year and 2 million. But then if he gets 60 points playing with Kane, which is very probable, he'll want 4-5 million and we just screwed our selves. He just played for 650k, I'm sure he'll love a 3 million salary, and we save 1.5 million from AA!!!
  18. true. 38 in 48 games. and not one 8 point game in the lot that year.
  19. Best since his rookie year, although on a PPG basis, the strike shortened year under Krueger was his best.
  20. gagner set a career high for points and tied a career high for goals last year while his average t.o.i. was a career low.
  21. that a big cap hit and term for him? I know he had a good year last year but he doesn't seem to fit the new direction the team seems to be going in. Gagner or Boyle if you could only have one of them?
  22. And a mighty fine one too!!!
  23. Gagner plays the game the right way too. We need to drop these higher paid guys for someone more inclined to win. I'd sign Gagner to a 5 year 15 million deal. He'd probably be looking for term and money, for us that's a bargain, and it takes him right into his early 30s. With Kane he could put up easily 50 points. I'd rather cheap out like that, than with other guys like a Brunette, or Pisani etc. If they have mutual interest, my guess is that someone like Thornton said no to the Hawks, cuz the Hawks were one of 12 teams to talk to Joe. But Gagner is a better option than AA in my opinion!!!
  24. He called me.
  25.*re way off. it was 17%. he finished with 47 points that year.
  26. No.....Roszival is a defensman
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