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  2. Keep defending home ice, Nashville. 2 more wins....
  3. nothing ventured nothing gained i guess.
  4. Yeah, pretty much he ain't coming stateside. Doesn't sound like he is too into playing over here anyway.
  5. Still not consistent enough.....
  6. Don't you think they would have gotten more than 9 elsewhere? Why risk it? How can you fault them for getting their payday at that point in their careers? I think everyone thought the cap was going up at that time.
  7. Wouldn't they've become RFA's? Either way, if they truly put the team ahead of them 9 should've been plenty.
  8. Let's say SB didn't sign them to their contracts and let them sign elsewhere for more money on the open market. What would fans have said if that happened? I'm guessing something like "why didn't you just offer both of them 10.5." How much success would we have had if both would have signed elsewhere? Hindsight. Cups. But things do need to now get fixed.
  9. This has been my thinking all along, but I was willing to see how the experiment worked out for a couple of years. The experiment failed. Those guys taking as much as they did doomed the Hawks to give up Saad and the rest is history, a pathetic one, at that. Oh well, it's only sports. It was fun while it lasted.
  10. no yea they were overwhelmed Ryan Ellis is on fire PK is diving to save goals the other defensemen are at that same top level ( that game 3 the 2 minute mark and the 18 minute mark in the 2nd the Preds were jumping over each other to block shots) the forwards are in constant motion Flip is wizarding the puck Ardvisson is savage all the forwards are on a plateau of greatness Mike Fisher is the glue holding it all together .... its a complete team effort ...Only way to beat Pekka is a big bounce a crazy bounce or surprise him best form of his life... he is as advertised (Hawks always beat him top shelf) Now i know Kaner said this aint exciting but he was sour graping it ... The Blues well Taransenko is doing what we expected what we expected Kane to do but they shut him down today he had a breakaway they caught up and denied his shot i agree this year the pace the intensity is on comment but i also remember a bunch of different players saying if you take even 2 days off you aint at full speed. Hossa used to say he needed to get his timing back ( shift time at full speed) when he had time off .... i watched a heavyweight fight yesterday Joshua Klitschko Klitschko said you have to be careful not to overtrain ...while being the stronger man rounds 5 thru 8 he got knocked out in the 10th he slowed after the 8th .... while totally agreeing with you i also think this a Blackhawks out they took the series for granted thought they could flip a switch and were made to look like out of shape amateurs... sucks to have to be in tip top verge of exhaustion shape for 9 months a year eat pasta and veggies no drinking ...and heck being that in shape if you get an injury you cant be that in shape... play yourself into shape like the core did this year may peak wrong time fall off again easy .... so yea might be hope left keyword might if they take conditioning seriously and reinvent their pride on being a pro ....lot of players let it go preferring to just be multi millionaires PS stating my opinion while Kieth didn't have a banner year or a great series game 4 he brought his playoff game he can still do it when he wants to
  11. Yeah it was an awful trade but you can thank Toews and Kane for that. No way Toews should be making almost 2mill more then Crosby. At the most they should've got 9mill each, the extra 3mill would've been enough to keep Saad. Toews is a little better defensively but there's no comparison on offense, it's hard for me to say but Crosby is better overall.
  12. ^^^ Make over time. Too much of the same isn't good.
  13. Very slow defensively...remove Keith and try to come up with speed on the back end.
  14. St John also won their series in 6.
  15. Well, defensively they are that slow. They D was exploited last year by the Blues and pantsed by the Preds this year. Speed is a big concern. They once owned that part of the game, but not any longer. Just watch the remaining playoff games. I don't think the Hawks can keep up with any of them right now.
  16. No one makes ALL of the right decisions in this business. The cap probably catches up to everyone that is some point. What has happened this year, IMO, isn't about being tired or making enough of the right decisions. This team should be playing against the Blues right now and about to win the series. May not be a cup team but this playoff season was a failure that shouldn't have happened this way. Did not seem to control the controllables...or show a want/desire to. Again, more to the story. The Hawks shouldn't be in the "struggling afterwards" group quite yet. Not winning the cup this year wouldn't put them there. Getting swept in the first round does.
  17. Ok here is my 2 cents (I hope that doesn't put us over the cap)... I think they need to free up 15-20M of cap space. They need to add 2 impact players and will likely have to pay. Getting rid of Panarin will not be enough. And I don't think there are any impact players coming from Rockford, There may be a couple of "smaller" pieces to the puzzle in Rockford, but if the Hawks want to play in the new NHL, they need to improve fast. It has been incredibly entertaining watching the intense hockey played by the new challengers for the cup (Preds, Oilers, Leafs Sens). The rest of the league has learned how to play playoff hockey from the "old" Hawks. Our Hawks need to reinvent themselves otherwise their golfing skills will improve faster than their hockey skills.
  18. I can't buy that. I don't think the Hawks are that slow, un-motivated yes, they have speed, they're just not utilizing their strengths. Which is a problem from the top down. Chemistry is way way way off. We lost heart and soul guys in Sharp and Saad, for guys who don't even speak our language!!!
  19. I don't think for a minute that they never earned any of that. I just think that the team played overly emotional in 2015 cuz Sharp was already rumoured to be gone, and he was a catalyst of the rebirth. But they lost too much from that team, and never really replaced it. We had heart and soul guys torn away, and replaced by guys who don't speak our language. The chemistry is all outta whack. That's why I've stated many times to just go with the kids, they'll become like family!!!
  20. Once again,my earlier post was referring to all of the recent cup winners and how all of em seem to be struggling afterward. Has anyone asserted dominance over the sport since the Oilers of the 80's? I'm not saying the Blackhawk organization has made all the right decisions,I'm just saying making enough right decisions must be difficult. GO HAWKS!!!!!
  21. So true...did the Hawk players not believe their team could win a cup this year and therefore not put forth the effort in the series against the Preds? I just can't believe that was the case. But maybe. The roster needs a make over.
  22. I hope everyone here is watching the remainder of the playoffs. The speed, intensity and physicallity is off the charts. And the gap in speed and intenstity from the current playoff teams and the Hawks is alarming. Anyone who thinks that we can get by with the same core is dilussional. In the blink of an eye, much of the NHL has jumped ahead of the Hawks.
  23. I can't buy the long grueling post long can that card be played? Cap constraints hurt but that isn't why this team got swept. I think there is more to this story. All my opinion.
  24. undefendable? indefensible? not sure what word to use.
  25. I have a hard time believing the outcomes are pre-determined. The Hawks team just didn't show up. It's happened to Detroit before when they set an NHL record with 68 wins and they bowed out quite easily to the Sharks. But I do feel the NHL draft lottery is rigged. I really do, they should really show the balls come out live, rather than just say to accept it. They "film" it but that could be done at anytime. Every team that Jim Balsillie tried to buy during that era got a #1 pick, like Pitt, and the Caps. And Pitt beat out Chicago 2x in a row with Crosby and Malkin. When he tried to buy the Coyotes, the nhl stepped in and took over. Then once Ovechkin, Crosby and Malkin were off the board, the Hawks were 6th worst in 2006, and somehow miraculously win the lotto, when they shouldn't have. Oh well, we won 3 Cups and all is well I guess!!!
  26. Everything you say might be correct but my earlier post was just a notice of how all of the other recent cup winners had problems sustaining their success. Maybe some good fortune was involved as you often is but it'll always be a fact that the Hawks weren't extended in any of the Cup finals. GO HAWKS!!!!!
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